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Matt Watson
CTO, VinSolutions
Tornado in Joplin destroyed 8,000 buildings
Sean Burke
CTO, Lafarge S.A.
the hardest thing with choosing an enterprise collaboration platform is finding a community of peers to advise you
Benjamin Chute
Sheesh, I'm such a geek for a good data mine. Now that @TruQC has a deep pit to dive into, there I go. SQL fun wahoo.
Stephane Rousseau
CTO, Cofiroute
3 Clés pour tisser l’innovation au sein de votre entreprise (par @freakyfays) via @locita
Consumer Products
Chris Kyriakakis
CTO & Founder, Audyssey Laboratories
When you listen to music on the go, do you stream it or play it from your local library on your phone? #streamorlocal
Scott Van Vliet
CTO Mattel
@shanselman Here, here!
Mitchell Schneider
CTO, Burke Supply Company
Montauk in 1 week! This looks good... RT @SouthEdison Check out our fab review in the The New York Times!
eCommerce & Web
Refael Ackermann
CTO & Co-Founder, Empeeric
check out this article! I made $290 today!
Jamie Adams
CTO, Coriolis Media Ltd
Off for a much anticipated (but probably soggy) board meeting! Pics to follow...
Michael Air
CTO, Roamz
@locatiom Not sure yet - maybe January but will try to be over in the next 2-3 months for sure. It's been way too long!
Iuri Aranda
CTO & Co-Founder, uWhisp
Jeb Corliss interview #wingsuit flying and accident: #likeaboss
Amine Azariz
CTO & Co-founder, Greendizer
@mcherifi il aurait été produit en 1995, il aurait été quand même moche pour l'époque @Technologix @simobenso
Rylan Barnes
CTO & Co-Founder, ShopSavvy
#ifihadglass I'd build ShopSavvy, one of the first 50 Android apps. It'd recognize a product with the camera and buy it with your voice.
Joshua Barratt
CTO, Media Temple
@mikewithamac: Right! Not that counter, @ourfounder talks about that.
Matt Beedle
CTO & Co-Founder,
2 years and 288000 jelly beans!
Mohammed Bensoltana
@Hyperconnard je prends mon ptidej et je fais et mes investigations :)
Christian Blavier
CTO & Co-Founder, sharypic
Caching to the rescue :) #rails #redis
Julian Bond
Founded in 1936 PeaceNewsPeaceNews #:
Gavin Brown
CTO, CentralNic Ltd
@mneylon ah, that’s lovely stuff
Brian Burridge
CTO & Founder, Tour Wrist
Listening to Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, member of the original Delta Force, commander of Green Berets #fpea
Jean-Francois Bustarret
CTO, CloseToMe
Quel bonheur de recevoir un mail de #SFR annonçant une intervention le 14 janvier pour réactiver une ligne fibre HS depuis 2 semaines
Kevin Cawley
CTO, Birdbox
playing chess with emma. she is good.
Jerome Charron
CTO, WebPulse
Le Bouton +1 de Google officiellement lancé dans le monde entier
David Clements
CTO & SVP of Development, Splick-it, Inc.
Does Stripe have product managers or do engineers manage the products themselves? via @lindspanther
Steve Corona
CTO, Twitpic
@SuriouslyFoReal @MeltingIce @magduffs take the hummer limo and we'll be top notch. gotta whiz in a 'dew bottle like a gentleman, though
Bosco Curtu
CTO, Dooplan
Swype mola
Trefor Davies
CTO, Timico, Ltd.
@tje I prefer "Don't bring me down"
Chad Dickerson
CTO, Etsy
@kellan ugh.
Gareth Dismore
CTO & Co-Founder, B7 Interactive
What's the first app you fire up after you boot? For me it's usually iChat, then Chrome... from there the dev environment comes up
Diego Doval
CTO, Ning, Inc.
@nsbarr thanks nick!
Andreas Edler
CTO Europe & Director UK, Hostway UK, Ltd.
32% of my followers are from #UnitedStates,28% from #UnitedKingdom & 14% from #London.
Tim Elam
Here's an article about my upcoming speaking engagement at the Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference in …
Kellan Elliott-McCrea
CTO, Etsy
@rk this does not surprise me. is it part of the twemcache code?
Armel Fauveau
CTO & Co-Founder, GLOBALIS media systems
@Palleas Courage :)
Russ Ferriday
CTO, Sponsorcraft
Congrats to Heledd Williams on launch of the first project (partially) in Welsh: Ffwff via @Sponsorcraft
Guy Franklin
CTO, Momentum Technologies Solutions
@Sinthanaisirrpi yeah, the interface looks awesome, plus microsoft get $5 for everyone android device sold so they are covering their bases.
Regis Gaidot
CTO & Co-Founder, Bookset
Whammy: A Real Time Javascript WebM Encoder #webm
Harish Ganesan
CO & Co-Founder,
Preparing your ecommerce IT infrastructure for Holiday season using AWS #aws #cloud
Matt Gattis
CTO & Co-Founder, Hunch, Inc.
Chuck Geiger
CTO, Chegg Inc
Neelesh Ghosalkar
CTO, Avalon Solution
I go to drop my daughter at schol, I see lot of parents park car in middle or the road and drop their children, I can see who need education
John Gordon
CTO, Devicescape Software, Inc
@schwa Well, we know they do field testing of iPhones in bars...
Daniel Greenfield
CTO, Consumer Notebook
Tomorrow is the first day of PyCon Philippines! Yeah! @pyconph
Enrique Gutierrez
CTO & Co-Founder, Digithrive Inc.
Sunny day here in San Diego, as per usual
Mingo Hagen
CTO & Owner, E-Line Websolutions BV
@thomkrone heb je The Walking Dead gelezen? (in comic vorm)
Christopher Haupt
CTO, Webvanta Inc.
@rdetert Yup, sounds like if you need to install anything pre 1.9.3, you may get headaches from the LLVM compiler. Joy oh joy
Benoit Hediard
CTO & Founder, Affinitiz
Responsive Design Sketchbook Great idea ! #app #ux #responsive #design
Corey Henderson
CTO & Founder, RecordSetter
Maclaren idling in the driveway of my building. #supercar
Calvin Hendryx-Parker
CTO, Six Feet Up, Inc.
@robmcbroom I think you may want to reconsider on the food, it's the Caveman truck, Paleo and Gluten free, sounds good #Python #WebShootout
Marcus Herou
CTO & Founder, Tailsweep AB
I just signed up for Join me! #Paleo #CrossFit #launch via @PaleolithicDiet
Jeffrey Hines
CTO & Chief Architect,
I just got a $5 credit for instant movies and TV shows @amazonvideo. Click to get yours. #get5
Ian Hunter
CTO, Zaarly
Local Commerce Platform Zaarly Launches Storefronts To Showcase Its Top Service Providers via @techcrunch
Toshi Inoue
CTO, Excited Japan
I'm at PUBLIC HOUSE (渋谷3-29-17, ホテルメッツ渋谷3F, 渋谷区)
Anand Iyer
CTO, Hitpost, Inc.
I say: I'm ALL-In. You? Would you bet on this app & go ALL-In if your team went t... @nyknicks @Lakers @chicagobulls
Caleb Jenkins
CTO & Principal Mentor, Proaction Mentors
My son believes God is a worker of miracles.. "bless this food and strengthen it to our bodies.." #prayingOverBirthdayBreakfastDonuts #fb
Terry Jones
CTO, Fluidinfo
Oops, accidentally misplace @rustlem. If found, please return him to Union Square.
Gilad Khen
CTO & Founder, SharpKit
Cloud #programming, check out Cloud #analytics, check out
Grant Kirkwood
CTO, Packet Exchange
Looking forward to a productive week in Washington at ITW.
Eli Knight
CTO, International Code College
I uploaded a YouTube video -- Jiu-Jitsu ProGear International Circuit Brown Belt Final ...
Sebastian Laubscher
CTO & Founder, Interdose
Jetzt auch auf unserem Stockwerk ;-) #Kaffeetourismus
Matt Lerner
CTO, Walk Score
still sitting at my desk
Luis Lobo Borobia
CTO, FictionCity
@gabymenta la mejor frase: People think before they bite your bait too.
Kyle Lucas
CTO, EveryQuote
Hackathon yo, so much equipment and caffeine. #Hackathon #YOLO #BestFriend #ThugLife #MacbookPro #Inspiron14
Eric Lunt
CTO & Co-Founder, FeedBurner
@pkedrosky The Postmortal? Reamde?
Tony McAlister
CTO, Betfair
London looks set to have two technology communities in East London - but is it bad news for Silicon Roundabout?
Roy Meshulam
CTO, Wunschdeal GmbH
See you tomorrow - 1st Web Monday Zurich in 2012 via @amazeelabs
Dave Myron
CTO, Eachday
@alfredapp How do we get 0.9.9? Ticking "I want pre-release" and clicking Check Now results in 0.9.1 still.
Ken Pelletier
CTO, Groupon
@Geletka I wonder whatever became of that...
Olivier Poitrey
CTO & Co-Founder, Dailymotion
@_adVid_ on y travail
Scott Porad
CTO, Cheezburger Network
Here's an even better story from @geekwirenews on the blockbuster @zulily deal:
Mark Pors
CTO & Co-Founder, WatchMouse
Yeah! Congrats @lennysan! RT @TechCrunch: Location-Based Q&A Platform Localmind Raises $600K by @leenarao
Sean Porter
CTO, Ticketfly
@drewbeck To be real!
Aaron Quint
CTO, Paperless Post
@briandoll @atmos @court3nay should be up on GH this week. graphiti - sinatra frontend for creating/saving graphite graphs
Sylvain Ramousse
CTO, AppGratis
Matt Rauch
Mobile Devices Are Taking Over [Video] -
Scott Raymond
CTO & Co-Founder, Gowalla
@pbowden @joncarroll happy trails!
Jim Restucci
CTO, Axcess Internet
Very cool! Looking forward to trying it out
Daniel Rust
CTO & Co-Founder, EVO Media Group
@MichaelPierce congrats!
Derek Ruth
CTO & Co-Founder, BUZbuz
For those who haven't checked out our game yet - now is the time! Sign in and starting playing to win a Kindle Fire
Sergio Sainz
CTO, Blackslot SL
@jorgechurba Felicidades por el 777. Ya tienes permiso para leer, escribir y ejecutar Twitter ;)
Christian Sanz
CTO & Co-Founder,
I have Private Beta invites for Geeklist( @gklst ). The following link should get you in:
Can Sara
CTO & Co-Founder, Apture, Inc.
@claudianoel thought you meant my home city. but that doesn't walk.
Adrian Sevitz
CTO, vzaar Limited
@cianw Do you do the station dance, seeing how many tweets/imessages you can get out before the train leaves the station?
Dharmesh Shah
CTO & Founder,
Commit To Your Core: 9 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource
Matt Sherman
CTO & Founder, Alikewise
@JustinWolfers @cafreeland 100% of people, when asked, think they are empirical and practical.
Simeon Simeonov
CTO & Founder, Shopximity
@GeekAndDad that would be fun
Niv Singer
CTO & Co-founder, Tracx
@aradaki זהו, ארד, התייאשת? @checkmate9
Sam Stokes
CTO & Co-Founder, Rapportive
@shazow we support OPTIONS! It's used by CORS-aware browsers to check whether they can make a cross-domain request.
David Subar
@vegancto My Win8 tablet barely works after 3 updates. The UX is not what MSFT demo'ed. U seem to b having a better experience than me.
James Tauber
CTO & Founder, Eldarion
@revsys yep, good feedback
Bret Taylor
CTO, Facebook
@jlanzone Congrats, Jim!
Dean Taylor
CTO & Founder, Culture New Media
@WaveAccounting Thanks for the update! Have an awesome weekend!
Dominiek ter Heide
CTO & Co-Founder, Bottlenose, Inc.
@wattsteve Glad to be back. And looking forward to sharing a beer!
Chandu Thota
CTO & Co-Founder, Center'd Corp/Dealmap
@_Startups_ Thank you for your kind words!
Richard Tolcher
CTO, ParcelGenie
RT @marissamayer: Welcome Max (@mlevchin)! Also grateful to @davidwkenny and Brad Smith for their work on @Yahoo:
Troy Tolle
CTO & Co-Founder, DigitalChalk
The Maryland jerseys make every player look like they have multiple personality disorder. #strategy or just #uglymistake?
Maxime Topolov
CTO & Co-Founder, ADYAX
Le site de USA Today est juste une tuerie. Hey, les médias, réveillez-vous ! :)
Andraz Tori
CTO & Owner, Zemanta
The Rise of the Generalist Really good ideas and just a few people needed to implement them. [<<- Bunch of BS]
Masato Uesu
CTO, Glam Media Japan, Inc.
I'm at Suzu Noodle House w/ @mayurbhatia
Christian Vanek
CTO, SurveyGizmo
Chris Vickerson
CTO, Q4 Web Systems
reading: "I'm a Google geek now" via @BetaNews
Kurt Voelker
CTO, Forum One
Big thanks to @dwitzel and @envdefensefund for lunch and a great conversation on innovative uses of the web in your important work!
Werner Vogels
HPC in VPC #aws /by @mza (and the cc2.8xlarge out of beta)
Lev Walkin
CTO & Co-Founder, Echo
Тем, кто не нашёл время на *class: время не «находят», его аллоцируют.
Scott Weller
CTO, SessionM Inc.
@pgreenberger gotcha. I love the fact that w/ mobile it's 2nd screen during view & also a ton of value pre/post view. some cool tech 2 come.
Eli white
CTO & Co-Founder, MojoLive
@kevinbruce No Comment :-)
Greg Willis
CTO, Cudo
Hiring an Information Architect / Business Analyst for the Cudo in-house team:
Phil Windley
CTO & Founder, Kyntex
Trying to find the pinwheel supernova.
James Burke
CTO, lovle Ltd
Fascinating wikipedia page about Rupert Murdoch's father
Brandon Carroll
CTO, Ascolta
@SomeClown He told her to go to Crucial, buy the ram and after she installs it come back in and they will help her sync the calendars.
Matt Clarke
CTO, UniServity
More features join life today #lifeisaboutlearning #uniservity
Paul Czarapata
CTO, Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS)
High profile sales in public sector are eluding, may be attributed to concerns held by CIOs
Mark Eimer
CTO & Executive Director of Technology, University of Kentucy Healthcare
Daily Leadership for August 30, 2011
Doyle Friskney
CTO, University of Kentucky
Georgia Tec 21st century university site worth following
Kevin Galbraith
CTO & Executive Director of Technology, Wayne-Westland Community Schools
@rdelorenzo I access my Google Reader acct via FlipBoard
Andy Gravatt
CTO & Chair Systems & Technology Department- National Defense University
Just added a new blog post about CTO Competencies on GovLoop - Social Network for Government
Larry Kahn
CTO, The Kinkaid School
New SW saves texts :can be used to monitor texts between teachers/students and parents to monitor kids: #isedchat
Kurt Madden
CTO, Fresno Unified School District
@tcnixon We'll see. If we can get this blended learning initiative finally off the ground, it'll will be the change we've been looking for.
Guillaume Montard
CTO & Co-Founder, Vodeclic
I'm at Terminal 2A (Mauregard, Île-de-France)
Daryn Nakhuda
CTO, TeachStreet
P.s. @Bijan autocompletes to @Bojangles on my phone :-)
Cathy Nicastri
Acting CTO, University of Wollongong
“@tuttoo: Don't call it centralisation or shared services, use term deduplication #ccaeducause”
Will Nourse
CTO, Citizen Schools
@sfdc_nerd because it's base functionality, you'd probably have to code a new convert function and page, skipping the original one
Michael Penney
here there be dragons - but good ones of longevity and wisdom #Tekfight #Round1
Pekka Puhakka
CTO, WSOY Educational Ltd
All About #Gamification - top stories by Gamify, Gamification, gamemechanic
Jason Ramsden
CTO, Ravenscroft School
Forget iPhone 5: 10 Top Apple Alternatives
Mark Scott
CTO & VP Tech & Innovation, Freed-Hardeman University
Disrupting Ourselves: The Problem of Learning in Higher Education -
Aaron Slutsky
CTO, McDowell County Schools
@chadkafka I only see the option to turn on or off access to blogger by OU. But that would be a great feature.
Carl Stokes
CTO, City University London
Thanks, can you send me Jon mell mobile number please...
Allen Taylor
CTO, Marshall University
Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion
Henry Thiele
CTO, Maine Township High School District 207
Becky Vasquez
CTO, Student & Technology Services, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Thanks Chris Curran @ctodashboard for the addition to your site and for providing a 1 stop for CTO insight.
Tim Wilson
CIO, ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools
These guys really use Keynote. via @jdalrymple
Energy & Utilities
Mark Chiles
Interim CTO, Hart Energy Publishing
@JamesHahnII That video was hilarious! Gotta love #bacon
Andy Standford-Clark
CTO, Smart Energy Technologies
dang, forgot to turn the server that hosts my twitter gateway back on after its PAT testing. #sorry
Henrique Tono
CTO, Ingrain, Inc.
Petrological and Geological News is out! ▸ Top stories today via @IWAPublishing @glasserp @abhieasri
Federal & National Government
Naba Barkakati
CTO, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Interesting and exciting news about #vortex #radio that can transmit multiple radio signals on the same frequency #in
Andy Blumenthal
CTO, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF)
"I want people who dream, and I want people who sweat." - Jack Welch
Aneesh Chopra
CTO, Executive Office of the President
First stop on SV trip - giving lecture on Open Innovation to @OpenInno class
Paul Davis
published a blog on innovation
Brady Decker
CTO & Enterprise Architect, NASA
I am testing a feature on Yammer that I just read about where you can put #yam in a tweet and have it show up in your Yammer feed as well.
Patrick Donovan
CTO, General Services Administration (GSA)
#Google what's going on with FISMA
Peter Levin
CTO, Department of Veteran Affairs
Why am I such a jihadist about open arch, standards, and modularity in iEHR? Read: tnx @mdoneill for this pointer.
Bill Marion
CTO, Air Combat Command
mobile future? I think so...
Todd Park
CTO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
AMA gets its app challenge groove on --
Harper Reed
CTO, Obama for America
@four this is great. thanks for the tip
Thomas Sasala
Acting CTO, U.S. Army IT Agency
“@CIO_Australia: Thursday Grok: Moderating the Web in the 'war against internet stupidity'”;
Peter Tseronis
CTO, U.S. Department of Energy
The DoE may be granted authority over utilities in the event of a cybersecurity emergency?
Ward Walker
CTO of Air Force Command, U.S. Air Force
Only soldered the 46 diodes of my prescaler this rate, it's going to take me a _long_ time to build a clock from discrete ckts
James Yaple
CTO, Corporate Data Center Operations, U. S. Department of Veteran's Affairs
@Qlikview Twitter works again. I talked with a "troubleshooter" at Qlikview and it appears we have broken through the front door. Great!
Financial Services
Scott Day
CTO, The Motley Fool
Excellent @gladwell piece in New Yorker on Xerox PARC & challenges to innovation in organizations:
Joerg Germann
CTO & SVP, Carbon Credit Corp
I scored 36 points with DEEK in #spelltower! -
Mike Gionfriddo
CTO, Blackhawk Network.
John Phillip Green
CTO, CommunityLend
You're a developer, so why do you work for someone else?
Dave Higgins
CTO/CIO, OzForex
Pressing the technology reset button: How a government CIO led IT reform, in public.
Brian Hofen
CTO, BancCentral Financial Services
The only entitlement we should enjoy is our entitlement in Christ. We're entitled to His forgiveness, His love, and His power!!
Soren Macbeth
CTO & Co-Founder
I'm just going to go ahead and front-run the inevitable and coin the title "Growth Scientist" now.
Patrick Myles
CTO, Caplin Systems
Newly discovered fungus named after SpongeBob Squarepants: #yam
Dan Parsons
Landmark Dividend
@msonline - Any word on the ongoign BPOS Outage? It's making me very sad to just get a .net exception from your servers when accessing OWA
Alex Payne
CTO, BankSimple
Current status:
Manny Siddiqui
CTO, Anybill Financial Services
Meet the 19-Year-Old Former Pinterest Employee Who Just Got $7M in VC Funding
Jim Stewart
CTO, United Community Banks
What a week! 5 days of #fiservfocus in Vegas, 1 day in office, and 2 days of @usta Collins Hill Jr Classic tennis tourney for my daughter.
Leonard Welter
CTO, Data Explorers
@WillDuffGordon is up next on #CNBC . Talking about $LNKD. #dataexplorers
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Leon Chism
CTO, Analyte Health
Talked the kids into making a rocket instead of going to the pool. And the answer to your question is: awesome.
Noah Coad
CTO, LifeNexus
Listening to Pandora's Holiday stations
Mark Erdman
CTO, Ministry Health Care
@Greg_A_Bedard LOL...I heard the head slam in Stevens Point, WI.
Patrick Flynn
CTO, Phytel Inc.
Dawn Patrol run to the airport with @caitlinmflynn and @shathans . Loved having them visit us #inSunriver
David Foster
CTO, SystemsOne, LLC
Hey hey, what's SUP?
Patrick Hale
CTO, Sparrow Health System plans to have Siri run my life are now on hold!
Rob Hooft
CTO BioAssist, NBIC
#snrd12 Udo Oelen: "ik neem aan dat er een gezagsrelatie bestaat tussen de instelling en de docent". De zaal lacht....
Brendan Lally
CTO, Cara Health
startup @CARDFREE_Inc #mobile #payments up against #Irish #Collison twins @Striped ?
Mark Lawler
CTO & VP, Cambia Health Solutions
Is it wrong for me to see irony in my favorite Iranian restaurant playing Sunrise Sunset instrumental from Fiddler on the Roof? #worldpeace
Abhi Muthiyan
CTO & Co-Founder, Patgonia Health
signed up to #Google+ UI is pretty cool. A few things different from #facebook. will hold my judgement :)
Adam Neilson
CTO, HealthUnlocked
Seamonster Ltd. is now fully incorporated and we're in "face-hugger" mode. Something's coming (soon)...
Shawn Riley
CTO & Director of Information Technology, Austin Medical Center of Mayo Clinic H
Emerging Biotechnology Trends
Erick Rivas
CTO & VP Development, Limeade, Inc.
Easy-to-understand introduction to the "Holographic Principle" by UC Berkeley professor Raphael Bousso:
Michael Saad
CTO, Henry Ford Health System
RT @onederlnd: Follow the 2011 Midwest Technology Leaders agenda at & live tweets @MidwestTechLdrs #mtl11 #cio #cto
Jim Stalder
CTO, Cook Children's Health Care System
22 Free Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis
Bill Swavely
CTO & VP of IT, CardioNet
"@doctorwes: Warning: Self-Removal of a Pacemaker Can Be Deadly";. - this story will freak any sane person out!
Ted Tanner Jr.
CTO, PokitDok, Inc.
Microsoft might as well just make Office and Xbox and be a services company: Amazon adds .Net #cloudcomputing
Angela Yochem
CTO, AstraZeneca
I love watching this technology evolve.
High Tech
Bruce Durling
CTO & Co-Founder, Mastodon C
@thattommyhall it is a delightful utopian vision
Jason Alexander
CTO, ShopSavvy, Inc.
I gotta say, it's really nice to work in Git fulltime. It's amazing when your SCC doesn't get in your way all the time.
Randy Arthur
CTO, CSC Trusted Cloud Services
Nothing quite like getting ADB up under Windows and then pushing files to the Android device instead of Drag & Drop
Amr Awadallah
CTO, Founder, & VP Engineering, Cloudera Inc.
"In Search of Hadoop" interesting graphs from @linkedin on where #Hadoop people are (via @MichaelRappa)
Umair Aziz
CTO & Co-Founder, Proximate Global Inc
"An entrepreneur is someone who dares to dream the dreams and is foolish enough to try to make those dreams come true." - @vkhosla
Nikolai Balba
CTO, Libra OnDemand
Thanks @DeltaAssist, you rock!
John Barnes
CTO, Model Metrics LLC
I am looking forward to speaking at The Data Center Dynamics Conference today in Bangalore on Everything-as-a-Service
Tim Baur
CTO, Mobio Identity Systems, Inc.
mobile in app ads are getting REALLY annoying. delete, delete.
Ben Blair
Startups are made to find & fix pain at scale. No wonder they are a great vehicle for good. @TheImpactEngine #obviousInHindsight
Kevin Bloch
CTO & Managing Director, Cisco
Moving from 'computer science' to 'data science' is what Big Data is about. Real world social probs such as climate change @chuckhollis
Par Botes
CTO Asia-Pacific & Japan, EMC
#hfobd Nice story on human face of big data.
Mark Bregman
CTO, NeuStar, Inc.
Yes, and I hold you responsible. Since you are on PTO they couldn't go after their usual victim!
Fred Brunel
CTO, WhereCloud, Inc.
OH: "J'ai l'air d'un fucking nain!"
Jim Butler
CTO & VP Engineering, Nexage
Excellent opportunities to join the Engineering Team at Nexage. I'm hiring a QA & Release Manager and two Mobile Soft…
Jason Carolon
CTO, ViaWest
@jtcarolan @nimsoft @mrivingt maybe he's just been living in the basement?
Chad Carter
CTO & Owner, GlobalCove Technologies
@Speewave1 If you were referring to the EP121, that is also awesome for development. The tablet can run XNA in HiDef mode :)
Prabhakar Chaganti
CTO, Ylastic
Trying out my new #Route53 swag similar to the one on @werner at #awssummit. Thanks Zach ;-)
Steve Chambers
CTO, Canopy Cloud
@ospero_chrisl the way today is already going I might need to put myself out of my misery
Santhosh Cheeniyil
CTO & VP Engineering, Avenda Systems
Hackers could have taken over Amazon Web Services •
Sam Chong
CTO, Emerging Solutions Group, APAC at Cisco
Dave Cleminson
CIO, Regal Information Technology
Regal IT December 2012 Newsletter
David Coallier
CTO, echolibre
Brogramming Friday: — What do YOU look like today?
Reuven Cohen
CTO & Founder, Enomaly Inc.
To exist, one does not need to do more than wonder if one exists. #existential
Jason Collier
CTO, Scale Computing
@ScaleComputing winners of the #MES12 "Best Newcomer Award" and nominated for 6 other awards.
Joe Costanzo
CTO & Co-Founder, SignalShare
Tickets in hand for #Furthur tomorrow in Raleigh. First show since I caught the first one in Miami 2010 stoked to see @setjeff and the boys!
Dennis Cox
CTO & Founder, BreakingPoint
Dino Dai Zovi
CTO & Co-Founder, Trail of Bits, Inc.
Infosec presenter POV pr0n
Jonathan Davis
CTO & Technical Director, DNS Europe
Ireland's Eurovision entry is obviously chosen to ensure the cash strapped country will not have to host it next year.
Bas Demmink
CTO, Hewlett-Packard
Tablet Computing Is Here To Stay, And Will Force Changes In Laptops And Phones |
Juan Carlos Diaz Fernadez
CTO & Owner, IGN Solutions
@meneame_net Volveis a estar offline, ¿o es problema de mi conexión? No os veo desde Lugo
Mischa Dohler
CTO, Worldsensing
WOW!!! “@WSJ: "This job is 98% boredom and 2% sheer terror." How a tiny airport in Maine takes on global emergencies:”;
Jim Dowson
CTO EMC Global Services
@sweetlew Received a mailer from @newrelic; kinda looked like an APT tactic #justsayin
John Eastman
CTO, Mezeo Software
RT @newsycombinator: Apple Rejects Kid-Friendly Programming App <- was wondering when this would get some publicity
John Engates
CTO Rackspace
@mejoe make a copy. cd won't last another 20.
Dave Evans
CTO Internet Business Solutions, Cisco
How much do you know about cloud computing (and no, it's not affected by weather). Interesting Citrix poll:
Dave Fellows
CTO, GreenButton
@deanrobertson Ah, well that's ok then... ;-)
Arash Ferdowsi
CTO & Founder, Dropbox
@erinbutner hi! karaoke? ;-)
Mike Fishman
EMC Computer Systems
i am booking hotel and flights for SNW Fall 2011 in Orlando. I will be speaking on data protection trends - - See you there!
Ian Foddering
CTO & Technical Director, Cisco UK & Ireland
Cisco Prepares for the London 2012 Olympic Games
Aakash Gandhi
CTO Cloud Services, Infoplex
Clive Gold
Marketing CTO, EMC Computer Systems
@SFoskett ask our mate Simon!!
Stuart Hall
CTO & Founder, Filter Squad
@yagankiely brainfuck :)
Parker Harris
CTO & EVP Technology,
SAP to Acquire SuccessFactors to Expand Cloud Offerings - Businessweek via @BW
Chris Hart
CTO, ReactionGrid
Nice write up of a tour of Skowhegan High School's region (Virtual Maine) on #ReactionGrid
Peter Hauser
Still seeking a great firmware engineer to add to our growing team.
Bob Hayward
CTO & Innovation Officer - Australia & Asia, CSC
At TBSC India next week presenting IT/OT convergence, The Internet of Things Gartner's Kristian Steenstrup says
Dr. Stephen Herrod
CTO, VMware
The birds have wisdom! RT @corloff: I know this is old, but appropriate for my 1 and only #FF @herrod -
Christian Hessler
CTO, Palm Tree Technology Limited
You too can live forever (or at least a naturally long time) #health #life #longevity #stress #career #sleep #aging
Sean Higgins
CTO, Herjavec Group
I'm hiring! Security Engineer at The Herjavec Group - Calgary, Canada Area #jobs
Ralph Hodgson
CTO & Co-Founder, TopQuadrant
BIND ( "SPARQL" AS ?Chronicle ) is out! ▸ Top stories today via @enriquediestro
Jason Hoffman
CTO & Founder, Joyent
@kirkwy @monkchips yes and NV ;-)
Romain Huet
CTO & Co-Founder, Jolicloud
@maccman Happy Birthday Alex!
William Hurley
CTO & EVP, Westcon Group, Inc.
Rock-n-Roll Quiz - What is the connection between Barbet Schroeder's film, "La Vallee," and today's most overhyped technology?
Donald Jackson
CTO, Panacea Mobile
Don't you just love it when you register on a website and they send you your username + password via email in clear text ?
Andrew Jaquith
CTO, Perimeter E-Security
…aaaand the answer is, "of course not." The second answer is, "if you believe that, you need to get a life."
Benjamin Johnson
CTO, Carbon Black, Inc.
@elimisteve Excellent -- visit here:
Yash Kadakia
CTO & Founder, Security Brigade
Unpickable - XKCD ( - Unfortunately this really is the state of InfoSec in India at quite a few places :S
Sreedhar Kajeepeta
Chicago skyline from our office conf room!
Murat Karslioglu
CTO & Co-Founder, Raidundant LLC
I'm at World's Tallest Thermometer (72155 Baker Blvd, at Rte 127 and I-15, Baker) w/ 6 others
Mike Karvis
CTO & Chief Architect, M-Dot Network
America's Saddest Cities | Men's Health <-- I'd be much sadder buried in snow. What a bunch of whiners in FL.
TK Keanini
CTO, nCircle Network Security
21% in 2010 to 33% in 2011 growth of "Super Connected" - advanced mobile users that do everything on their phone. --Forrester Report
Elias Khnaser
CTO, Sigma Solutions, Inc.
@Kisuge thanks for the follow :) hope ur studies are going well
Adam Kocoloski
CTO & Co-Founder, Cloudant
@jchris I was surprised to learn they opened that up to the general public now.
Thomas Kolsto
CTO, Adell Group SA
@noalius I'll have to try that next time. Although, guy in front of me had passp. wrapped in tinfoil and wore a skimask. That was OK too.
Michel Korpershoek
CTO & Founder, greenclouds
How to adopt Cloud Computing the easy way via @greenclouds
Trystan Kosmynka
CTO, 23 Divide LLC
@iMacthere4iAm can you send it into and we'll confirm / resolve
Kelvin Lawrence
CTO Emerging Internet Software Standards, IBM
#iTunes #FAIL. I just RIPed a classical music CD and iTunes decided to download the artwork for something called "Erotic short stories" !!
Trey Layton
CTO, Virtual Computing Environment Company
Matthew Leib
CTO, tuCloud
The aforementioned Brazilian and German cats have successfully eluded me. Project to be postponed for a while...
Chris Leigh-Currill
CTO & Founder, ospero
@sixfootdad @miketalonnyc really odd, only thing why does the sign in bus say STOP and not HALT?
Guillaume Lelarge
CTO, Dalibo
@nicolargo Il y en a quelques-uns sur, partie articles, pour différents types de réplication. Bon courage :-)
David Linthicum
CTO & Founder, Blue Mountain Labs
Cloud Expo Speaker Profile: Dave Linthicum - Blue Mountain Labs | Cloud Computing Journal:
Dominik Mago?
CTO, CloudVertical
Good place to start when you are starting with Chef! -
Lars Malmqvist
CTO, Arcus Global
WalmartLabs plans to #opensource #bigdata tools that help move data from legacy systems to #hadoop
Mariano Maluf
WHD 2012 - VMware Grows Cloud Hosting Ambitions for Service Provider Partners | Web Host Industry Review
Ian Massingham
CTO, EMEA Service Providers at EMC
Flowers outside Tropical World @ Tropical World
Mayan Mathen
CTO - MEA, Dimension Data
Some of us have lots of accessories !! RT @gadgetlab: What The New iPhone Connector Means For Your Old Accessories
Phil McKinney
CTO & VP, HP Personal Systems Group
14 Lessons From Benjamin Franklin (a great #innovator) About Getting What You Want In Life ...
Imad Mouline
CTO, CloudFloor Corporation
Made it inside the giant cake and cupcake river tent. #MIT150 #MIT
Perri Nejib
CTO, Lockheed Martin
What is wrong with this picture?
Pat O'Day
CTO & Co-Founder, Bluelock
@f5networks #CloudChat Are you comparing today's Enterprise architectures to COBOL and Fortran?
Emeka Okoye
CTO & Co-Founder, Next2
Mobile IM is exploding >> RT @MobileEntBiz: Nimbuzz has 100m users, and only 16.5m are in Europe and the US @myen
Alex Osipov
#citrixsynergy most exciting news for me was NetScaler running on EC2
Roberto Ostinelli
CTO & Co-Founder, Wide Tag Inc.
I just realized that BASE is both the acronym for Bay Area Software Engineers and Beer-Aided Software Engineering. This is a good sign.
Jose Ramon Palanco
CTO & Owner, Drainware
Analysis of Zero-Day: left click on browser
Mike Palmer
Congrats to @stl_cardinals! Looking forward to the post season play. #STLcards
Alex Parker
CTO, Commensus, PlC
Cloud Complexity? It’s A Wrench - Great article on #CloudComputing |
Rob Peglar
CTO-Americas, EMC Isilon
RT @EMC_ME @Livestream Deploys #EMC #Isilon for Rapidly Growing Content Library, Cuts #Storage Operating Costs ~ 30%
Chamara Peiris
CTO & Cofounder, Minlo Technologies
I'm at Klassy (2c, De Fonseka Road, Colombo 05)
Markus Pleier
CTO, EMEA bei EMC International S.�.r.l
Announcing the Availability of vFabric Data Director 2.5, GemFire 7, EM4J 1.2, and More
Stuart Preston
CTO, RippleRock
@jamiet That's #almostasbadaspeoplewhocannotspell
Julio Quiroz
CTO & Co-Founder, IOFractal
A set of db queries: 38 min. I've change them to one and now the time is less than one minute. #FunnyThings #ImpressPeople #luck
George Reese
CTO & Founder, enStratus
Steve Repetti
CTO & CEO, RadWeb Technologies
TOO FUNNY: If PHP Were British -> @Dave_Child
Daniel Retzer
Tweeting on the #Cloud literally from the clouds over Colo. en route to #CC2012…#irony @XSPGlobal
Van Ristau
CTO, DLT Solutions, inc.
Microsoft’s magic bullet for Azure is... #RedHat Linux !
Hart Rossman
CTO & VP Cyber Security Services & Solutions, SAIC
The Hart Rossman Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @venturehacks @adrielhampton
Dave Ryan
CTO Navy, Airforce, Private Sector at General Dynamics IT
@darragh665 I fail to see how Patrick equates to 'paddy'... It's pat... Learn your English 'irish' boy
Joel Semeniuk
CTO, Imaginet Resources Corp
Joel's Agile World is out! ▸ Top stories today via @mbrucke
Pablo Serber
CTO, Colt Technology Services
@manuginobili it was a v.good match. Very well played Sir.
Dave Shackleford
CTO & SVP of Research, IANS
Our new friend in Amsterdam #hankthecat #amsterdam
Rhys Sharp
@JoeBaguley wow, I'll be in touch when I am back from holiday, very interested in the new adventure.
Kristoffer Sheather
CTO, CEO, & Founder, Cloud Central
DSD provides checklist for agency cloud computing via @itnews_au
Lewis Shepherd
CTO Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments
FedTech magazine highlights DISA success in #cloud email; @johnhale deservedly front & center
Howard Smith
CTO-European Group, CSC
How important is the iPhone 5? or Why Apple is a lot like David Copperfield @csc @cscnews #iphone5
Tom Soderstrom
CTO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA
Diving ever deeper into the IT Trend of Big Data. Promises to have a huge payback for us and industry in general.
Troy Stanley
CTO, Resource Techniques
Commercial Agents: 1 million LinkedIn followers in 2 months:
Sloane Stricker
CTO & SVP, Datavail Corporation
Useful #Metalinks for #Oracle and #Apps #DBAs
Sandro Suffert
CTO, TechBiz Forensic
Maybe the botnets are rented for others? "@BullGuard: #Spam levels lowest since 2008, says report"
Samuel Sutch
CTO, Astonish
A nickel is a circle. So when someone says to circle back, do they also mean nickelback?
Harish Tejwani
CTO, Wizni, Inc.
Stephane Thirion
CTO, Owner & Architect, Activlan
Citrix Community : 50 video streams to your branch office, or just one?: Here’s a potentially scary scenar...
Rick Tracy
Telos Corporation
RT @Stratalux: Benioff Says the Cloud is Passe <Says social & mobile networking have more buzz, application these days.
Lew Tucker
CTO & VP Cloud Computing, Cisco
Bringing wider range of networking options into OpenStack - CNET News via @cnet
Andrew Turner
@spara @atanas @thesteve0 @cageyjames semi-retired curler. I just don't find the ice pebbling in Mid-Atlantic the same quality as Michigan
Matt Van Bergen
CTO & Co-Founder, CITYTECH, Inc.
RT @lykorian: a week late! observations on #spock, #geb and #gradle from #uberconf 2011: @citytech @pniederw @ldaley
Brian Wahoff
CTO & VP, EPC, Inc.
Why wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? The deals start now at EPC with 15% off of all Desktops, Notebooks and…
Mark Ward
CTO, Applicable
@tmcerlean publish the info would be fascinating to read.
Padmasree Warrior
CTO Cisco
@nikitabananaxo yay!! Are u done with finals cc @karnawarrior
Xavier Warzee
CTO, Palo IT
Leading Change Why Transformation Efforts Fail -
Chris Webb
CTO, HulloMail
RT @richardc1983: Can highly recommend @HulloMail excellent customer service! Truly free Visual VM for Tmob UK!
Susie Wee
CTO Client Cloud Services, Hewlett-Packard
@binarimon that's an interesting scenario to think about collaboration needs!
Glenn Weinstein
CTO, Appirio
@Irregulars: Salesforce, the Enterprise Vendor - good CloudForce wrap-up by @denispombriant
Dale Wickizer
CTO-US Public Sector, NetApp
White House Launches Big Data R&D Push via @PCWorld
Amrit Williams
CTO, Big Fix, an IBM company
zomg lolz icudk Ec2 iz doa afaic idfc #AmericanAssosciationAgainstAcronymAbuse
Rutherford Wilson
CTO, Vizit, Inc.
“@GeraldoRivera: Trayvon killed by a jerk: a hoodie is a sign: shoot or stop & frisk me"-Blacks should not scare people with their clothes
Chris Wysopal
CTO, Veracode
@Beaker I use it over guest wifi when offered.
Seth Yates
CTO & Co-Founder, Brandscreen
Why did I buy a daily return train ticket knowing the return station would be fully open by time I got back? #honesty
HR Services
Bruce Carothers
CTO & SVP, AMN Healthcare
Crowd funding for healthcare tech startups:
Himath Dissanayake
CTO, OrangeHRM, Inc.
10 Contracts for your next Agile Software Project -
Daniel Estrada
CTO & Project Manager, Scavado
@RightInbox is awesome. Integrates with Gmail to track e-mail views & clicks and schedule messages for future delivery.
Olivier Le Floch
CTO, Work4Labs
“And ideally, before resetting a password by phone, they’d send a forced “Find My”-style push alert to al…”
Travlin McCormack
CTO, Internships, LLC. &
Amazing! RT @billbarhydt: Mountain lion eating a deer - on my street. Hey it's not called Los Gatos for nothing!
David North
CTO & VP, MBO Partners
've just taken the WordPress 2011 User and Developer Survey, have you? (pass it on!)
Ashley Suddul
Foreign Direct Investment Boosts U.S. Economy
Roger Toor
CTO & Co-Founder, RolePoint
@dkele Sorry bud!!! Only just saw this :s well on the plus side you're still alive
Market Research
Michael E. Driscoll
CTO, Metamarkets
Case studies are a great tool in business & law schools. They should be used for engineers as well. Solutions need context.
Guilhem Fouetillou
CTO & Co-Founder, linkfluence
@samuellaurent ah parce que t'as réussi à en lire plus d'un ?
Mathew Often
CTO Americas Region, Informa
Steven Peltzman
Chief Business Technology Officer, Forrester Research
@VanessaAlvarez1 I picked a good time to be in NY all week!
Jose Vincente Sogorb Moron
CTO, Why Not Challenge
I just ousted @elchiconube as the mayor of Wntc on @foursquare!
Matthew Warneford
CTO, Dubit Ltd.
Who lives 2000 leagues under the sea? Go find out in @DubitPlatform's newest (and beta) virtual world
Stacie Andrews
I just found #thenextbigthing in buying eyewear: - virtually try on glasses using your webcam!
Mark Angelillo
CTO, Snooth Media
I admit I had a fry when the BK was in the office. || What Wine with Burger King? via @snooth
Per Astrom
CTO & Technical Manager, TV4
@danielg0ldberg det lät som en konstig rekrytering från början.
Pete Barr-Watson
CTO, Storyplanet
owners of websites who change their login req's after *years* are dead to me. @O2, I'm looking at you.
Drew Baumann
CTO, Fullscreen
@tracypodell @dgould Singing for the first time!? Brave man.
David Berrebi
CTO & CSO, Prisma Media
"@founding: "If you're not executing at 10X the speed of your largest competitor, you're doing it wrong"- @levie #foundershowcase"
Paul Berry
CTO, HuffingtonPost Media Group
@ckanal @conaw thanks guys :) probably still one of my favorite topics too
Rishi Bhatia
CTO, Astonish
Very well written - The Product Manager's Lament | LinkedIn
Wes Biggs
CTO & Co-Founder, Adfonic
...annnnnnd I've just managed to crash my entire Gmail account.
Victor Brown
CTO, SF Bay Area Woman's Journal
Excellent, actionable marketing advice for services! Cash In on the Secret to Selling Your Services! - via @Shareaholic
Martin Byrne
CTO, St. Joseph Communications
Samsung Wants To Automate Your Phone With NFC-Equipped TecTiles via @techcrunch It's like house training your cellphone
Sylvain Carle
CTO & Co-Founder, Needium
@iancapstick I meant as #dailydeal fodder but your answer still works.
Tarun Chachra
CTO & VP of Technology, KSL Media, Inc
@CiscoC :) - I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory up there. :)
Chip Correra
CTO, Linkable Networks, Inc.
Uninstalling Obama......... ███████████████▒ 95% complete.
Franck Curier
CTO, Univarts
I just unlocked the "Foodie" badge on @foursquare!
Nicholas Daniel-Richards
CTO, Code and Theory
awesome product of Node Knockout: RESTalytics - analytics for your REST API built on Node.js #nodeJS
Jean-Luc David
CTO, Digiflare
@SoCal__Rob Can't respond to your DM because you aren't following me. :)
Rob DeMillo
CTO, Revision3
Phillip Diller
CTO & Founder, Asiadnet
Escape from the Zombie Food Court
Mike Dory
CTO & Co-Founder, Socialbomb
@vikramtank @hedalpedal What is this "store" you speak of? Do you have to, like, talk to people and stuff? If so, that sounds horrifying.
Steve Dossick
CTO & VP, Zumobi
@sparksapp Love the iPhone app...any chance of push notifications being added?
Michael Dunn
CTO, Hearst Interactive Media
@bsaren right on
Sandy Fliderman
CTO & Founder, Zaah Technologies,Inc.
Tech News: Video Feature: Creating the<cite>Nebula</cite>, Part I
Mathieu Fosse
CTO, Tigerlily
@franckverrot Yep le 1er Juin ! Je vais sûrement me prendre une place. Tu y vas ?
Dan Gaul
CTO & Co-Founder,
@YogiBeare downgrading? Haha. No kidding. need some bugs fixed!
Olivier Grange-Labat
CTO, Le Monde interactif
Today is a great day to tell everyone about by @ToSDR #instagram
Hide Harashima
CTO & Co-Founder, nLytics
Good summary of my second city, but some secret gems aren't mentioned. NYT: 36 Hours in Sarasota, Fla.
Arif Harbott
CTO, Diamond Conspiracy
Over time, the CIO role is less about technology and more about strategy #IBM
Josh Hendler
Global CTO, HIll+Knowlton Strategies
Increasingly convinced that Amtrak NEC Regional is mule-powered -- who tire easily and need frequent breaks. #offtonyc
Paul Hernacki
CTO, Definition 6
Waiting sucks.
Luis Hernandez
CTO, Proof Integrated Communications via @RWW couldn't agree more
Jeff Holth
Why creepy Uncanny Valley keeps us on edge
Dan Hopwood
CTO & Co-Founder, Floxx Media Ltd.
Oscar Howell
CTO & Director of Global Technology Center, Grupo SM
In Tuscany for a couple of days, near Tocchi.
Janne Jalkanen
CTO, Thinglink
The one and only great thing about your service going down is seeing all the tweets from people who miss it...
Matthew Jay
CTO, Taylor & Francis
Updated WP7 this morning. - can now cut & paste. My life is complete.
Dean Jezard
CTO, TigerSpike
woot! my free Samsung Chromebook from Google I/O has been shipped! :)
Christopher Kata
CTO, Spark Internet Marketing
Senator Al Franken asks Carrier IQ exactly what it's doing
Yuvi Kochar
CTO & VP of Technology, The Washington Post
my blog post on center for CIO Leadership #CIO #YAM
Nate Kohari
CTO, Adzerk
@arcware Spoiled by working at home! :)
Tom Kuhne
CTO & Managing Parner, The Booth Company
Apply pressure, but don't push your luckColorado Business Magazine | Weisner Media | Denver News |ColoradoBIZ Magazine
Ludovic Levesque
CTO, Fotolia
Kind of Cornell Box. Source: AFP / Roberto Schmidt
Paul Lomax
CTO, Dennis Publishing
@CriticalCouple @scotian_girl I have a rubbish photo of it to hand.
Ryan Mannion
Moving into the new space tomorrow at POLITICO World HQ. Great new space for the tech team.
Steve Mathieu
CTO, Whatsnexx
Heroes of the Economic Recovery Move to the Cloud With Office 365
Fred McMurray
CTO, Mediavine Marketing
At War: For Veterans With Post-Traumatic Stress, Pain Killers Carry Risks: Veterans with post-tra... #lln #Veterans
Bruno Michel
CTO, af83
@athoune @benoitc après vérification, c'est thin et non pas unicorn qui fait ça
Joseph Misiti
CTO & Co-Founder, SocialQ
I just finished a 2.45 mi run with a pace of 11'38"/mi with Nike+ Running. #nikeplus
Gilles Moncaubeig
CTO, Ebuzzing Group
Bon anniversaire ! “@INSAToulouse: Le #film des 50 ans de l'#INSA de Toulouse est enfin disponible :”;
Seba Negomireanu
CTO & Co-Owner, JustDesign
Need.... this... work ... day ... to .... end ... soooooooon
Victor Neo
CTO, Pikaland Media
@ejames_c Try @mbrochh is using it right now without any issues. Comes with PostGIS if you need it.
Joel Ordesky
CTO, Wexler Video
Just out the making of vid 4 F65 demo footage shot by Kees Van Oostrum, @BradOhlund & Paul Babin we did back in August
David Ortiz
♫ Where Do We Go From Here? - Firewind #Spotify
Julien Palard
CTO, meltyNetwork
Intel declares Clover Trail Atom processor a "no Linux" zone #gayfags
Brandon Passley
CTO & Co-Founder, Vokal Interactive
Day two of @theMobileMakers on-site #ios training for the @manifestdigital #tech team @ Manifest Digital
Nicholas Patten
CTO, Investor Relations Group
The Modern Skateboard.
Bob Pearson
CTO & Media Officer, WCG
My latest post Part 3: A Conversation w/ Paul Holmes on How Role of Communications Leaders is Evolving
Mazdak Rezvani
CTO, Chango
Particularly excited to finally get Keynote and Pages with iCloud support.
Ciaran Rooney
CTO, Skimlinks/Skimbit
I'm at Step Inside Pop-up Bar w/ @tomjoy_
Dharmesh Shah
CTO & Founder, HubSpot
I tend to click away when I find a software website with a "Solutions" page and no product pricing information.
Nicolas Silberman
CTO, Mediapart
@arnaudlimbourg c'est mal mais parfois ça ne veut pas dire qu'ils le stockent en clair...parfois...
Jeff Sippel
CTO, edo Interactive
Finally fixed the "Create event from message" Applescript for Outlook, no more default year = 1900. Payback period ~ = 1 day
Tom Sivo
CTO, Interpublic Group of Companies
@andrewrsorkin The reason that guru is such a popular word is because charlatan is so hard to spell. - William J. Bernstein
Brian Skahan
CTO & Managing Director, Publicis Modem
officially the best thing on the internet today
Ivan Sosa
CTO, HI Media Digital
@cindyrestrepo rumbera total tu!
Bruno Soulez
CTO, Up 2 Social
Schizophrénie entrepreneuriale
Travis Swicegood
CTO, Texas Tribune
OH: I don’t know what they were thinking. They were probably drunk. /cc @OHnewsroom
Ben Trott
CTO, SAY Media
how many times have I watched @LE1FNY's "Wut" since saturday? SO MANY TIMES.
Vijay Venkatesh
CTO, Pearson International
@ramit not that far away. Most results can be and some are diagnosed by cheaper radiologists overseas, offshore. That should anger them :)
Brad Ward
#bix7 results posted online already. Awesome job! Came in 1:16 this year. Slow but it was really hot out there!
Tim Watson
CTO & Partner, Carbon Outreach
Like! RT @TreeHugger LA Uses Scare Tactics to Reduce Traffic, Discovers "Carmaheaven" #la #green
Ken Weiner
CTO, GumGum
12/12/12 - Happy Sound Check Day!
Dan Woods
CTO & Editor, Evolved Media
"An Agile BI Maturity Model" from Tableau CEO Christian Chabot #BI #Tableau #Agile @danwoodscito @ForbesTech
Navarrow Wright
CTO, Interactive One
God already knew you were great. He's just waiting on you to figure it out! #closethedivide #nowackdemos
Aleksandr Yampolskiy
CTO, Cinchcast & BlogTalkRadio
Saw 'The intouchables' @ Angelika Film Center today ( Surprisingly good movie!
Jim Zimmerman
CTO, Thuzi LLC
7 years as an MVP is pretty good. Did not get renewed this year, 4 kids and traveling for work all the time leaves less time for community
Gilad Zirkel
CTO & Co-Founder, Hashtag Art
It smells like winter in Tel Aviv, can't believe it was raining... Love it!
Brian Behlendorf
CTO, World Economic Forum
yay @zoecello ! RT @noneck: The marriage of human, music & technology. @ California Academy of Sciences
Shelly Bernstein
CTO, Brooklyn Museum
@claudiabia @bonitohostel wow that us amazing
Milena Berry
Computer Crime, Then and Now via @RebelMouse @codinghorror
Sara Chipps
CTO, Levo League
Seriously, jshint, calm down.
Damion Hankejh
Smithsonian Laureate CTO
Newt Gingrich is appalled by his behavior being brought up (but not* by his behavior) #clown
Carmen Iannacone
CTO, Smithsonian Institute
Today I fostered innovation and collaboration by bringing my team together and letting them know I appreciate them. Old school management.
Eduardo Jezierski
Google's "Jolly Good Fellow" has a plan for world peace - starts with meditation:
David Krumlauf
CTO, Pierce Family Charitable Foundation
More biking. (@ Wilderness State Park Campgrounds)
Mark Middleton
CTO, Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB)
68-03-15-19-86 #tweetcracker
Wynn Netherland
CTO, Pure Charity
@rupakg @adamstac Love my Bamboo touch. Just wish it were a bit more OSX integrated.
Clark Ritchie
CTO, ConvergeUS
Public companies must disclose cyber attacks or risk factors... relevant to investors, according to SEC chairman
Chris Spence
CTO, National Democratic Institute
@krmaher pls don't forget to tweet NDItech around this panel and the conference generally
George Weiner
CTO, Do Something
Tip: try to relax ur arms 1x per mile. (@ New York Road Runners Running Class)
Professional Services
Dominick Accattato
CTO & Founder, Infrared5
@davealma Hey Dave, no I'm still using a iPhone 3GS at the moment. You wouldn't want this ;)
John Adelus
CTO & Founder, JAdelus & Associates
Record your life with a voice-controlled mini-drone companion.
Bill Annibell
CTO & Director of Technology, Sapient Government Services
The Structure 50: The Top 50 Cloud Innovators #cloud #innovation #tech
Ramene Anthony
CTO & Founder, Social Commons�, LLC
jadedgeek digest is out! ▸ Top stories today via @lcooney
Mike Askew
CTO & Co-Founder, 3RDi Product Development, Inc
GREAT ESCAPE: The Tech Museum of San Jose
Zvi Avraham
CTO, Nivertech
The next gen. of AMD discrete GPUs will have full x86 virtual memory support - x86 84b pointer will work on both CPU & GPU #Fusion11
Thierry Badard
CTO & Co-Founder, Spatialytics Inc
After the release of @GeoKettle 2.0 & @GeoMondrian 1.0, on my way to Denver for another exciting & busy #foss4g edition: 1 workshop, 4 pres.
Joe Beaudet
CTO & President, WattShifters, LLC
Wow, it has been over a year since my last tweet. not much of a song bird I guess...
Earl Belcher Jr.
CTO & Chief Architect, APTEC, LLC
I checked in at Zen Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar (21 A Beacon St) on #Yelp
Michael Bufalino
CTO & Head of Global IT, Arup
One area of confusion concerning Cloud computing is its relationship with outsourcing.
Mario Cruz
CTO, Grass Roots America
"It's a rare person who can take care of hearts while also taking care of business." /via @jackie28v
Chris Curran
CTO & Principal, PwC
#CIO Thoughts? : Digital Razorblades: CIO Insight from App Stores
Carlo De Marchis
CTO-Global Strategy, deltatre s.p.a
My office with @deltatre gurus and an old football table game from the 40s
Karl Deacon
CTO of Infrastructure Services, Capgemini
Always good to hear about some of the newer #CloudComputing suppliers
Brian Dunphy
CTO, OneLobby
At @mtdeli and Stones - start me up is playing. Omen for @OneLobby launch day? I'll take it.
Stuart Eccles
CTO & Co-Founder, Made by Many
Awesome frontend developers @madebymany are hiring, come work with a shit-hot team
Andy Eccles
CTO, Kelway UK Ltd
I'm really excited about improving community and communications across #KelwayUK with VMware #Socialcast
Rodrigo Flores
CTO & Founder, newScale
RT @Tomas_Novak: #NewScale demo at #ciscoexpo in #Prague <Cloud in Czech republic!
Brendon Ford
CTO, Provoke Solutions
The EU is "loving" google #not
Peter Galvin
CTO, Corporate Technologies
@oleronning @panic That's what's stopping me from moving from Coda to Coda 2 as well (latex mode that is)
Nick Goss
CTO, Imaginatik
RT @marciamarcia: Why You Won't Get Breakthrough Innovation by Being Nice @SimonRucker @harvardbiz
Bob Gourley
CTO, Crucial Point, LLC.
RT @mtanji An exceedingly well done take on the new cyber strategy by my man Jason
Jeff Greenberg
CTO & Founder,
@Tweettronics Increases Speed & Adds Languages & Geographic Focusing to their Leading Twitter Monitoring Platform #fb
Jack Hanison
CTO, Capgemini
I just unlocked the "Adventurer" badge on @foursquare!
Ercan Kamber, PhD
CTO, Storage, Cluster Data Storage Solutions, HPC, Virtualization, RAID Inc.
bits from #SC11; Day 1, follow Gunther Grass/ the thin drum's advice, see what goes behind the stage. In hours boxes will turn into SCs.
Steve Kelly
CTO, Partner & Chief Architect, FM Services
I'm at Kelly Abode (246 Knollwood Dr, Wilkesboro)
Glen Koskela
CTO Nordic, Fujitsu Services
Innovation, speed of technology: urbanization biggest B2B play and global middle-class biggest B2C play in future. #SAPPHIRENOW #trends
Mike Lingo
CTO, Astadia
Listening to The Leanover by Life Without Buildings on @Rdio:
Murray Macdonald
CTO, Macdonald Harris & Associates Ltd.
Hey Guys, the weather's looking good for tomorrow. who's in? @MurrayMacdonald @rob_ellis @mwbrooks @sintaxi @filmaj
Brad Maltz
CTO, International Computerware, inc.
RT @georgegerchow: Looking forward 2 ths event w/ @ICIAmerica in MA. "Infrastructure Governance 4 Cloud" @bmaltz < +1
Dave Masterson
CTO & Director of Communications, United Franchise Group
Now more than ever, stand guard!
Ville Mattila
CTO & Partner, Eventio Oy
@tuikka_ no shipping to Finland :( tried...
Stuart McIntyre
CTO & Founder, Collaboration Matters
@spanky762 No it was James Governor (@monkchips)... My favourite TWiL moment yet...
Alan Mills
CTO, Brand Intellect
@Timwhalley will do
George Orlov
CTO, Forrester Research
To NYC for 3 days via Amtrak Acela - a civilized way to travel
Russ Pierce
CTO & President, GlobalReact
Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #charlotte_nc #technology #cio #cto #it
Piyush Poddar
CTO, Monsoon Consulting
#io2011 keynote was very interesting. Android ecosystem is definately evolving into an innovation gone wild an… (cont)
Don Rippert
CTO, Accenture
Just watched the latest installment from Charlie Sheen. Yikes! Social media will never be the same.
Michael Ruiz
CTO - Net Enabled Operations, Deloitte
Cyber Analytics–Buzz Word or Adequate Descriptor
Ashim Saha
CTO, Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
Want to clone website? You need specification. Check out this page -
Fernando San Mart�n
CTO, Galilea S.A
Ese maquillaje de ‘gente culta’: cuando se dice ‘derechos de autor’ en vez de ‘derechos comerciales’ vía @biobio
Richard Scionti
CTO, Harris Interactive
RT @augieray: Social data equity and the new edge /by @be3d
Lauren States
CTO & VP of Cloud Computing, IBM Corporate Strategy
Shape the evolution of IBM's cloud management solutions. Join the beta program today: #ibmcloud
Ron Tolido
CTO Applications Continental Europe & VP, CapGemini
@marcofrijlink @trendmatcher The bad thing is, the thing also just doesn't work anymore... #internalinjuries
Michael Trosen
CTO & President, Lab305, LLC
Congratulations to @leuler and @fxdgear!
Christian Verstraete
CTO-Cloud Strategy, Cloud Solutions at HP
Support differs whether you have a private, managed or public #cloud. #convcloud #cloudsource -
Paul Wallis
CTO & Director, OBASHI, Ltd.
On future cities via @davos | On connectivity see eg, Understanding connections #wef #riskreport
Joshua Watson
CTO, Business Technology Advisors, LLC
@TrumpedMovie How can I find where this movie will be showing in Florida, USA?
Marco Zamperini
CTO & VP, Value Team S.p.A.
Real Estate
Steve Zehngut
CTO & Founder, Real Estate Shows
Last night at the WordCamp afterparty. One of these was mine -> WordCamp Irish car bombs: #wcsd
Restaurant & Hospitality
Chad Osgood
CTO & Co-Founder, LocalFlavor
Big news for Premier Logic. We just announced our acquisition of CMC to expand our northeast market.
Robb Brock
CTO & Chief Architect,
Backing up my tweets with @Backupify - Twitter backup is free!
John Douglas
CTO, Burberry
Angela Ahrendts in great form"@Benioff: Last weeks NYC #Cloudforce now on YouTube! Thanks everyone for your support.";
M. Imamura
CTO & Director, Vasily Inc
@arara_jp おー、ありがとーー、がんばるー!
Aneesh Nair
I love shopping on Fashion and You and I bet you’ll love it too…Join me!
Alex Reich
Disneyland Half Marathon (@RunDisney) 2012 Race Report
Robert Stephens
CTO, Best Buy
@chankfonts I think you settled on an appropriate way to stay in code. I want to see a series of fonts from you on your lawn now.
John Thieling
CTO & Founder, Ron's Home And Hardware
@DaveTaylor Just set up device specific password for it in your Google Account settings
Brett Adam
CTO & SVP Engineering, rPath
Thanks for the mention! charlie6davis
Jeff Ammons
CTO, Find Business Media
@MollyDolby I gotta go with the decathlon or sprinters. That or the table tennis guy :)
Stefan Andreasen
CTO & Founder, Kapow Software
I was on an integration panel today with IBM, Boomi, Jitterbit and Talend, Its really good
John Atherton
CTO, Survine
RT @overtheair: Over the Air 2011 - Sept 30th & Oct 1st at Bletchely Park ...we're geeking out at the mothership of computing this year #yam
Justin Balthrop
CTO, Geni
I just backed The Fitzroy on @Kickstarter
David Bankston
CTO, Co-Founder & EVP, INgage Networks
@GulfshoreBiz ft. @INgageNetworks in this month's #tech issue. @kpkfusion gives insight into why HQ is in FL #socialmedia
Alan Barlow
CTO & Co-Founder, ProActive Software
Look after each other ChCh... this is a time to come together and help one another... all our prayers are with you
Dr. John Bates
CTO, Progress Software
RT @ctodashboard: The #CTO Dashboard Daily via @cbcurran is out! ▸ Top stories via @drjohnbates @susiewee @billannibell
Chris Beauregard
CTO, Salesloft
sigh, those feels
Michael Beckley
CTO, Appian
Apple drops Mac from new OS X name. The end of the desktop metaphor?
Robert Berger
CTO & Founder, Runa Inc
Guest Post: When Governments Go Rogue
Alex Bewley
CTO & Co-Founder, uptime software
@KLM Hey, nice monitoring of social media! I had my own noise-cancelling headphones, but they were single prong and the A330 was 3 prong.
Steve Bjorg
CTO & Founder, MindTouch, Inc.
Brunch at Toscana
Rick Blaisdell
CTO, ConnectEDU, Inc.
Next Generation Datacenters: From Legacy to the Cloud | Cloud Computing Journal
Thierry Bouquain
CTO, Ucaya
Just installed Mango rtm ! Bluetooth still doesn t see my headset... #wp7dev
Joao Pedro Bourbon Bourbon
CTO, Inoventos
#DuarteLima poderá ser convidado para remake de Roque Santeiro como Sinhôzinho Malta
Scott Brinker
CTO & President, ion interactive, inc
The brilliant marketing organization structure of @hubspot #agile #marketing (thanks to @jcolman for the link!)
Glenn Brunette
CTO, Enterprise Solutions Group at Oracle Systems
@beaker - You rocked it! Great talk today!
Mark Burgess
CTO & Founder, CFEngine
Working out the theory of componentization with promises. Can now write down the promises needed for design center sketch api. #cfengine
Danny Burlage
CTO, Wortell
Office 365 Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @gwenbonaparte @WindowsIntune
Dries Buytaert
CTO & Co-Founder, Acquia, Inc
Nominate Drupal for the Open Source Awards:
Chris Caplinger
CTO & Co-Founder, KnowledgeLake
Whats up with the Reds having sub 20K attendance the first week of baseball? Doesn't happen with the #stlcards, that's for sure.
David Carter
CTO & Founder, Awareness Inc.
I'm at Hemingway's Restaurant (142 Cumberland St, east of Avenue Rd (one way street), Toronto)
Marco Casario
Android 4 highlights announced !
Victor Cekvenich
Your next assistant may be an app via @thedailybeast
Vikram Chalana
CTO & Co-founder, WinShuttle
Sunrise over Navy Pier in Chicago during my 5mile run at #wug2011
Edward Chaltry
CTO & Partner, Centare Group, Ltd.
RT @jeremyronking About to have breakfast with the Top 100 workplaces. Congratulations to all - especially @Centare!
Dan Charles
CTO & Owner, OpenAssist
@jeremy6d @dhh I got no problem with RP constitutionally consistent & moral position on both those issues.
Puneet Chawla
CTO & Co-Founder, 01 Works
Marc Chesley
CTO, Infusionsoft
I created a new Facebook page for my business friends and acquaintances. Go LIke my page and leave a comment:
Sean Chou
CTO, Fieldglass, Inc.
This week Fieldglass gathers for fun, learning, and bonding!
Rob Collie
CTO PivotStream
Hugh Hendry, fund mgr: "God is dead, life is absurd & there are no rules... u r on your own & u must take ownership of your own destiny."
Adrian Colyer
CTO, SpringSource
RT @apexsutherland: This am's #AWS outage is a big help to the #cfoundry team selling people on the advantages of cloud app portability
Damon Cortesi
CTO & Founder, Simply Measured
@mjgoodale @ggoodale was in his car. ;)
Simon Crosby
CTO & Co-Founder, Bromium
RT @rhm2k: Reading: Eucalyptus rakes in $30M, keeps open cloud battle interesting — Cloud Computing News
James Crowley
CTO, FundApps
@mamanze just in rodeo cove by the hostel I'm staying in - prob head to muir woods & stinton beach tomorrow. Any other recommendations?? :)
John Crupi
CTO, JackBe
I'm hiring! Looking for Hot-Shot jQuery/JavaScript/H at JackBe - Washington D.C. Metro Area #jobs
Brad Culberson
CTO, Peaksware, LLC I'm half way there.
Ben Curren
CTO & Co-Founder,
Photo: Beautiful evening in the hills looking over San Jose. Fun day of swimming.
Rob D'Oria
CTO, BlueThread Technologies
@benjaminathawes I'd also throw out a capability maturity caveat, but that really applies to #SharePoint as a whole, nut just #RBS
Greg Day
CTO-EMEA Security, Symantec
Economist debate finished , there was 12% shift towards not being more secure, but the end result was closely split
Rick Dehlinger
CTO, nGenX
@dbrinkmann Missing your story on the #CitrixOnline topic Dan. You holding out to maintain political correctness? Not like you... ;-)
Mitch Denny
CTO, Readify
Meet the New Windows Azure
Sean Doherty
CTO of Enterprise Security Group, Symantec
My Openbeam order has arrived so I am off to @Techshop SJC later to cut some of it into useful lengths. Shout if you want to play with it.
Peter Doolan
CTO & VP, Oracle Public Sector
My latest SlideShare upload : New York CIO Academy 2010
Jeff Doolittle
CTO & Co-Founder, Lotpath, inc.
Practicing ‘Agile’ Doesn’t Necessarily Make You ‘agile’: Greg Williams from Atomic Object offers some helpful in...
Mike Duma
CTO, Quvex & Talkbiznow
Mike asked a question on Shopow. /category/Computers-and-Software/6103
Eldad Eilam
CTO, GraphOn Corporation
How cool -- Director JJ Abrams is on Quora and seems to answer plenty of questions.
Amos Elliston
CTO, Pocket Change
Go big or go home: an interview with Pocket Change CEO Ari Mir via @@RocketSpace
Guibert Englebienne
CTO, Globant
@joniturralde de ahora en mas cualquier cosa pasa a ser bizarra y realizable cc @jubaros @dhernaez
Chris Ferris
CTO of Cloud Standards, IBM
Chris at Natick Apple Store restored my faith in Apple - exchanged the iPad mini - thanks!
Brian Fioca
CTO & Founder, Rescue Time
@webwright actually @jasongrimes just ditched me so I'm in the same boat as you :)
Georges Gomes
I support #wikipediablackout! Show your support here
Jeremiah Grossman
CTO, WhiteHat Security, Inc.
"Directory Traversal via PHP Multi-File Uploads"
Mason Hale
CTO, OneSpot
Anyone have experience working with Mercury Editor? What did you think?
Abdulhakim Haliru
CTO, Mobiqube Nig. Ltd
Just prayin the ivorians win...
Lance Hankins
CTO & Cofounder, Motio, Inc.
Facebook releases PHP virtual machine with just-in-time compiler (claims ~60% faster, ~90% less memory): #dev #php
Mike Hoskins
CTO, Pervasive Software
10 reasons why #bigdata is taking off by @editingwhiz
Rob Howard
CTO & Founder, Telligent Systems
Webinar with #defakto tomorrow - Better Customer Service Through Community
Ara Howard
CTO, Dojo4, LLC
@bascule if you're giving it away it counts. period. electronic music just pioneered it - nothing more.
Serge Huber
CTO & Founder, Jahia
How to install JDK 1.5 on Mac OS X Lion :
Reynir Hubner
CTO, Hugsmiojan
Felaginn raufarhofn
Simon Hunt
Interim WW CTO, McAfee
Apple products with fingerprint scanners? Maybe in the near future -
Vern Imrich
CTO, Percussion Software
Rohit Jain
CTO, Smartsourcing Global, Inc
I have changed my default search engine in Mozilla to Bing...this will be my first honest attempt to evaluate bing
Mike Janson
CTO, Taptera, Inc.
Bridging the gap: Consumer grade user experience for enterprise - MOTODEV Community:
Bob Janssen
CTO, RES Software
Asset Automation Brings Harmonious Orchestration via @itsmreview
Damien Katz
CTO, Couchbase
@akahn it's on the Apache board and couchdb dev mailing lists. No link unfortunately.
Jay Kim
CTO & General Manager, INICIS
@locodk 이니시스 가맹점중 90%정도가 Open되었으며 일부 가맹점은 곧 Open예정입니다.
Ryan King
CTO, Plaxo
Spent all evening feeding baby almost forgot to eat myself! (@ Gyros Gyros)
Rob Kingyens
CTO & COO, Keystone Learning Systems
@AppsandOranges - Great app guys! Definitely the best #software #apps comparison and review site out there.
Scott Kinka
CTO, Evolve IP
Looking for VMware VCP or VTSPs to help us expand Evolve IP's Virtualization practice. Send me a message if you know someone.
Mark Klinchin
CTO, MetaVis Technologies
Follow #MetaVis Migrator Online updates - #SharePoint #Migration #Cloud #SaaS #zeroinstall
Kyle Kuczun
CTO & Co-Founder, VisionLink, Inc.
Next phase of my 30 minute meal quick fire challenge: snapper heading under the broiler. #dinner
George Kurtz
CTO, McAfee
Apple plays Whack-A-Mole with malware authors (Updated). <- hey you get protection every 24 hrs. :)
Harry Labana
CTO & VP Desktop & Application Virtualization, Citrix Systems
RT @chetan_: @harrylabana joins Atlantis Computing's Advisory Board. -Thks Chetan. Attack CapEx to expand mrkt.
Francois Laberge
CTO, Brass Monkey
The future of Distributed Version Control is using two version control systems abstracted by another!? Yeah, no.
Gilbok Lee
CTO & Co-Founder, HugeFlow
휴즈플로우 월요회의 시작합니다. 웹디자이너 윤성국씨의 하와이허니문을 주제로 한 프레젠테이션이 시작되었습니다. #HugeFlow
Ron Lee
CTO, Pacejet Logistics Inc.
But do they e-read more? RT @WSJ: 89% of readers said they had read at least one printed book in last year.
Bob Lee
CTO, Square
@mikaelgrev I think that's by design, but I'll take a look.
Steen Lehmann
CTO & Principal, JayWay
Rockford Lhotka
CTO, Magenic
#surface rt devices shipping out to all #Magenic employees - best tech gift ever!
Sean Lindsay
CTO & Co-Founder, Viximo, Inc.
@graysky ha, retweet it buddy, maybe we can get @sliggity/@cheryllmorris to tag it as the @BostInno tweet of the day/week thing they've got
Maciej Litwiniuk
CTO, Prograils Sp. z o.o.
@steveklabnik thanks a lot, I will get in touch soon :)
Dan Lynn
CTO & Co-Founder, FullContact, Inc.
Attn Entrepreneurs - deadline to apply to @TechStars #NYC is 1/18. Apply now! cc: @nglaros
Chris Maddern
CTO, Corkbin
@YouSomewherelse how are either of these things related to travel...?
Kevin Mahaffey
CTO, Outlook
@timstrazz I've never encountered a bootloader that DIDN'T spell something wrong. #noqa
Sebastien Marion
CTO & Co-founder, Comufy
Comufy mentioned in Frenchweb! Thank you @rougefrog
Ryan Martens
CTO, Rally Software
#hub121212 Greg Berry and my son playing light harp at new @hub_boulder - here is what it looked like a week ago
Mark McDonagh
CTO, NetFort Technologies
@darraghdelaney I was expecting that, it smells like very beta code, it will take a few months for it to settle down, fb had similar issues
Richard McDougall
CTO Application Infrastructure, VMWare
Interviews of big-data gurus at VMworld
Andy McKnight
CTO & Cofounder, Cogniti
Gartner Predictions for 2012: More Cloud, Consumerization, Loss of IT Control
Josh Merchant
CTO & Co-Founder, Lymbix Inc.
Oddest way to sit.... You're a strange one @amacdonald @ Lymbix Inc.
Chris Midgley
CTO & Founder, Unidesk Corp.
@iShBuu Broken pipes? Or worse...?
Mitu S. Mitsumata
CTO, Brekeke Software, Inc.
Marty Moseley
CTO Initiate Systems
something truly great emerging from northern CA that'll change how we buy & sell... let the big guys fight over world domination. watch
Javier Muniz
CTO, Granicus, Inc.
@CivComs is missing about 900+ locations… how can we fix that? :)
Sachin Naik
CTO & Co-Founder, L2RSoft
find childhood artist
Giles Nelson
Deputy CTO & VP, Progress Software
RT @drjohnbates: France slows down on high-speed trader tax (Financial News)
Zach Nies
CTO, Rally Software Development
When in Palo Alto I can't help but end up at the Creamery.
Alan O'Leary
CTO, Phorest
Original SteamPunk ! RT @chrisjhorn: Wanna ride with me ? LOL :-) [photo]
Yoshi Oikawa
ChatterのFeedTrackChangeを簡単に削除するBookmarklet via @DeveloperForceJ
Todd Parnell
CTO, 5AM Solutions
@ctodashboard thanks for the add!
Romain Pechayre
CTO & Co-Founder, Applidget
“@julien_rno: Design elements and code snippets for Twitter #bootstrap -- Bootsnipp ”#productivity cc @Applidget
Antonio Piraino
CTO, ScienceLogic
Faster, bigger, smarter: intelligent automation of cloud operations. About to get started in hall D. #upcon
Adam Pisoni
CTO & Co-Founder, Yammer, Inc.
@DavyKoech Freemium isn't just a distribution model, it's a sustainable product dev model that aligns your prod priorities with your users.
Alex Popescu
CTO & Co-Founder,
"Amazon to Launch Library Lending for Kindle Books"... are you kidding me? this after stopping Lenddle or what that lending app name is?
Brett Porter
CTO & Founder, MaestroDev
@ivanlogan very well. Snuck in and signed up while he wasn't paying attention. The trouble is ignoring him for the next 9 weeks! :)
Max Pucher
CTO, ISIS Papyrus Europe AG
Standing Out From The Crowd - Engaging The Business To Deliver Customer Experiences : Derek Miers , Max J. Pucher
Surendra Reddy
CTO, SIOS Technology, Inc
@susiewee Congratulations on your new job at #Cisco. Good luck...
Eric Reid
CTO & Co-Founder, Useful
@timburks That’s not quite as bad as when I had “logging framework” on my résumé and got a call from a headhunter looking for lumberjacks.
Greg Reinacker
CTO & Founder, NewsGator
@GlennAlanBerry thanks! You know, a few thousand queries here and there, sooner or later someone's going to notice… ;)
Leo Reiter
CTO & Co-Founder, Virtual Bridges
Software Startup Profile: Q&A with Virtual Bridges CEO, Jim Curtin | Sandhill: via @AddThis
Thomas Richardson
CTO - Major Accounts, ADP
Ran 3.53 miles in 37 mins and felt good. 1st run back after surgery. Felt great to be out. God bless!
Johann Romefort
CTO Seesmic
New sunglasses! [pic] —
Pedro Sanders
CTO & Founder, KaffeineMinds
Viendo "The Adjustment Bureau" #fb
Adin Scannell
CTO, Gridcentric, Inc.
@Julie188 Cool story (, but I think you mean OpenStack where you say CloudStack
Wilfried Schobeiri
CTO, Tap Me, Inc.
Michael Sentonas
CTO & VP - APAC, McAfee
@sebingrosso Check out this angle!!
Robert Shaker
Security CTO, Symantec
@whatsatstake what industry standards do you recommend for someone that is considering creating a response plan?
Nati Shalom
CTO & Co-Founder, GigaSpaces
RT @ffrechina: RT @tektips: New Post: GigaSpaces Accelerates #NoSQL Databases by @zeekayinfo3 #nethawk
Justin Sheehy
CTO, Basho Technologies
Next and last talk in my #gotocon track today is @apcj talking about database modeling and graphs.
Bally Singh Kehal
CTO & Co-Founder, Social27
RT @cloud9expo: Is Apple really using Windows Azure to power iCloud? #CloudComputing
Joseph Smarr
CTO Plaxo
I favorited a @YouTube video Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii - Director's cut
Douglas Spink
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again... then quit. No sense in being a damn fool about it." - W.C. Fields | orale! ;-P
Brian Stevens
CTO & VP of Worldwide Engineering, Red Hat
Cool new digs Rackspace is building down in San Antonio. Great talking with them about @openstack.
Marco Thompson
CTO & EVP, Solekai Systems
Online Reputation Management - White Hot San Diego Company Looking for CTO -
Darren Thomson
CTO of EMEA, Symantec
My bike is back on the road !!!
Richard Tibbetts
CTO & Co-Founder, StreamBase Systems
Getting 32 mpg in our Honda Civic. If we were in Dodge Journey, we wouldn't be doing so well. #JourneySearch
James Todhunter
CTO & EVP, Invention Machine Corporation
@minutrition Hi Paul! Robbie hopes you and Charlie are both enjoying the fall. Happy Thanksgiving!
Fabio Violante
CTO EMEA, BMC Software
BMC Software is hiring! Check for available opportunities that match your criteria here: #bmcsoftware
Jagadeesh VN
CTO & Founder, Xminds Infotech Pvt Ltd
@Windows Devs - All your knowledge, all your experience and every program you've written in the past is useless on Windows 8. #windows8
Craig Walker
CTO, Xero
@charlottehinton Isn't that 1024 x 768? That's not hi-def (I have over 4M pixels on my monitor). Don't quote me (my pixel maths cld be bad)
Simon Warrick
CTO & Co-Founder, Historic Futures Ltd.
@ctodashboard that's ok... I guess software as a service or transparency services... Thanks.
Wade Wegner
CTO, Aditi Technologies
Yum! RT @BlackShirtBrew: Up early brewing 2 batches of Red Saison!
John Whaley
CTO & Co-Founder, MokaFive
@DanielJBolton you need 3.7 to use samsung series 9
Tyler Whitaker
CTO & COO, Leading2Lean, LLC.
.@humancell I'm thinking about going to the AF UTOS lunch. #utos
Aaron White
CTO & Co-Founder, Boundless Learning
@jayfallon I got duped :) Liking what I think might be @Evanish's idea, the 'sarcasterisk' symbol
Michael Winner
CTO, Ideal Software
Exgage, the newest social website- community platform is releasing its mufti lingual, rewards, and content management technology on Friday.…
Steve Woods
CTO, Eloqua
The Guardian covers the UK edition of the the Blog Tree - Great to see!
Kirk Wylie
CTO, CEO & Co-Founder, OpenGamma
@samklr Of course we are.
Andy Young
CTO & Founder, GroupSpaces Ltd.
32 degrees today in Leipzig..strange to be hoping for worse weather for a wedding but even the bride-to-be wants it cooler for a heavy dress
Rayan Zachariassen
CTO & Founder, NEVEX Virtual Technologies Inc.
Turns out you have a pile of stale useless data. Keeping it on primary storage like everyone else? Uh ... why?
Sports & Entertainment
Osma Ahvenlampi
CTO, Sulake Corp.
Java 7 released with dangerous low-level bugs, avoid until further notice
Julien Anguenot
CTO & Partner, Sofun Gaming
#Ubuntu for phones -
J.R. Bedard
CTO & Co-Founder, Gamify
NHL, NHLPA agree to framework of new CBA
Marcus Chapman
CTO, Tribal Existance Productions
Being back stage for so many years, the sound waves for large concerts are hard on the body. Shaking the walls of stadiums
Benjamin Colon
Google has not submitted a new Maps app for iOS, says Schmidt via @verge
Tom Conrad
CTO & EVP Product, Pandora
If you're in NY in May, you must see @sleepnomorenyc before it closes. Incredible experience. Like nothing else.
Paul Dale
I'm at Apple Inc.!
John Flicker
CTO, Trilobyte Games, LLC
@DavidCornDC You don’t think KeystoneXL conflict of interest had anything to do with it?
Robert Graff
CTO, GoldStar Events
@allanbranch let me know if you find an alternative. We cancelled clicktale after about 6 months.
Bob Ippolito
CTO & Co-Founder, Mochi Media, Inc
Mad skills. "Dear {Full Name}, Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless[…]"
Oren Jacob
CTO, Pixar
@pud best way? sear it very hot 1st (open grill or broiler or pan) then finish in low-mid-300's to your liking...
Robbie James
CTO, Echo Entertainment
@Jayne13 that could work, but alas, it's not the choice they made :-(
Dylan Jorgensen
CTO & Founder, Ticket Cake
"The Three Princes of Serendip" #VegasTech
Jyunji Kondo
CTO, Tonchidot
昨日の #gdd11jp では、Sanshinのデモにたくさんの+1シールをありがとうございました! 少ないですが写真を置きました。 ソースコードなどは に置いてあります。
Ryan Kosai
CTO & Co-Founder, Athleon
Amazon sells a product called the Magna Cart! Hahaha....
Christophe Louvion
It easy to forget how much 1+1=10 changed everything.
John McCoskey
Curiosity Rover's Tracks as seen from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Cool
James McGlinn
CTO & Co-Founder, Eventfinder
Facebook’s Mobile Chief: Within 1-2 Years, We’re Going To Be A Mobile Company
Toby Moore
CTO, Mind Candy
I'm donating to my Mind Candy homies THE MOUSTACHIO MONSTERS for their amazing team mobro effort :-)
David Oakley
CTO & Founder, Astraware
We have landed at Disneyland Paris! (@ Hotel Sequia Lodge®)
Mitch Pirtle
CTO, Sounday
@a13xnet The blog is powered by Tumblr, still looking for decent blogging platforms that support MongoDB natively myself.
Jean-Michel Texier
CTO, AlloCine
@PeterJThomas However, Google+ is still beta, and I may ends like Wave :-(
Christopher Tholen
CTO & VP Engineering, BandPage
Inequality and the world economy: True Progressivism | The Economist
Jerry Thompson
CTO & Co-Founder, Cando Entertainment LLC
Apple Pre-WWDC 2011 Roundup
Mark Towfiq
CTO & Co-Founder, FanSnap
@BlkSportsOnline His letter is very cordial and respectful...sad situation.
Chandru Venkataraman
CTO, Hooked Media Group
@saileshkrish Where's work? I'm enjoying my caltrain rides to/from work…
Ge Wang
CTO & Chief Creative Officer, Smule
At Michael Jackson immortal tour!
Jason Waterman
CTO & Co-Founder,
RIM Hopes Cars Drive PlayBook Sales
State & Local Government
David Andrews
CTO, MN State Services for the Blind
The Cube is muting all my sounds, and everything is set to not mute, any ideas?
Andy Atencio
CTO, City of Greenwood Village, CO
Just so everyone is clear, having bronchitis and sinusitis at the same time really does suck... Entering week three and really I am done!
Kevin Benson
CTO, South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism (SCPRT)
Stopped for a break...Nashville in T minus 49 miles
Kevin Capp
CTO, Town of Castle Rock, CO
A friend of mine invented this and would like your help by voting for it. It is simple but very cool! Checking it out:
Adrian Farley
CTO & Acting Director Office of Technology Services, State of California
The Problem With Email: It's Not A Money Maker - Yahoo! Finance
David Fletcher
CTO State of Utah
RT @UtahBroadband: Utah Submits Comments for the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network
Michael Knuppel
CTO, Department of Technology Services, Montgomery County, MD
@Foodimentary Hard to find - will Cocoa covered almonds work :-)
Dan Lohrmann
CTO, State of Michigan
be careful what you tweet ... Nothing too new here, just a reaffirmation that the Internet is very public and has a go…
Bill Schrier
CTO, City of Seattle
Microsoft to demo Windows 8 on a tablet next week, but you won't be able to buy one for a year - via @PSBJ -
Jim Sills
CIO & Cabinet Secretary, State of Delaware
Attending the #CIO Executive Summit in Philadelphia to share best practices and discuss future role of IT with fellow CIOs #netDE
John Tolva
CTO, City of Chicago
Chicagoans want city service apps! Join the conversation at or compete to make one: #chibudget #a4mc
Michael Russo
CTO, Polar Mobile
Really happy to see more innovative examples of Open Data applications in Toronto: (h/t @barrettara)
Carlos Alcantar
CTO, Race Communications
@maxclark lots of caffeine was consumed this weekend sadly enough we still have 576 more splices out in a manhole todo #fttx #mojave
RJ Auburn
CTO, Voxeo Corporation
@steveshah ya,some of my old decks are really painful to look at.On the other hand I bet some would say the same of my current decks.
Randy Bias
CTO, Cloudscaling
@wattersjames LOL. I'm not sure what that says, but it's definitely interesting. What was the crowd like?
Wayne Bogan
CIO Spirit Telecom
Really really slow service (@ McDonald's)
Joe Burton
CTO & SVP, Technology, Development & Corporate Strategy, Plantronics
How lemons and limes are different.
Evan Cooke
CTO & Co-Founder, Twilio, Inc.
Really excited to be working w/ @kuang and advising the @captricity team on their mission to digitize our paper world
Allen Drennan
CTO & Founder, Nefsis
A great customer application, linking two or more physical conference rooms into 1 always-on video conference.Stroll in your room and meet!
Meg Hertz
CTO, BearCom
Special issue of @BearCom's Today's Wireless World magazine focuses on benefits of two-way radios for events: #Wireless
Lambo Kanagaratnam
CTO, MTN South Africa
@AkiAnastasiou @hashimamla1 What an achievement, probably the best batsman in test cricket at the moment
Dan Makin
CTO, HulloMail
@kevinpurdy sorry Kevin try now? I received feedback from hoot suite that's it's complete
James Rodmell
CTO & Partner, LEMON Mobile, LLC.
U.S. agency gives RIM another shot by testing new BlackBerry
Thomas Salmen
CTO, Orcon Internet
speaking on oracle disaster recovery tomorrow - probably end up talking about clouds though:
Ashley Unitt
CTO, NewVoiceMedia Ltd
Swarming nanocopters. This is amazing: I literally felt the need to exclaim OMG while I watched this -- @a_greenberg
Matthew Yeager
CTO, Colt Technology Services
@kevebbs 'We were very close to catching Abu Baddy Dude, but then we got hit with 500MB of required Windows and Office patches!' #Homeland
Igor Zvezdakoski
CTO, SMS Central
Travel & Transportation
Baptiste Coulange
CTO & Co-Founder, Cornis
voir @rpechayr faire une démo de #Ruby, ça a quelque chose de magique! cc @proftibo
Ben Dalton
CTO, RideAmigos Corp
Very cool #angularJS app - Easy CSS Sprites with SpriteHero #spritehero
Paul English
CTO & Co-Founder,
#betterMA @MassGovernor "we have everything they have in silicon valley but we have lacked collaboration"
Adam Gerrard
CTO, LateRooms Group
I just ousted MayDayz F. as the mayor of The Penninsula Pier on @foursquare!
Kriti Godey
CTO, CasaHop
@josephspiros READ DUNE WE OWN IT cc @skies
Angela Miller
Thank you @nctpaulsisson for a nice article about our new #EV #chargers and #solar carport @gonctd.
Karan Nahata
CTO & Co-Founder, Must See India
India Travel Guide & Tourist Places Information - Must See India
Ashley Raiteri
CTO, Pintrips
Observing parents only in Airports you might be led to conclude we Humans rear our young by Hating them into adulthood.
Steve Snyder
CIO/CTO, Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
Pope Benedict XVI begins tweeting, sends from iPad, TweetDeck via @latimes
Masoom Tulsiani
May the force be with me. #masterslife #algorithms :|
Graeme Wallace
CTO & Owner,
@united Any info on flight 404 to Dallas ? My son is flying for the first time by himself and its had a mechanical in DEN for 3 hrs

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