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Matt Watson
CTO, VinSolutions
Your income rarely exceeds your passion level. #passion #success
Sean Burke
CTO, Lafarge S.A.
#mh17 shame on you Mr Putin! do you not have a single sense of humanity
Benjamin Chute
RT @dubauchery: Officially my command center.
Consumer Products
Chris Kyriakakis
CTO & Founder, Audyssey Laboratories
Audyssey is hiring an Audio DSP Engineer #jobs
Scott Van Vliet
CTO Mattel
Representing Feaster Nation on the Great Wall of China #FTCF @ryansickler @jaylarsoncomedy
Mitchell Schneider
CTO, Burke Supply Company
Amazing. Still Twitter not get it. Native app=Appalling. Hard 2 just tweet. Like AOL/Compuserve 1st not = win. Who will replace Twitter?
eCommerce & Web
Refael Ackermann
CTO & Co-Founder, Empeeric
@trevnorris need help?
Jamie Adams
CTO, Coriolis Media Ltd
Just overheard the phrase “Audience selfie”. The fringe is getting more high tech and trendy each year…
Michael Air
CTO, Roamz
@bookingcom No problem. Just wasn't a great experience to change in seconds and didn't say there were limited rooms. I booked elsewhere.
Iuri Aranda
CTO & Co-Founder, uWhisp
RT @neiltyson: 64 games, 32 countries, 1 month of distraction from the workday. I wonder how much the world’s GDP drops during the World Cup
Amine Azariz
CTO & Co-founder, Greendizer
Google @App_Engine 1.9.9 is out… Can't wait for the 2.0.0. Wondering what they'll put on it !
Joshua Barratt
CTO, Media Temple
@puppetmasterd my 5 year old can handle the others with selective fast forwarding. Guardians will be the same I think.
Matt Beedle
CTO & Co-Founder,
Yay, vitamin-r 2 works for me again.
Mohammed Bensoltana
@iwalid j'awive
Christian Blavier
CTO & Co-Founder, sharypic
Gross! I wish I’d kept my space helmet on.
Julian Bond
It's pronounced "gnod", actually.
Gavin Brown
CTO, CentralNic Ltd
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: It took the acquisition of Android, years of work and hundreds of millions of dollars, but Google finally brought malw…
Brian Burridge
CTO & Founder, Tour Wrist
Ever notice that everything labeled "better for us" requires us to send more money to the government?
Jean-Francois Bustarret
CTO, CloseToMe
RT @DEVOPS_BORAT: Confuse of Dev or Ops? Simple rule: if you are praise for Web site success, you are Dev; if you are blame when Web site d…
Kevin Cawley
CTO, Birdbox
RT @bfeld: INterview with Brad Feld, venture capitalist and Techstars co-founder
Jerome Charron
CTO, WebPulse
[flickr] À qui le tour ?
David Clements
CTO & SVP of Development, Splick-it, Inc.
@Netflixhelps Help! I canceled my membership but you are still sending DVD's. I am out of the country and can't access my account.
Steve Corona
CTO, Twitpic
@arifuchs @saritwish @jeress @duddes02 great to meet y'all too! lemme know if you're ever in SF for a beer.
Bosco Curtu
CTO, Dooplan
@jemonleon la del caso harry quebert esta bien, sí. Y si todavía no la has leído, victus, buenísima
Trefor Davies
CTO, Timico, Ltd.
Chad Dickerson
CTO, Etsy
RT @newsobserver: See classic photos, pages, tributes coming in on our 120th birthday #nando120
Gareth Dismore
CTO & Co-Founder, B7 Interactive
Worst service ever. @Homejoy
Diego Doval
CTO, Ning, Inc.
5/@tomdzk @gerirgaudi @brianm @jorloque so language is nice but [stabilityOf]tools, [qualityOf]backward-comp behavior, etc. will be key
Andreas Edler
CTO Europe & Director UK, Hostway UK, Ltd.
"Gamma FinFisher gehackt: Werbe-Videos von Exploits und Quelltext von FinFly Web veröffentlicht" - via @netzpolitik
Tim Elam
Thanks @jonkimball, but @NatGeoChannel should have known better and never let that type of language on TV. I expected more from @NatGeo.
Kellan Elliott-McCrea
CTO, Etsy
And yet no one is working on the pressing issue that this city needs more hammocks.
Armel Fauveau
CTO & Co-Founder, GLOBALIS media systems
RT @rgaidot: "MVC past, present and future."
Russ Ferriday
CTO, Sponsorcraft
@spanktar Spankemonium will now ensue.
Guy Franklin
CTO, Momentum Technologies Solutions
RT @frankarr: An open letter to Ooyala employees from Ooyala CEO Jay Fulcher via @videomind
Regis Gaidot
CTO & Co-Founder, Bookset
super tech! RT @robin24h00: Avec la freeD, la startup israélienne Replay Technologies révolutionne le sport à la TV
Harish Ganesan
CO & Co-Founder,
RT @bertjanarosa: #hubbis: #dragonwealth is one of the distruptors in global #wealth #management and #private #banking
Matt Gattis
CTO & Co-Founder, Hunch, Inc.
RT @hrldcpr: what's that one test where you communicate electronically with an unknown person and try to decide if they are Alan Turing?
Chuck Geiger
CTO, Chegg Inc
RT @Chegg: Got old textbooks sitting around? Sell them back to us and make some cash while you’re at it:
Neelesh Ghosalkar
CTO, Avalon Solution
RT @synapsss: market android apps:
John Gordon
CTO, Devicescape Software, Inc
@dangillmor Apparently, an algorithm at Google...
Daniel Greenfield
CTO, Consumer Notebook
Enrique Gutierrez
CTO & Co-Founder, Digithrive Inc.
RT @bracco: Great profile of @MKBHD - my favorite YouTube channel hands down.
Mingo Hagen
CTO & Owner, E-Line Websolutions BV
Yeah, that was a mistake. Don’t watch “Enter the Void” in the dark after midnight with headphones on.
Christopher Haupt
CTO, Webvanta Inc.
Quick intro using hstore in postgres & #rails: contemplating for project that could go mongodb or postgres w/ store
Benoit Hediard
CTO & Founder, Affinitiz
@gaffneyc Indeed, everything is back to normal, thanks.
Corey Henderson
CTO & Founder, RecordSetter
Calvin Hendryx-Parker
CTO, Six Feet Up, Inc.
And people do this voluntarily? I liked everything #facebook
Marcus Herou
CTO & Founder, Tailsweep AB
Crossfit Games: Assert quality of CrossFit Games Open as qualifier via @change
Jeffrey Hines
CTO & Chief Architect,
finished Neutron Star [A Beowulf Shaeffer Story] by Larry Niven and gave it 4 stars
Ian Hunter
CTO, Zaarly
What is a Good Product Idea?
Toshi Inoue
CTO, Excited Japan
Anand Iyer
CTO, Hitpost, Inc.
Congrats @ckarbass! With YC Backing, @PersistIQ Hopes To Remove Excel From The Outbound Sales Process via @techcrunch
Caleb Jenkins
CTO & Principal Mentor, Proaction Mentors
Terry Jones
CTO, Fluidinfo
Just recognized the voice from Delta's promotional ads after hearing just one word of a new ad.
Gilad Khen
CTO & Founder, SharpKit
Cloud #programming, check out Cloud #analytics, check out
Grant Kirkwood
CTO, Packet Exchange
Unitas Global becomes a member of the Cloud Security Alliance.
Eli Knight
CTO, International Code College
RT @TheKnowledge: "When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.” - Stephen Richards
Sebastian Laubscher
CTO & Founder, Interdose
RT @xalxano: Die #CDU will nicht, dass #Snowden nach Deutschland kommt und überweist mir meine Spende einfach zurück. #Rückgrat
Matt Lerner
CTO, Walk Score
still sitting at my desk
Luis Lobo Borobia
CTO, FictionCity
@DeMenteAR toda la vida! Además tengo descuentos interesantes! :)~
Eric Lunt
CTO & Co-Founder, FeedBurner
RT @paulsingh: for a consumer idea, look for things people do repetitively. for a B2B idea, solve for things tracked on spreadsheets.
Tony McAlister
CTO, Betfair
Off to Malawi Africa to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.
Roy Meshulam
CTO, Wunschdeal GmbH
See you tomorrow - 1st Web Monday Zurich in 2012 via @amazeelabs
Dave Myron
CTO, Eachday
@alfredapp How do we get 0.9.9? Ticking "I want pre-release" and clicking Check Now results in 0.9.1 still.
Ken Pelletier
CTO, Groupon
Dengue Fever (@DENGUEFEVER): New Album update: New Download: Live in Los Angeles EP @PledgeMusic #newalbum #preorder
Olivier Poitrey
CTO & Co-Founder, Dailymotion
@jeromekeinborg pas de souci pour la flèche. C'est toujours un plaisir de vous écouter avec @NotPatrick :)
Scott Porad
CTO, Cheezburger Network
“We can start all the organic farms we want, but we couldn’t stop Congress from declaring pizza sauce a vegetable.” --William Deresiewicz
Mark Pors
CTO & Co-Founder, WatchMouse
@FOXSportsNL_cc ik ben inmiddels geholpen door de helpdesk!
Sean Porter
CTO, Ticketfly
The old "publishers/agents are going away" bit. Utopionists, think of publishers as an invite-only Hacker News...
Aaron Quint
CTO, Paperless Post
Hotel Saloon, Kingston, NY 1914 #kingstonny
Sylvain Ramousse
CTO, AppGratis
Je viens d'apprendre la fermeture de fotopoedia, grande tristesse... C'était pour moi une des plus belles plateforme photo quali du web.
Matt Rauch
Rich Snippets and SERP Rankings [Video] -
Scott Raymond
CTO & Co-Founder, Gowalla
“If you engage in travel, you will arrive.” —Ibn Arabi
Jim Restucci
CTO, Axcess Internet
@BlogSunnyside haha thanks for the laugh
Daniel Rust
CTO & Co-Founder, EVO Media Group
Loving the new @github issues with gmail-style filters (open, assignee, etc)
Derek Ruth
CTO & Co-Founder, BUZbuz
RT @TheScriptLab: "The truth is, if anything, I'm probably addicted to laughter." #RobinWilliamsWillLiveOnForever #RobinWilliams http://t.c
Sergio Sainz
CTO, Blackslot SL
RT @blackslot: ¿Ralentiza Apple los viejos iPhone para vender los nuevos modelos?
Christian Sanz
CTO & Co-Founder,
RT @EllenLevy: Love these guys & this company! Definitely one to watch! “@csanz: With @skycatch investor and supporter @EllenLevy http://t.…
Can Sara
CTO & Co-Founder, Apture, Inc.
@jotheturtle @seantyan 'twas... and my past self totally would've set up myself...
Adrian Sevitz
CTO, vzaar Limited
@PrivatePatto I wish over achieving was less costly.
Dharmesh Shah
CTO & Founder,
Commit To Your Core: 9 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource
Matt Sherman
CTO & Founder, Alikewise
@debbiebere Wow, really great!
Simeon Simeonov
CTO & Founder, Shopximity
@TaskRabbit iOS. Further a worker told me there were payment reimbursement issues on the platform and declined to do a delivery. Not cool.
Niv Singer
CTO & Co-founder, Tracx
RT @NASA: @WilliamShatner Good day, Captain. #ISS is in standard orbit and Commander Swanson has the conn. Hope you’re having a great weeke…
Sam Stokes
CTO & Co-Founder, Rapportive
Interesting exploration: when did we start using [x] as an icon to close windows?
David Subar
James Tauber
CTO & Founder, Eldarion
Bret Taylor
CTO, Facebook
RT @tabithalou: This what they not showing you on the media. These young men cleaning up after the riot. #Ferguson
Dean Taylor
CTO & Founder, Culture New Media
Who wants a free tracker? FREE coin-sized device helps you find it lost things! @TheTrackR
Dominiek ter Heide
CTO & Co-Founder, Bottlenose, Inc.
Just released v0.1.0 of my new OSS project: Shoal - A modern replacement for upstart (managing processes)
Chandu Thota
CTO & Co-Founder, Center'd Corp/Dealmap
Richard Tolcher
CTO, ParcelGenie
Google-backed robot concierge accepts tweets as tips: #innovation
Troy Tolle
CTO & Co-Founder, DigitalChalk
Jamming to some #dcTalk #nuthang with @toogie42 while we code some cool new features for @digitalchalk. #oldschool
Maxime Topolov
CTO & Co-Founder, ADYAX
Thank's God It's Friday ! #beer time. #tgif
Andraz Tori
CTO & Owner, Zemanta
Bili smo bolni, a zdaj smo spet zdravi, in delo kliče!
Masato Uesu
CTO, Glam Media Japan, Inc.
A real De Lorean!! #nyc
Christian Vanek
CTO, SurveyGizmo
So obviously my twitter just got hacked. Sorry guys. I've revoked the offending app (I hope). How fun.
Chris Vickerson
CTO, Q4 Web Systems
Not a cloud in the sky but the one rain cloud over my house pouring rain... Wtf
Kurt Voelker
CTO, Forum One
Long form content - a driver behind the new new yorker online...
Werner Vogels
Lev Walkin
CTO & Co-Founder, Echo
RT @eastdakota: How limits on core routers' BGP routing tables caused today's Internet hiccup.
Scott Weller
CTO, SessionM Inc.
Pick your "mission to the moon" and go for it. All less important things will fade.
Eli white
CTO & Co-Founder, MojoLive
RT @phparch: We'd like to welcome @Rackspace who joins us as a Supporting Sponsor of php[world] - Our PHP conference coming to DC: http://t…
Greg Willis
CTO, Cudo
I'm looking for an outstanding product manager to lead our consumer products working with a great team.
Phil Windley
CTO & Founder, Kyntex
We've tried to make Fuse the most open, extensible connected-car system available. Here’s how: #kynetx
James Burke
CTO, lovle Ltd
An excellent fast paced 50min lecture: "Stanford’s Robert Sapolsky Demystifies Depression"
Brandon Carroll
CTO, Ascolta
Both of my kids are playing Minecraft together,each on their own computer. I can’t access my Mac, but I’m ok with that.
Matt Clarke
CTO, UniServity
So we’ve implemented hybris, what’s next?
Paul Czarapata
CTO, Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS)
First day of Kindergarten today, like wrestling a bear getting the kiddo out of bed
Mark Eimer
CTO & Executive Director of Technology, University of Kentucy Healthcare
Comeback♪♪ #TheBOSSComeback
Doyle Friskney
CTO, University of Kentucky
Purdue to offer three-year degrees via @indystar
Kevin Galbraith
CTO & Executive Director of Technology, Wayne-Westland Community Schools
Thanks @histrionicaI_sn @twiddIing_newsp @khustek for being top new followers in my community this week (insight by
Larry Kahn
CTO, The Kinkaid School
How Teens Are Really Using Social Media via @edudemic #isedchat #edchat
Kurt Madden
CTO, Fresno Unified School District
Playmaker School where rigor is "being knowledgeable, highly adaptive, self-driven, well-rounded" and you get to play
Guillaume Montard
CTO & Co-Founder, Vodeclic
Let's GO to Canada! (@ Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) - @aeroportsparis in Le Mesnil-Amelot, Île-de-France)
Daryn Nakhuda
CTO, TeachStreet
@gb @swindsor yeah, @Lily_320 claims she just "found them by the printers." Creeeepy....
Cathy Nicastri
Acting CTO, University of Wollongong
At #caudit meeting in Hobart
Will Nourse
CTO, Citizen Schools
@snowdoglabs File not showing up at link provided.
Michael Penney
Finding Linkedin decreasingly useful as more people go anonymous - I can find out if anon is looking at my page with analytics.
Pekka Puhakka
CTO, WSOY Educational Ltd
Popular #photography on #500px : Unwinding by Pcoskun
Mark Scott
CTO & VP Tech & Innovation, Freed-Hardeman University
This $7 iPhone App Is Free For Limited Time, And You Should Go Download It Immediately
Aaron Slutsky
CTO, McDowell County Schools
Chromebooks distribution at @MHSTitans #Chromebookedu
Carl Stokes
CTO, City University London
Thanks, can you send me Jon mell mobile number please...
Allen Taylor
CTO, Marshall University
New USB spec brings faster data speeds and reversible plugs, but you'll need new adapters
Henry Thiele
CTO, Maine Township High School District 207
"Back-to-School Resources for School Leaders" #207learn
Becky Vasquez
CTO, Student & Technology Services, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
The BI Roadmap (part 1): 5 essential questions to ask via @mrcproductivity
Tim Wilson
CIO, ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools
RT @emmkaff: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL! Pass m…
Energy & Utilities
Mark Chiles
Interim CTO, Hart Energy Publishing
I'm pleased to announce the newly revamped launch of today! Congrats Team! #teameffort #longtimecoming
Andy Standford-Clark
CTO, Smart Energy Technologies
quick @NodeRED q: I'm trying e-mail output node to smtp gmail com 465 - getting instant "Error: connect ECONNREFUSED" any ideas?
Henrique Tono
CTO, Ingrain, Inc.
Petrological and Geological News is out! Stories via @SarahColeSmith
Federal & National Government
Naba Barkakati
CTO, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
The Next Big Thing You Missed: A Startup’s Plan to End Health Insurance Tyranny, With Slick Tools | @WIRED
Andy Blumenthal
CTO, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF)
Electrical Cataclysm
Aneesh Chopra
CTO, Executive Office of the President
@jlock thanks! Lots of joy these days, especially your wedding :)
Paul Davis
great day at @dreasoning with the release of V3.7 - see the buzz
Brady Decker
CTO & Enterprise Architect, NASA
I am testing a feature on Yammer that I just read about where you can put #yam in a tweet and have it show up in your Yammer feed as well.
Patrick Donovan
CTO, General Services Administration (GSA)
Me toooo my fav
Peter Levin
CTO, Department of Veteran Affairs
RT @iodine: .@joyclee What do you get when you combine data + design? Drug Info That's Easy to Swallow.
Bill Marion
CTO, Air Combat Command
mobile future? I think so...
Todd Park
CTO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Huge thank you to @pahlkadot 4 her amazing work co-inventing US Digital Service, Digital Services Playbook, TechFAR
Harper Reed
CTO, Obama for America
Thomas Sasala
Acting CTO, U.S. Army IT Agency
Excellent summary by DOT CIO. #FedForum
Peter Tseronis
CTO, U.S. Department of Energy
@Google+@IEEEorg launch $1M energy #crowdsourcing challenge. We need more partnerships like this @energy #energytAB
Ward Walker
CTO of Air Force Command, U.S. Air Force
RT @beckyvasquez: The BI Roadmap (part 1): 5 essential questions to ask via @mrcproductivity
James Yaple
CTO, Corporate Data Center Operations, U. S. Department of Veteran's Affairs
Not really incredible, but great job! I knew you could.
Financial Services
Scott Day
CTO, The Motley Fool
RT @Techmeme: Krebs says report on the theft of 1.2B email accounts is "for real", having seen the data
Joerg Germann
CTO & SVP, Carbon Credit Corp
Super hot proposal! Everything you need is to visit this site.
Mike Gionfriddo
CTO, Blackhawk Network.
RT @mikeloukides: RT @MatthewSGast: MT @RadiusNetworks: Open-source answer to iBeacon - Check out AltBeacon by Radius Networks! http://t.c
John Phillip Green
CTO, CommunityLend
RT @communicable: My latest for @BetaKit => @CareGuide sets sights on rapid growth, closes an epic seed round. TO startup to watch http://t…
Dave Higgins
CTO/CIO, OzForex
@ANZ_AU You have lovely people that are unfortunately incompetent. Wrong cards cancelled, new cards not ordered, other cards now cancelled.
Brian Hofen
CTO, BancCentral Financial Services
With MUCH sarcasm: Happy "Freedom" Day everyone.
Soren Macbeth
CTO & Co-Founder
I've resisted tweeting a certain gif all day. I think I'm in the clear. I have a shred of will power left in me. 💪
Patrick Myles
CTO, Caplin Systems
@clubconcrete with @Ambie2Bambie, living it up for Sean!
Dan Parsons
Landmark Dividend
Alex Payne
CTO, BankSimple
@t_sloughter Having the @CIA spend a couple decades trying to kill you probably keeps a dude pretty nimble, too.
Manny Siddiqui
CTO, Anybill Financial Services
RT @cnnbrk: German artists have taken credit for replacing American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge last month with two white flags. http://t.…
Jim Stewart
CTO, United Community Banks
Never had one of our bankers beg me to not tweet something. @annethomaswade
Leonard Welter
CTO, Data Explorers
Yes! @bfeld: Law Students Defeat a Patent Troll. Patents & Technology Law — Medium #fuckingawesome #cuboulderdothis!
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Leon Chism
CTO, Analyte Health
Noah Coad
CTO, LifeNexus
Typing Practice for Programmers | via @delicious
Mark Erdman
CTO, Ministry Health Care
Happy Left Handed day to all my fellow lefties. Wait, what?! :) via @usatoday
Patrick Flynn
CTO, Phytel Inc.
RT @VisitBendOR: Nice piece in the Philadelphia News singing our praises #inbend:
David Foster
CTO, SystemsOne, LLC
Updated RPiLooper to version 2:
Patrick Hale
CTO, Sparrow Health System
Really appreciate this ...try 5 of these today!
Rob Hooft
CTO BioAssist, NBIC
@jazzyjournalist onzin, de volgende drie keren zijn 2025, 2031 en 2036. Gemiddeld eens per 7 jaar start augustus op vrijdag. Logisch toch?
Brendan Lally
CTO, Cara Health
RT @iEmmett: “@johnbreslin: Text Analytics meets 2014 World Cup tweets - Part 1” That's awesome @parsaghaffari
Mark Lawler
CTO & VP, Cambia Health Solutions
RT @TSAmedia_NicoM: Passengers lost 154 laptops, 98 cell phones, hundreds of keys @TSA @flyLAXairport from 7/12-8/12. #lostandfound http://…
Abhi Muthiyan
CTO & Co-Founder, Patgonia Health
Stuck in @RDUAirport on @Americanair flight to London. Weather is clear. Just stuck!
Adam Neilson
CTO, HealthUnlocked
RT @Jeffwni: Have a printer? Have kids? HAVE A FREE COLOURING BOOK! No Spam. No Catch. Just a bit of DIY.
Shawn Riley
CTO & Director of Information Technology, Austin Medical Center of Mayo Clinic H
When snoring is more than an annoyance:
Erick Rivas
CTO & VP Development, Limeade, Inc.
Excited to shared this: Jeff Dirks joins Limeade as COO
Jim Stalder
CTO, Cook Children's Health Care System
I think we are taking things a bit too far now... Baby Pictures at the Doctor’s? Cute, Sure, but Illegal - NYT
Bill Swavely
CTO & VP of IT, CardioNet
SO COOL!! WEMU, Smart Clothing for Epilepsy Monitoring & Diagnosis (VIDEO) - @medgadget #WearableTech #DigitalHealth
Ted Tanner Jr.
CTO, PokitDok, Inc.
RT @corbinbs: The story of @NICHOLEMHENSON’s survival and how she’s making a difference helping other cancer patients:
Angela Yochem
CTO, AstraZeneca
A worthwhile point of discussion from Urban Outfitters' @RieLoney and the NACD.
High Tech
Bruce Durling
CTO & Co-Founder, Mastodon C
RT @rob_knight: So it turns out that after using ClojureScript and Om, going back to JavaScript and jQuery really, really hurts
Jason Alexander
CTO, ShopSavvy, Inc.
. @kalkomey is looking for a Senior UX Front-End Developer … via @theresumator
Randy Arthur
CTO, CSC Trusted Cloud Services
CSC acquires ServiceMesh. We are really excited about this addition to our Cloud Service capability.
Amr Awadallah
CTO, Founder, & VP Engineering, Cloudera Inc.
RT @tlipcon: watching @Cloudera interns present their summer work. We had 1300 applicants for 19 intern spots. Woah.
Umair Aziz
CTO & Co-Founder, Proximate Global Inc
Did not know that you go through US customs and border patrol at Abu Dhabi airport. Immigration done. Very cool.
Nikolai Balba
CTO, Libra OnDemand
RT @HiltonHotels: Grab a cold one and celebrate International Beer Day with a friend! #BeerDay
John Barnes
CTO, Model Metrics LLC
Nibali’s Secret to a Tour de France Win: Acupuncture - The Daily Fix - WSJ
Tim Baur
CTO, Mobio Identity Systems, Inc.
Ben Blair
RT @golgolli: I feel strongly that women should not back down from the "how do you balance it all?" question. Men should step up: http://t.…
Kevin Bloch
CTO & Managing Director, Cisco
Australia spent $1k pp more on infrastructure in last decade than previous. Prof ERGAS
Par Botes
CTO Asia-Pacific & Japan, EMC i just read this story. i thought it was worthwhile to read: "No more sorry excuses for apologies"
Mark Bregman
CTO, NeuStar, Inc.
Attending the launch of the Respect Network in San Francisco. @respectconnect
Jim Butler
CTO & VP Engineering, Nexage
My kind of PAAS.
Jason Carolon
CTO, ViaWest
@mpferrari Matt Thanks - just catching up. Will you be at vmworld?
Chad Carter
CTO & Owner, GlobalCove Technologies
@Speewave1 If you were referring to the EP121, that is also awesome for development. The tablet can run XNA in HiDef mode :)
Prabhakar Chaganti
CTO, Ylastic
RT @natashenka: And I was like "sudo make me a sandwich" and he was like "I use SELinux", and it was like totally the end of an era.
Steve Chambers
CTO, Canopy Cloud
@koolhead17 @Microsoft to be fair, just being awake is a huge productivity increase for me :)
Santhosh Cheeniyil
CTO & VP Engineering, Avenda Systems
It seems like mobile device security is going to be all the rage at BlackHat this year ...
Sam Chong
CTO, Emerging Solutions Group, APAC at Cisco
My computer is having a bad hang over...
Dave Cleminson
CIO, Regal Information Technology
#atmosphere14 #atmosphere14 #Citrix #Citrix Sharefile plugin for Google drive and others will be available soon...
David Coallier
CTO, echolibre
#distill14 after party at Smugglers Cove 5pm /cc @apotonick @ChrisTheoMurphy
Reuven Cohen
CTO & Founder, Enomaly Inc.
Jason Collier
CTO, Scale Computing
RT @RayLucchesi: [New podcast] GreyBeards talk hyper-convergence with Jason Collier (@bocanuts ) CTO/Co-founder Scale Computing
Joe Costanzo
CTO & Co-Founder, SignalShare
RT @Gotham3: Last night, some guys in Belgrade made this to honor Robin Williams.
Dennis Cox
CTO & Founder, BreakingPoint
RT @IXIAcom: .@denniscox of #Ixia takes you through how to use BreakingPoint Resiliency Scores for #NFV, in this video:
Dino Dai Zovi
CTO & Co-Founder, Trail of Bits, Inc.
@auremoser /me drops the mic and walks off stage.
Jonathan Davis
CTO & Technical Director, DNS Europe
@ArifHus1981 If I did resist, I would not do so by indiscriminate bombing of my enemy's civilian population. Why not target IDF forces only?
Bas Demmink
CTO, Hewlett-Packard
RT @kwalker: One week until @oscon! I'm speaking about my life in Open Source - One Hat, Two Hats -
Juan Carlos Diaz Fernadez
CTO & Owner, IGN Solutions
Los looney tunes tienen más poder que el papá
Jim Dowson
CTO EMC Global Services
What’s Up With That: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos | Science | WIRED
John Eastman
CTO, Mezeo Software
Super excited ;)
John Engates
CTO Rackspace
RT @yevgeniy_s: Rackspace is certainly NOT getting out of the IaaS market.
Dave Evans
CTO Internet Business Solutions, Cisco
A smartphone prototype that can be charged by sound. (Need this for #wearables too).
Dave Fellows
CTO, GreenButton
GreenButton is called out by Satya in earnings call with analysts...
Arash Ferdowsi
CTO & Founder, Dropbox
Grandpa with Dropbox tshirt and watermelon!
Mike Fishman
EMC Computer Systems
"Why It's Okay to Do Laundry When You Work at Home" by @joliemiller on @LinkedIn
Ian Foddering
CTO & Technical Director, Cisco UK & Ireland
RT @stevebrigden: “@tkernen: The network behind the BBC R&D Commonwealth Games 2014 Showcase
Aakash Gandhi
CTO Cloud Services, Infoplex
Speaking with Victorian CIOs and IT leaders on how they can accelerate their journey to the cloud at the IT Leaders Summit
Clive Gold
Marketing CTO, EMC Computer Systems
So sad that a man that gave such joy and happiness to millions should suffer so badly. Thanks for all the laughs Robin Williams
Stuart Hall
CTO & Founder, Filter Squad
Parker Harris
CTO & EVP Technology,
Chris Hart
CTO, ReactionGrid
Fantastic new iOS game, Revolution 60, great story & action created by a top female developer team! @revolution_60
Peter Hauser
@pfhobia Test 123
Bob Hayward
CTO & Innovation Officer - Australia & Asia, CSC
CSC accelerates @SAP #cloud adoption by leveraging #SAPHANA, @CSC-@HCLtech app modernization
Dr. Stephen Herrod
CTO, VMware
RT @gcvp: Congrats to @GCVP company Datto for making the Marcum Tech Top 40 for the third year in a row....
Sean Higgins
CTO, Herjavec Group
11 Things You Can Do To Increase Employee Productivity
Ralph Hodgson
CTO & Co-Founder, TopQuadrant
LinkedData Now is out! Stories via @DavidUnderdown9 @zBeer @Ontotext_S4
Jason Hoffman
CTO & Founder, Joyent
RT @SteveHuff: Welcome to America. Your local police have tanks, full body armor and can order the media to "leave." Not alarming at all. #…
Romain Huet
CTO & Co-Founder, Jolicloud
@gpj Awesome! The wizard and the magician reunited in the new nest. ;) Can’t wait to build more awesomeness with you!
William Hurley
CTO & EVP, Westcon Group, Inc.
From Bill Hurley-I am no longer tweeting as WestconCTO. I am now the new CMO @UnifyCo @BillHurleyCMO Look forward to seeing you there!
Donald Jackson
CTO, Panacea Mobile
@wadepretorius thrilling watching him remark his ball 3 times
Andrew Jaquith
CTO, Perimeter E-Security
RT @selenakyle: let's be both RT @parisreview: “I am a moon rider bound to another paradise, not a statistician.” —Marc Chagall
Benjamin Johnson
CTO, Carbon Black, Inc.
@askthedrag0n Yup! Guess we're on to something...
Yash Kadakia
CTO & Founder, Security Brigade
@anantshri haha yea. Just got done with the day and dreading tomorrow morning. Got to inbox zero though :)
Sreedhar Kajeepeta
There are canyons and there are canyons out there....Valles Marineris is the solar system's longest, deepest, and wi…
Murat Karslioglu
CTO & Co-Founder, Raidundant LLC
Robin Williams dies at 63 via @washingtonpost
Mike Karvis
CTO & Chief Architect, M-Dot Network
Current status. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
TK Keanini
CTO, nCircle Network Security
@terlin @cdavidg21 @tkeanini DM the deets. Im up
Elias Khnaser
CTO, Sigma Solutions, Inc.
@johnlkinsella @Kemp so yea I definitely stand by my statement these appliances significantly accelerate adoption
Adam Kocoloski
CTO & Co-Founder, Cloudant
RT @janl: The @PouchDB team is *killing* it: <3
Thomas Kolsto
CTO, Adell Group SA
On a more positive note, "journalctl -fu NetworkManager" perfectly sums up my feelings about NetworkManager this fine evening.
Michel Korpershoek
CTO & Founder, greenclouds
Why can an Intercloud not only be based on OpenStack? via @greenclouds
Trystan Kosmynka
CTO, 23 Divide LLC
Great game, a great week for Canadians #gocanada
Kelvin Lawrence
CTO Emerging Internet Software Standards, IBM
RT @MailSport: BREAKING: The Judicial Commissioner finds Anderson and Jadeja NOT GUILTY of breaching the ICC Code of Conduct
Trey Layton
CTO, Virtual Computing Environment Company
RT @JasonDufner: My secret formula revealed: #ThatsHowDufDoesIt @funnyordie
Matthew Leib
CTO, tuCloud
@JohnObeto Microsoft’s Surface And The Fine Line Between Investment And Loss via @techcrunch
Guillaume Lelarge
CTO, Dalibo
RT @3manuek: Coste de query: 1339581604458149376 Rows: 71316765110943500 . . . (O_o)
David Linthicum
CTO & Founder, Blue Mountain Labs
What's what in AWS big data analytics
Dominik Mago?
CTO, CloudVertical
@awscloud you have a bug on new Bills section in select I have October where it's MTD it's a bit confusing .... #AWS
Lars Malmqvist
CTO, Arcus Global
.@ConradChua16:"what else can local govt do?" Redesign frontline services,rationalise back-office on common platform,shift to agile delivery
Mariano Maluf
Looking forward to participating at the #cloud computing panel at #AFCOM Atlanta
Ian Massingham
CTO, EMEA Service Providers at EMC
RT @stevebowman: First meetup of the Hull Amazon Web Services use group tomorrow at @C4Dihull with @IanMmmm from @AWS_UKI
Mayan Mathen
CTO - MEA, Dimension Data
Amazing, Legoland impression of San Francisco! @ Legoland California
Phil McKinney
CTO & VP, HP Personal Systems Group
A Killer Innovation: A microscope that fits in your shirt pocket and costs about one dollar to manufacture.
Imad Mouline
CTO, CloudFloor Corporation
RT @gspan1492: Everbridge Takes the #IceBucketChallenge via @everbridge
Perri Nejib
CTO, Lockheed Martin
@JeffSavinda Interested in some positions you have posted on Linked In - just sent you an invite
Pat O'Day
CTO & Co-Founder, Bluelock
Emeka Okoye
CTO & Co-Founder, Next2
RT @emeka_okafor: Not good “Nigerian nurse skips #Ebola quarantine to eastern city Enugu” #Nigeria
Alex Osipov
Get Your Hands Off My Laptop: Physical Side-Channel Key-Extraction Attacks On PCs
Roberto Ostinelli
CTO & Co-Founder, Wide Tag Inc.
@jj1bdx @jlouis666 nice to know. ^^_
Jose Ramon Palanco
CTO & Owner, Drainware
I just backed Cmoar - Personal Smartphone Viewer on @Kickstarter
Mike Palmer
RT @stlouisbiz: #STL-based @XIOLINK gets piece of @panerabread's $42 million IT project:
Alex Parker
CTO, Commensus, PlC
Coming to the end of the day- what is the weather outside?
Rob Peglar
CTO-Americas, EMC Isilon
@PeterQuirk @virtualTodd @acangiano @valb00 60 bits was awesome. First integer evenly divisible by 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.
Chamara Peiris
CTO & Cofounder, Minlo Technologies
@sachisam Lots of ideas & experiences shared. They will setup a team to move forward and make #ITBPMlk presence in #Japan.
Markus Pleier
CTO, EMEA bei EMC International S..r.l
My #CTO News August 13, 2014 at 03:30PM are out, check out for everything #EMC #Pivotal #VMware include #bigdata:
Stuart Preston
CTO, RippleRock
@markwilsonit @msPartner my experience is that your best bet is usually to set your user agent to be IE8...
Julio Quiroz
CTO & Co-Founder, IOFractal
Trump and Kiyosaki on Building Business Wealth
George Reese
CTO & Founder, enStratus
@darkuncle I’m gonna go pass out now.
Steve Repetti
CTO & CEO, RadWeb Technologies
WHOA!!! IBM Develops a New Chip That Functions Like a Brain #SeriousComputingPower
Daniel Retzer
I just donated to Expect Miracles Foundation running the Falmouth Road Race. Join me in the fight against cancer.
Van Ristau
CTO, DLT Solutions, inc.
RT @AlabamaFTBL: 20 days to the Tide’s opener against WVU! Tickets are still available #RollTide #CFAKickoff http://…
Hart Rossman
CTO & VP Cyber Security Services & Solutions, SAIC
Looks like another fantastic event from @CollegeParkMC2
Dave Ryan
CTO Navy, Airforce, Private Sector at General Dynamics IT
Awesome...Johnny Manziel Forced To Wear Cleveland Browns Jersey In Cruel Rookie Hazing Incident | The Onion
Joel Semeniuk
CTO, Imaginet Resources Corp
Responding to reviews finally finished rolling out to Microsoft App store devs - a critical feedback mechanism....
Pablo Serber
CTO, Colt Technology Services
RT @Endlessloop: IaaS is growing fast. The share of deployed VM's has grown from 2% 3 years ago to over 10% today. Huge market remaining...…
Dave Shackleford
CTO & SVP of Research, IANS
@jameslyne doesn’t love me. No idea why.
Rhys Sharp
Intuit Study Shows How the #Cloud Will Transform Small Business by 2020
Kristoffer Sheather
CTO, CEO, & Founder, Cloud Central
Computer Giant Dell Now Accepts Bitcoin via @coindesk
Lewis Shepherd
CTO Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments
RT @MicrosoftWomen: Have you followed what's going on? #creativity "The hackathon shows a culture shift within Micr…
Howard Smith
CTO-European Group, CSC
What Might We Discover About Drug Safety and Effectiveness By Mining the Web? via @CSC
Tom Soderstrom
CTO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA
Thanks to everyone for engaging high tech and gaming and STEM in our local area #burbankgames #mikegatto
Troy Stanley
CTO, Resource Techniques
@maw_nw6 likewise thanks for the follow back :)
Sandro Suffert
CTO, TechBiz Forensic
RT @WeirdHistoryPix: 33 years ago today the IBM PC was introduced
Samuel Sutch
CTO, Astonish
Finally got around to releasing my LexicalUUID type for #Python PR welcome!
Harish Tejwani
CTO, Wizni, Inc.
12 Of The Coolest Offices In The World
Stephane Thirion
CTO, Owner & Architect, Activlan
Virtualization News: Platform9 exits from stealth mode: Platform9, founded in 2013 from former VMware Enginee...
Rick Tracy
Telos Corporation
Rick Tracy #CyberSecurity Daily is out! Stories via @hiro_san_3 @Water_Steve
Lew Tucker
CTO & VP Cloud Computing, Cisco
RT @OpenStack: If you missed it at the Atlanta Summit, hear @lewtucker of @Cisco talk about the #Cloud of the Future:
Matt Van Bergen
CTO & Co-Founder, CITYTECH, Inc.
RT @purunh: Use the #Cloud for Success in #Australia - for low cost of entry and a rapid return on investment…
Brian Wahoff
CTO & VP, EPC, Inc.
@CraveOnline is giving away an awesome @lootcrate for #SDCC2014 to enter go to
Mark Ward
CTO, Applicable
@ATTCustomerCare DNS service seems to be down for San Diego, manually using Google DNS to make work, are you aware ?
Padmasree Warrior
CTO Cisco
Indians are about to outnumber Americans on the internet
Xavier Warzee
CTO, Palo IT
“You go through more iterations until you can simply deliver your message in a very concise way” - #product #design
Chris Webb
CTO, HulloMail
Guest post: The Top 5 Harry Potter Fanfics ~ Daniel J Radcliffe Holland via @DanJRadcliffeNL
Susie Wee
CTO Client Cloud Services, Hewlett-Packard
RT @MarkYolton: #Cisco Embraces Developers via DevNet by @markyolton #scn via @SAPCommNet cc @susiewee
Glenn Weinstein
CTO, Appirio
Hunter Pence and Heckling in the Internet Age - gotta love us Mets fans.
Dale Wickizer
CTO-US Public Sector, NetApp
A promising application from biology: Scientists Discover New Way to Make Human Platelets
Amrit Williams
CTO, Big Fix, an IBM company
RT @lisa_a_green: @lisa_a_green We are open to consultants in other areas if they have mad skills! #hiring #infosecjobs
Rutherford Wilson
CTO, Vizit, Inc.
Create a Kanban Board in SharePoint 2010 with Zero Code. Down and dirty #SharePointTips
Chris Wysopal
CTO, Veracode
RT @kyrah: This is the future and it really scares me. MT @scotterven: CVEs for Zoll defibs now published from our DEFCON talk
Seth Yates
CTO & Co-Founder, Brandscreen
At Google Sydney Go-Lang MeetUp.
HR Services
Himath Dissanayake
CTO, OrangeHRM, Inc.
How can we get our toddler to let us brush his teeth? | BabyCenter via @BabyCenter
Daniel Estrada
CTO & Project Manager, Scavado
My answer to What are some nice melodic pieces for acoustic guitar?
Olivier Le Floch
CTO, Work4Labs
@feedly Is it possible to close the current tab in the feedly mac app? Command+W seems to hide the current window.
Travlin McCormack
CTO, Internships, LLC. &
David North
CTO & VP, MBO Partners
How does a leader keep from being just a broken record on the vision? #qcast
Ashley Suddul
Foreign Direct Investment Boosts U.S. Economy
Roger Toor
CTO & Co-Founder, RolePoint
RT @bojandordevic: @rogertoor thanks for beta testing @Centask ! Really glad you've enjoyed the app.
Market Research
Michael E. Driscoll
CTO, Metamarkets
Amazon v. Hachette: "Every company in the computer industry behaves like a sociopath." HT @timoreilly
Guilhem Fouetillou
CTO & Co-Founder, linkfluence
.@baltgreen @ateliercarto merci ;)
Mathew Often
CTO Americas Region, Informa
Steven Peltzman
Chief Business Technology Officer, Forrester Research
RT @bwdumars: The Forrester Insights Daily is out! Stories via @stevenpeltzman @practicingEA
Jose Vincente Sogorb Moron
CTO, Why Not Challenge
RT @amartinmorin ¿Quieres aprender a ahorrar dinero? No te pierdas este fantástico tutorial
Matthew Warneford
CTO, Dubit Ltd.
@TheTubbyHorse @hemutters bloody good idea, that will get your day off to a good start!
Stacie Andrews
The cutest Vespas are in #portsmouthNH ... #freedomweek
Mark Angelillo
CTO, Snooth Media
RT @BordeauxWines: You don't see this blend too often. 70% Semillon 30% Colombard. A buttery #bordeauxblanc at #bordeauxnyc.
Per Astrom
CTO & Technical Manager, TV4
@litterfeldt Sista veckan i augusti, tisdag eller torsdag?
Pete Barr-Watson
CTO, Storyplanet
@Bopuc sounds like original Napster!
Drew Baumann
CTO, Fullscreen
David Berrebi
CTO & CSO, Prisma Media
How to Use Twitter Analytics to Find Important Data via @smexaminer
Paul Berry
CTO, HuffingtonPost Media Group
@AlexMLeo so much younger then I imagined
Rishi Bhatia
CTO, Astonish
Nerve Signalling: Tracing the Wiring of Life
Wes Biggs
CTO & Co-Founder, Adfonic
Victor Brown
CTO, SF Bay Area Woman's Journal
"Captures the dangers of "solutioning" before we understand the real goal!"
Martin Byrne
CTO, St. Joseph Communications
It is so true that Twtr has done a poor job of explaining this little punctuation nuance, Gary does a great job expl…
Sylvain Carle
CTO & Co-Founder, Needium
RT @Inc: The psychological price of entrepreneurship - « let's be honest about this. #startups
Tarun Chachra
CTO & VP of Technology, KSL Media, Inc
@amandalamm xoxoxox right back at ya.
Chip Correra
CTO, Linkable Networks, Inc.
The Easy Way of Building a Growing Startup Architecture >>
Franck Curier
CTO, Univarts
@cathcoste Je vois. Sans être trop spécifique, et parce que je ne connais pas SD, il y a sans doute dans ce domaine à SF. DM ton email
Nicholas Daniel-Richards
CTO, Code and Theory
@gmeluski oh ello!
Jean-Luc David
CTO, Digiflare
Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Issues Bitcoin Warnings: (via @techcrunch)
Rob DeMillo
CTO, Revision3
Living in the Outer Richmond district of #sf during #OutsideLands makes me feel very, very sorry for @uber drivers. Yikes.
Phillip Diller
CTO & Founder, Asiadnet
botnet indestructible
Mike Dory
CTO & Co-Founder, Socialbomb
@notnotsean noiiiiiiice!
Steve Dossick
CTO & VP, Zumobi
@ckrub @sicarter @danielclark @existopher ahh, the good old days :)
Michael Dunn
CTO, Hearst Interactive Media
@KTLAMorningNews love the pope but how can take sundays off work for priests
Sandy Fliderman
CTO & Founder, Zaah Technologies,Inc.
Mathieu Fosse
CTO, Tigerlily
@julienXX Hey merci bien !
Dan Gaul
CTO & Co-Founder,
Samsung DV56H9000EP review, they are HUGE! via @DigitalTrends @Samsungtweets @samsung
Olivier Grange-Labat
CTO, Le Monde interactif
@frazelledazzell @briantford man strace # or dtruss, etc.
Hide Harashima
CTO & Co-Founder, nLytics
One of the great challenges for startups is figuring out where to start.
Arif Harbott
CTO, Diamond Conspiracy
RT @Ecommerceli: THE #ecomselfie featuring @MSatanas @harbott @emgrinter1 @elliotz @nupur_m @jamiemerrick Jonathan & Ian #ecomcareers http…
Josh Hendler
Global CTO, HIll+Knowlton Strategies
@aaronecarroll can't stop reading it's so good
Paul Hernacki
CTO, Definition 6
I picture Steve Ballmer in the Clippers locker room re-enacting his famous "Developer! Developers!" speech but with "Clippers! Clippers!"
Luis Hernandez
CTO, Proof Integrated Communications
RT @waltmossberg: #codered : Sucks to Be Square via @JohnPaczkowski
Jeff Holth
Google launches a teaching tool to help schools ditch paper
Dan Hopwood
CTO & Co-Founder, Floxx Media Ltd.
@StudioTentpole thanks for sharing!
Oscar Howell
CTO & Director of Global Technology Center, Grupo SM
RT @fanetin: El look del verano
Janne Jalkanen
CTO, Thinglink
RT @chrismcdonough: expert developer: "this doesnt work, let me remove something"; novice developer: "this doesn't work, let me add somethi…
Matthew Jay
CTO, Taylor & Francis
Enjoying Tom Araya moonlighting with Robert Plant. He’s let himself go a bit (more) though, hasn’t he? #Glastonbury
Dean Jezard
CTO, TigerSpike
RT @HollieLovesYou: Seriously though, @mikesuper is too amazing for words. #desmond #agt
Christopher Kata
CTO, Spark Internet Marketing
Scientists made a laser that can detect explosives from half a mile away via
Yuvi Kochar
CTO & VP of Technology, The Washington Post
Shoutout for 501cTECH, non-profit helping non-profits in the DC leverage technology to be efficient #clickfor501ctech
Nate Kohari
CTO, Adzerk
Cable and satellite back up at the new house. Not too bad, only had to suffer one day of being off the grid. :)
Tom Kuhne
CTO & Managing Parner, The Booth Company
RT @DenStreetBoutiq: Website is live! Check us out:
Ludovic Levesque
CTO, Fotolia
RT @jdguyot: Vous aimeriez épater les contrôleurs en leur faisant scanner votre montre ? 50 montres Android Wear à gagner :
Paul Lomax
CTO, Dennis Publishing
@norock Haha
Ryan Mannion
RT @kimkingsley: Celebrating CTO @rpmannion with @harrispolitico @mikeallen @djpolitico @JimVandeHei #TYFP, @R_Allbritton #family http://t…
Steve Mathieu
CTO, Whatsnexx
RT @alainpaquin: iPad To Dominate Automation And E-Commerce Sectors iPad To Dominate Automation And E-Commerce Sectors - ...
Fred McMurray
CTO, Mediavine Marketing
I'm at San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce in San Luis Obispo, CA
Bruno Michel
CTO, af83
RT @wycats: I like this article a lot: (especially the paragraph that starts "While small microservices ...")
Joseph Misiti
CTO & Co-Founder, SocialQ
RT @mat_kelcey: past 5 dimensions the volume of a hyper sphere starts _decreasing_ ?! wtf? it's no wonder our intuition is useless for high…
Gilles Moncaubeig
CTO, Ebuzzing Group
Le lyonnais Adthink lance sa place de marché de données, un user data exchange via @adexchange1
Seba Negomireanu
CTO & Co-Owner, JustDesign
A new favorite: Live DJ Mix @ Sons Of Gaia (28.06.2014) by Lygos on #SoundCloud
Victor Neo
CTO, Pikaland Media
RT @thecarousell: Today, we're 2. Happy Birthday Carousell community! Here's to many many more birthdays to come.…
Joel Ordesky
CTO, Wexler Video
Thrilled that @PhilKeoghan dropped by @ClairBroadcast for a little extra tech to go w/ his @SonyProUSA #F55
David Ortiz
@enriquegper @FuKuy @F_DaVid_A no os vayais de colonia sin pasar a verme eh locos
Julien Palard
CTO, meltyNetwork
Parce que bon les hôtels qui ne te donnent qu'une carte pour pas que tu squatte l'électricité quand tu sors: Fsck ! #tweetprecedent
Brandon Passley
CTO & Co-Founder, Vokal Interactive
Please vote! Here's the other panel that was accepted! From our friends at @District214 and @STEMLdr #SXSWedu
Nicholas Patten
CTO, Investor Relations Group
Bob Pearson
CTO & Media Officer, WCG
Great post by Aaron Strout. Proud to be a colleague of Aaron's as we build W2O Group What’s Your Why?
Mazdak Rezvani
CTO, Chango
RT @melindagates: Maryam Mirzakhani is the first woman to win the Fields Medal – one of the highest honors in mathematics. Congrats! http:/…
Ciaran Rooney
CTO, Skimlinks/Skimbit
Laser Cats - 2014 Division 4 In To Touch - Rugby Champions @ Regents Park and Primrose Hill
Dharmesh Shah
CTO & Founder, HubSpot
RT @meghkeaney: You should come work with me. It's not easy. But it's more exciting than it is hard and so much fun …
Nicolas Silberman
CTO, Mediapart
@nkgl j'étais prêt à écrire la même chose !
Jeff Sippel
CTO, edo Interactive
And Yahoo says the @edointeractive move is official!
Tom Sivo
CTO, Interpublic Group of Companies
An amazing display of US futbol dominance! U-S-A...
Brian Skahan
CTO & Managing Director, Publicis Modem
RT @elonmusk: Hope we're not just the biological boot loader for digital superintelligence. Unfortunately, that is increasingly probable
Ivan Sosa
CTO, HI Media Digital
@arakisergio jaja gracias Michel J Fox!
Bruno Soulez
CTO, Up 2 Social
How the design firm behind the Xbox built the bike of the future
Travis Swicegood
CTO, Texas Tribune
RT @jonswaine: Closer view of cops with rifles, atop armoured truck filled with more cops wearing military-style gear, in Ferguson http://t…
Ben Trott
CTO, SAY Media
@arthurnicholls @burr86 apologies for the delay in reply, I was setting fire to everything I wore today.
Vijay Venkatesh
CTO, Pearson International
@joshu yes absolutely. Biggest challenge ahead of me is moving off of it.
Brad Ward
Congrats to the Vanuatu Daily Post on their installation of BLOX Total CMS!
Tim Watson
CTO & Partner, Carbon Outreach
Here w/ the love of my life: @ericagrigg! (@ Johnny's Snack Shop)
Ken Weiner
CTO, GumGum
Dining in the #dark (at @OpaqueSf in Santa Monica, CA)
Dan Woods
CTO & Editor, Evolved Media
"An Agile BI Maturity Model" from Tableau CEO Christian Chabot #BI #Tableau #Agile @danwoodscito @ForbesTech
Navarrow Wright
CTO, Interactive One
@TeneciaNicole sept!! Thanks for asking
Aleksandr Yampolskiy
CTO, Cinchcast & BlogTalkRadio
Had a great time last night at @SushiNakazawa . Excellent sushi
Jim Zimmerman
CTO, Thuzi LLC
@scottdensmore I am in building 9 with the DX team as a Business Strategist. We should meet for lunch again sometime.
Gilad Zirkel
CTO & Co-Founder, Hashtag Art
Brian Behlendorf
CTO, World Economic Forum
RT @leighpaatsch: It goes like this. Take a moment to read, another moment to remember. (via Stephen Fry) #RIPRobinWiiliams
Shelly Bernstein
CTO, Brooklyn Museum
@sree @museum_mouse @AnandWrites agree. it's about mission and specific audiences and doing right by them. difference is good.
Milena Berry
@mstinalee @powerstofly would love to catch up - let's plan on early sept!
Sara Chipps
CTO, Levo League
RT @_Akemiiii: My son has asked me to kindly post this picture on twitter in his support of #Ferguson and #MikeBrown
Damion Hankejh
Smithsonian Laureate CTO
@john_frankel -- help make it happen for 1st Prize winner of the Women-ViT Hackathon!! #veterans @indiegogo
Carmen Iannacone
CTO, Smithsonian Institute
RT @claudinesview: Mind Blowing Marketing – DHL Pranks Competitors To Advertise For Them
Eduardo Jezierski
RT @InSTEDD: Photo from field test of agricultural #ICT4D #Verboice project w/@IFC_org @InSTEDD @iLabSEA by @tharum #Labcraft
David Krumlauf
CTO, Pierce Family Charitable Foundation
Pint of Guiness & shot of Jameson's :) (@ Tommy Nevin's Pub - @tnpevanston)
Mark Middleton
CTO, Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB)
RT @Manifestists: Signed, limited edition print of Triptych No. 1 // // We're giving one away to a random follower w…
Wynn Netherland
CTO, Pure Charity
OH: ...but this gem has only 10 stars!?! don't we have have a corporate engineering policy that requires all gemfile gems to have >25?
Chris Spence
CTO, National Democratic Institute
Nice piece by TechPresident @pdmteam on our #DemTools launch last night. @NDI @NDItech
George Weiner
CTO, Do Something
@achieve_consult fun clip, thanks for rt. Still true a couple years later
Professional Services
Dominick Accattato
CTO & Founder, Infrared5
@davealma Hey Dave, no I'm still using a iPhone 3GS at the moment. You wouldn't want this ;)
John Adelus
CTO & Founder, JAdelus & Associates
AWS in fight of its life. @LyveMinds users have their own hybrid clouds with #LyveHome and Lyve cloud service.
Bill Annibell
CTO & Director of Technology, Sapient Government Services
Yin & Yang #vabeach @ Virginia Beach Oceanfront
Ramene Anthony
CTO & Founder, Social Commons, LLC
"Sales Preparation = Sales Success!!" by @kevinpiket on @LinkedIn
Mike Askew
CTO & Co-Founder, 3RDi Product Development, Inc
#Resurgence Good News for Mother’s Day
Zvi Avraham
CTO, Nivertech
Looks like Israelis moved Thursday to Wednesday, so they will be able to go out. Nobody believe in ceasefires anymore.
Thierry Badard
CTO & Co-Founder, Spatialytics Inc
RT @Spatialytics: 26,000,000 hospitalizations in 1,585 private/public hospital in France for 2013 (in French)
Joe Beaudet
CTO & President, WattShifters, LLC
Hit up @droid_life to win a free Moto X Developer Edition!
Earl Belcher Jr.
CTO & Chief Architect, APTEC, LLC
I checked in at Zen Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar (21 A Beacon St) on #Yelp
Michael Bufalino
CTO & Head of Global IT, Arup
RT @HarvardBiz: Obesity data reveal a striking social disparity
Mario Cruz
CTO, Grass Roots America
Eating my Vegetables as I watch Zak make bread @Zak The Baker. #wynwood
Chris Curran
CTO & Principal, PwC
RT @sofiangeletou: The new BBC ontologies website is out :) Linked Data #semanticweb
Carlo De Marchis
CTO-Global Strategy, deltatre s.p.a
Brian Dunphy
CTO, OneLobby
Join us @Brewbakers patio tonight @ 6PM for @Cvent #recruiting happy hour! Various tech job postings in Fredericton:
Stuart Eccles
CTO & Co-Founder, Made by Many
@imajes happy birthday!
Andy Eccles
CTO, Kelway UK Ltd
Rodrigo Flores
CTO & Founder, newScale
What some call "requirements" are just the undisciplined reflective movement of vocal chords disconnected from other brain functions
Brendon Ford
CTO, Provoke Solutions
RT @andrewpickup: Philippines Airlines chose Office 365 to connect their employees in the cloud. #msft #cloud #aviat…
Peter Galvin
CTO, Corporate Technologies
Looking forward to hosting an OpenStack Meetup:
Nick Goss
CTO, Imaginatik
@British_Airways, this is a plane full of passengers waiting for bags for 1 hour after flight delayed 26hrs
Bob Gourley
CTO, Crucial Point, LLC.
Summary from the 30 July Analyst Forum via @ctovision
Jeff Greenberg
CTO & Founder,
RT @TheRealSpaf: “@pdcawley: This wrong. You should never do this. It's wrong I tell you.
Jack Hanison
CTO, Capgemini
I just unlocked the "Trainspotter" badge on @foursquare!
Steve Kelly
CTO, Partner & Chief Architect, FM Services
RT @htusa: Hobby retailing leaders from across the US will converge on Lincoln NE next week. We are hosting the 20th annual HobbyTown Natio…
Glen Koskela
CTO Nordic, Fujitsu Services
New startup in 9 weeks? Funded and coached for the period. Interesting results: #aaltoes #summerofstartups
Mike Lingo
CTO, Astadia
Check it out! I donated to Tony Beller Fund via @gofundme
Murray Macdonald
CTO, Macdonald Harris & Associates Ltd.
Deadhead 1, boat 0
Brad Maltz
CTO, International Computerware, inc.
Sometimes we just need more Cowbell!
Dave Masterson
CTO & Director of Communications, United Franchise Group
@anthonytroffa June 14-17 at Caesars Palace in Vegas... Mmmmm Yeah! #ufgexpo
Ville Mattila
CTO & Partner, Eventio Oy
RT @MeidanKaarina: Kaarinassa on tulossa 5.9. erilainen koulupäivä 9-, 4- + 1-2-luokkalaisille. Mukana @nyrittajat, @VSyrittajat et al! htt…
Stuart McIntyre
CTO & Founder, Collaboration Matters
Yay, finally one of my offspring shows they’ve inherited the geek genes :-) RT @callum_mcintyre: Going to teach myself Java #WhyNot
Alan Mills
CTO, Brand Intellect
George Orlov
CTO, Forrester Research
@GrupoW You been hacked - Got an email fishing link pointing to this server. Please clean it up.
Russ Pierce
CTO & President, GlobalReact
#FacebookMessenger #Privacy Fears? Here’s What You Need to Know - Digits - WSJ via @_Snipps
Piyush Poddar
CTO, Monsoon Consulting
RT @axelerant: #WomenInDrupal session by @gargsuchi kicks off at #JaiDUG and everyone is ears. #Jaipur
Don Rippert
CTO, Accenture
RT @IBM: Today we announced the opening of a new @SoftLayer data center in Toronto: #IBMCloud
Michael Ruiz
CTO - Net Enabled Operations, Deloitte
WalMart getting into the primary care business. #access #healthcare
Ashim Saha
CTO, Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
People who want to be my link exchange partner in , plz contact here I'm a technical architect.
Fernando San Martn
CTO, Galilea S.A
En la #GiraEntel14 escuchando sobre innovación y tecnología
Richard Scionti
CTO, Harris Interactive
@mario how does that square with their vow of poverty?
Lauren States
CTO & VP of Cloud Computing, IBM Corporate Strategy
RT @IBM: Today we announced the opening of a new @SoftLayer data center in Toronto: #IBMCloud
Ron Tolido
CTO Applications Continental Europe & VP, CapGemini
RT @LannySCohen: #Cloud Gets Cheaper, On-Premise Gets Pricier by @mbmclaughlin
Michael Trosen
CTO & President, Lab305, LLC
@justinabrahms @hynek not going to be at pycon this year :(. Get after it though!
Christian Verstraete
CTO-Cloud Strategy, Cloud Solutions at HP
You want to implement #cloud, do it one step at the time #cloudsource
Paul Wallis
CTO & Director, OBASHI, Ltd.
Inside the #Technology Time Machine | #tech
Joshua Watson
CTO, Business Technology Advisors, LLC
I feel things moving in a positive direction. I'm diggin it #momentum
Marco Zamperini
CTO & VP, Value Team S.p.A.
I'm at Cascina Matiot (Costigliole d'Asti, Piemonte)
Real Estate
Steve Zehngut
CTO & Founder, Real Estate Shows
@alexjvasquez Eff you too, buddy. You're my hero.
Restaurant & Hospitality
Chad Osgood
CTO & Co-Founder, LocalFlavor
Join us tomorrow for TAG's Business & Technology Alliance Excalibur Spotlight for Manheim!
Robb Brock
CTO & Chief Architect,
RT @verge: 14 awesome flying machines from the biggest air show in the US
John Douglas
CTO, Burberry
@ChetKapoor - privilege as usual to spend time with you and your company @Apigee #Burberry
M. Imamura
CTO & Director, Vasily Inc
Aneesh Nair
I love shopping on Fashion and You and I bet you’ll love it too…Join me!
Alex Reich
RT @alexthevegan: About every month, @LAist puts out some vegan link bait/catnip on LA's vegan scene; I can't resist; must try em' all! htt…
Robert Stephens
CTO, Best Buy
@delk @TechCrunch I unfollowed them. I just wait for my peeps to RT the decent stories. That seems to solve it.
John Thieling
CTO & Founder, Ron's Home And Hardware
Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Boston and everyone affected by today's events.
Brett Adam
CTO & SVP Engineering, rPath
Don't confuse overloading with equivalence #nontechnicalexecs
Jeff Ammons
CTO, Find Business Media
RT @hunterwalk: irrational precrastinators: "many people appear to be finishing things sooner than they need to get them done"
Stefan Andreasen
CTO & Founder, Kapow Software
Read ow Trinity Logistics cut costs up to 90% with automation Cool right? @KapowSoftware @Trinity_Tweeps
John Atherton
CTO, Survine
At @swfounders event at the watershed in Brizzle
Justin Balthrop
CTO, Geni
“How the FCC Plans to Save the Internet By Destroying It: An Explainer” by @rsingel
David Bankston
CTO, Co-Founder & EVP, INgage Networks
Alan Barlow
CTO & Co-Founder, ProActive Software
Look after each other ChCh... this is a time to come together and help one another... all our prayers are with you
Dr. John Bates
CTO, Progress Software
Smart motorcycle helmet looks cool- would have loved this in my biking days
Chris Beauregard
CTO, Salesloft
RT @MailChimp: We have 92,000 automation customers, and our new tools give them more power and flexibility.
Michael Beckley
CTO, Appian
RT @Appian: Appian Selected to U.S. @DeptofDefense Mobile App Store as Part of Mission Effectiveness Strategy #BPM
Robert Berger
CTO & Founder, Runa Inc
RT @Clydesdale8: Sign the petition: Tell @BarackObama to fire @CIA Director John Brennan via @CREDOMobile #p2
Alex Bewley
CTO & Co-Founder, uptime software
Do you have the right #ITSystemsPerformance monitoring? Read how this large US Utility company stays in control of IT
Steve Bjorg
CTO & Founder, MindTouch, Inc.
RIP Robin Williams and thanks for all the laughs!
Rick Blaisdell
CTO, ConnectEDU, Inc.
RT @CloudExpo: Is Detachable Hybrid Computing Our Next IT Paradigm? by @ABridgwater #Cloud #CloudComputing
Thierry Bouquain
CTO, Ucaya
RT @coderoshi: ok. fucking cool. just... bravo
Joao Pedro Bourbon Bourbon
CTO, Inoventos
Bom, agora falta ganhar ao Gana… e esperar que Alemanha e EUA não empatem… #USAvsPOR
Scott Brinker
CTO & President, ion interactive, inc
RT @East_of_Eden: Great teachers make the material come alive. @chiefmartec @ioninteractive #ionwebinar
Glenn Brunette
CTO, Enterprise Solutions Group at Oracle Systems
Mark Burgess
CTO & Founder, CFEngine
RT @randybias: Cumulus Networks Webinar - The House that Clos Built - [ good stuff ]
Danny Burlage
CTO, Wortell
Windows 8 Daily is out! Stories via @JapanTechFeeds
Dries Buytaert
CTO & Co-Founder, Acquia, Inc
Blog post: Amazon invests in Acquia #drupal
Chris Caplinger
CTO & Co-Founder, KnowledgeLake
House of Wong is no longer a small restaurant in Creve Coeur. #stlcards #buschstadium @KoltenWong
David Carter
CTO & Founder, Awareness Inc.
@Michael_KaneBNN GNIP managed & sold the data being created by social media. Analytics companies like Topsey would use @GNIP to provide data
Marco Casario
Sviluppo, tecniche ed ottimizzazioni per le Responsive Web Apps che devono girare su qualsiasi mobile device. Di que…
Victor Cekvenich
RT @Backendless: New release is available: new pricing plans, video streaming for android, Counters and Caching API, REST test drive: https…
Vikram Chalana
CTO & Co-founder, WinShuttle
Winshuttle: SAP Quiz
Edward Chaltry
CTO & Partner, Centare Group, Ltd.
I support @Uber_MKE - tell the city council you agree #MilwaukeeLovesUber
Dan Charles
CTO & Owner, OpenAssist
Find even more on your Mac and in the cloud with the newest update for @Found to win a new Macbook Pro Retina!
Puneet Chawla
CTO & Co-Founder, 01 Works
@roopak_parikh Congrats on the launch!
Marc Chesley
CTO, Infusionsoft
The Best Leaders “Talk the Walk”
Sean Chou
CTO, Fieldglass, Inc.
@leonc Let's stick with violence.
Rob Collie
CTO PivotStream
Yes :) RT @Peter_d2i: Just got a lot of good insights into improving performance of complex #Powerpivot files from @ScottSenkeresty - Thx!
Adrian Colyer
CTO, SpringSource
@hylomorphism Nice! Re-reading the rationale for the relational model seems very fresh again in the light of all the non-sql stores...
Damon Cortesi
CTO & Founder, Simply Measured
@clbeckster Perfect.
Simon Crosby
CTO & Co-Founder, Bromium
RT @RasPiToday: Not sure what to do with your #raspberrypi? Here are 5 more things the community recommends… http://…
James Crowley
CTO, FundApps
RT @NASA: We captured an extreme & rare blurring of black hole light:   @NASANuSTAR
Brad Culberson
CTO, Peaksware, LLC
I signed up for Ironman Boulder 2015 #IWILLWHATIWANT
Ben Curren
CTO & Co-Founder,
RT @greenbits: Making news in Bellingham, WA launching the first recreational marijuana stores. Thanks @2o2osolutions and @Q13FOX. http://…
Rob D'Oria
CTO, BlueThread Technologies
@RealAliceCooper was that you at the Panera Bread on the corner of Tittawabasee and Fashion in Saginaw today around 1pm?
Greg Day
CTO-EMEA Security, Symantec
The future of consumer online fraud: the smart phone & e-wallet. Smishing, is the most basic example.
Rick Dehlinger
CTO, nGenX
@cswolf happy sounds ensue... ;-)
Mitch Denny
CTO, Readify
@tathamoddie I'm amused and impressed by your one man war on paper.
Sean Doherty
CTO of Enterprise Security Group, Symantec
A reminder of how good robin Williams was at impromptu and the story behind it
Peter Doolan
CTO & VP, Oracle Public Sector
Behind the Scenes at Our Aloha Spirit via @salesforce
Jeff Doolittle
CTO & Co-Founder, Lotpath, inc.
Mike Duma
CTO, Quvex & Talkbiznow
Mike asked a question on Shopow. /category/Computers-and-Software/6103
Eldad Eilam
CTO, GraphOn Corporation
I'm streaming video at a really decent quality at 35,000 feet on JetBlue right now. Unbelievable.
Amos Elliston
CTO, Pocket Change
The CEO of @flexportinc on how his company is trying to bring free trade through technology. via @shoplocket
Guibert Englebienne
CTO, Globant
RT @EndeavorArg: @Globant y @Mercadolibre Del garaje a Wall Street en 10 años. Lee la nota en @guibert @migoya @marc…
Chris Ferris
CTO of Cloud Standards, IBM
Brian Fioca
CTO & Founder, Rescue Time
RT @AmyTFalcone: We like to have fun.
Georges Gomes
RT @seanwashington: Headphones: horse blinders for programmers
Jeremiah Grossman
CTO, WhiteHat Security, Inc.
@mkonda totally. my point, if one can’t bottle that w/o being a board member, that’s the problem which needs to be solved. @ebellis @owasp
Mason Hale
CTO, OneSpot
Abdulhakim Haliru
CTO, Mobiqube Nig. Ltd
RT @joanikin: If you are in London in Sept and interested in connecting to entrepreneurs in Africa I highly recommend attending event @afri…
Lance Hankins
CTO & Cofounder, Motio, Inc.
@andycopel @motio_inc - my goals for this year's award ceremony include cracking the top 20 & regaining editorial control of any photos
Mike Hoskins
CTO, Pervasive Software
@DHenschen We agree! Welcome to the #DataFlow Bandwagon, Google! They're in good company with @ActianCorp!
Rob Howard
CTO & Founder, Telligent Systems
Details on our new partnership with @scality
Ara Howard
CTO, Dojo4, LLC
on being funny. and being dead.
Serge Huber
CTO & Founder, Jahia
Check out my latest blog post : Using #Polymer elements as native #Jahia components #html #cms #opensource
Reynir Hubner
CTO, Hugsmiojan
@de_jan lol good readings!
Simon Hunt
Interim WW CTO, McAfee
Hey @twitter team! - I need to discuss http://mcaf(dot)ee with you - someone reach out to me please as your support team are not.
Vern Imrich
CTO, Percussion Software
My answer to What is asked of potential vendors during the evaluation processes of Magic Quadrant and Wave Reports?
Rohit Jain
CTO, Smartsourcing Global, Inc
RT @DZone: iOS 7 Tutorial Series: Core Location Beacons - - @DZone Big Link by csmann
Mike Janson
CTO, Taptera, Inc.
@PGE4Me Incorrect -- there are still ongoing outages in downtown Berkeley (as of 11:22AM local time)
Bob Janssen
CTO, RES Software
RES IT Store Spurred by Early Enterprise Adoption | Business Wire
Damien Katz
CTO, Couchbase
I make this look good.
Jay Kim
CTO & General Manager, INICIS
RT @kyumanboy: 카드번호·비밀번호 필요없는 이니시스 '간편 결제’ 돌풍
Ryan King
CTO, Plaxo
New App Lets You Get Instant Healthcare Through Your Smartphone
Rob Kingyens
CTO & COO, Keystone Learning Systems
Apple's Secretive Internal Training Program Detailed in New Profile |
Scott Kinka
CTO, Evolve IP
#EvolveIP virtual desktop solution given innovative technology award by Cloud Computing Magazine #vdi #daas #cloud
Mark Klinchin
CTO, MetaVis Technologies
#MetaVis update adds option to mass review #SharePoint group ownership #security #report #governance #cloud
Kyle Kuczun
CTO & Co-Founder, VisionLink, Inc.
@knobchouck @jvaleski ...alas, I have no alibi.
George Kurtz
CTO, McAfee
Apple plays Whack-A-Mole with malware authors (Updated). &lt;- hey you get protection every 24 hrs. :)
Harry Labana
CTO & VP Desktop & Application Virtualization, Citrix Systems
I would like an Uber like service for doctors appointments. So much time wasting.
Francois Laberge
CTO, Brass Monkey
Loving the recent work around making responsive and open sourced email templates. Another one:
Gilbok Lee
CTO & Co-Founder, HugeFlow
왠지 모르게 입에 착 달라붙는 '쉐보레 보리밥'
Ron Lee
CTO, Pacejet Logistics Inc.
RT @CbusMarathon: If you're feeling uninspired this morning, watch this video. Every runner has a reason + Ronnie's reason is beautiful htt…
Bob Lee
CTO, Square
RT @TwitterOSS: .@benjy at the @DevProd meetup lets the audience know that @pantsbuild is an independent and growing oss project http://t.c
Steen Lehmann
CTO & Principal, JayWay
RT @dustingetz: #ReactJS has brought functional programming mainstream, we have regular javascript developers asking questions about immuta…
Rockford Lhotka
CTO, Magenic
Good info about #azure storage
Sean Lindsay
CTO & Co-Founder, Viximo, Inc.
RT @verge: Norm MacDonald tweeted our favorite Robin Williams remembrance to date
Maciej Litwiniuk
CTO, Prograils Sp. z o.o.
@AraeliumGroup I was trying to watch video about Screenflick, but it does not work on FF, on Safari I can't make it fullscreeen. Wont buy.
Dan Lynn
CTO & Co-Founder, FullContact, Inc.
RT @WSJ: Some 15% of U.S. employees who are entitled to paid vacation haven't used any of it in the last year, survey says:
Chris Maddern
CTO, Corkbin
`brew install tree`
Kevin Mahaffey
CTO, Outlook
Hearing about OPSEC with @marcwrogers and @octal
Sebastien Marion
CTO & Co-founder, Comufy
RT @Comufy: .@Comufy keeps growing! We're looking for a talented Client Success Executive - apply now: #socialmediaj…
Ryan Martens
CTO, Rally Software
RT @cuclimate: Study: #Keystone XL's climate impact would be 4 times greater than feds claim, by @readingirl - @Salon
Mark McDonagh
CTO, NetFort Technologies
@ElectricIreland thanks for the quick response, can you check if they have closed by a/c as per my email ? thks
Richard McDougall
CTO Application Infrastructure, VMWare
Just a typical Saturday night
Andy McKnight
CTO & Cofounder, Cogniti
Gartner Predictions for 2012: More Cloud, Consumerization, Loss of IT Control
Josh Merchant
CTO & Co-Founder, Lymbix Inc.
Lessons From The New York Times Innovation Report via @measurely
Chris Midgley
CTO & Founder, Unidesk Corp.
RT @RonOglesby: Once your org drinks the Unidesk kool-aid (coffee & beer generally) You can never go back, just like Colby Sawyer: http://t…
Mitu S. Mitsumata
CTO, Brekeke Software, Inc.
Maker Faireの日は行けないけど、同じ会場の別のイベントのチケットは買った。
Marty Moseley
CTO Initiate Systems
how do you compare Old World and New World wines? Read this post and make suggestions! Moseley Family Cellars wants…
Javier Muniz
CTO, Granicus, Inc.
RT @TCampDC: Time to give away another FREE ticket to #TCamp14, thanks to @Granicus! Look here for a chance to win:
Sachin Naik
CTO & Co-Founder, L2RSoft
I liked a @YouTube video from @greydonsquare The SHORTEST religious debate I've EVER had.
Giles Nelson
Deputy CTO & VP, Progress Software
RT @SoftwareAG: Gartner Hype Cycle 2014 and its 2000 digital business technologies by @WhoStu @diginomica #ensw #dig…
Zach Nies
CTO, Rally Software Development
RT @Pv: Great write-up abt low-latency Android audio problem we are solving at @SuperpoweredSDK
Alan O'Leary
CTO, Phorest
Mork's gone to Orsen .... :/
Yoshi Oikawa
RT @herokujp: [ANN] プログラミング学習サイト「ドットインストール」にHeroku入門(全12回)が公開されました! #herokujp
Todd Parnell
CTO, 5AM Solutions
Companies that have a public status page should update it when things are broken. Looking at you, @lastpass.
Romain Pechayre
CTO & Co-Founder, Applidget
RT @KentBeck: it's not a testing problem, it's a design problem manifesting as a testing problem. usually.
Antonio Piraino
CTO, ScienceLogic
RT @FN_Press: ScienceLogic Launches App Store, Dramatically Extending IT Infrastructure Monitoring Reach / New App Store Off
Adam Pisoni
CTO & Co-Founder, Yammer, Inc.
RT @DawnGartin: We are having a #responsiveorg coffee in ATL on 8/19 - please share @yammeradam
Alex Popescu
CTO & Co-Founder,
@1Password fully aware of where my expectations for iOS 8 extensions are set ;-)
Brett Porter
CTO & Founder, MaestroDev
@jimdalrympleii @grogsgamut the thing that gets me is that Siri answered
Max Pucher
CTO, ISIS Papyrus Europe AG
Ookla Speedtest 150Mb Kabelplus Hinterbrühl #speedtest
Surendra Reddy
CTO, SIOS Technology, Inc
RT @vsikka: Humbled to lead @Infosys an iconic pioneer in IT. Looking fwd to learn & work w/ infoscions & global clients on breakthrough in…
Eric Reid
CTO & Co-Founder, Useful
@shai_wininger Nice! Congrats Shai!
Greg Reinacker
CTO & Founder, NewsGator
@nick_harris tell her I said “ruff”.
Leo Reiter
CTO & Co-Founder, Virtual Bridges
Find out how #BigData and #HPC are converging to unleash the true potential of #Analytics
Thomas Richardson
CTO - Major Accounts, ADP
"The World Of Everything-As-A-Service | TechCrunch" good read
Johann Romefort
CTO Seesmic
Ready for the Munich @docker meetup! @ro14nd focusing on his Docker and the JVM talk.
Pedro Sanders
CTO & Founder, KaffeineMinds
RT @Maplin_WKF: The all new @Raspberry_Pi B+ board available from Tuesday for home delivery #maplin
Adin Scannell
CTO, Gridcentric, Inc.
I've never had a personal street car before, this must be how Rob Ford feels!
Wilfried Schobeiri
CTO, Tap Me, Inc.
@KennedysGarage let’s talk
Michael Sentonas
CTO & VP - APAC, McAfee
We told you jailbreaking your iThing was dangerous via @theregister Chinese malware infects more than 75,000 iPhones
Robert Shaker
Security CTO, Symantec
Were you at #BHUSA this week? Interested in feedback on our booth. Did you stop by, did they tell you about our Managed Incident Response?
Nati Shalom
CTO & Co-Founder, GigaSpaces
RT @benkepes: The Cloud World Gets A Shock, Eucalyptus Joins The OpenStack Love Fest @Forbes
Justin Sheehy
CTO, Basho Technologies
RT @aphyr: If you were curious about *why* we built a distributed JVM profiler, wrote some more context at the @factual blog:
Bally Singh Kehal
CTO & Co-Founder, Social27
I'm at Overlake Hospital Medical Center (Bellevue, WA)
Joseph Smarr
CTO Plaxo
Huge congrats to my college roomie +Bismarck Lepe and the great team he built at Ooyala!
Douglas Spink
"memory is a haunting. You remember times you liked, and you want something like them. But you can only get new things." ~ Robinson, "2312"
Brian Stevens
CTO & VP of Worldwide Engineering, Red Hat
congrats @Liewegas on your OSCON award!
Marco Thompson
CTO & EVP, Solekai Systems
Darren Thomson
CTO of EMEA, Symantec
4am in Mexico.. We have a seriously jet lagged baby here !
Richard Tibbetts
CTO & Co-Founder, StreamBase Systems
A journey of 8312 miles begins with a turbo prop.
James Todhunter
CTO & EVP, Invention Machine Corporation
New post on The Chess Dog Journal: Continental Open - Round 3 #Chess
Fabio Violante
CTO EMEA, BMC Software
BMC Software is looking for a Junior Software developer in Milano for our R&D team. @bmcsoftware
Jagadeesh VN
CTO & Founder, Xminds Infotech Pvt Ltd
@dannycortesv @LeapMotionDev I'm also getting the same error. How did you fix it ?
Craig Walker
CTO, Xero
RT @wilw: Hey Media? Maybe instead of sending cameras to Robin Williams’ house to be ghoulish, you could send cameras to #Ferguson to be jo…
Simon Warrick
CTO & Co-Founder, Historic Futures Ltd.
Well I log into twitter and all my shit is gone... And I haven't touched twitter since forever...
Wade Wegner
CTO, Aditi Technologies
John Whaley
CTO & Co-Founder, MokaFive
Reflections on #briforum 2014 #BostonITParty
Tyler Whitaker
CTO & COO, Leading2Lean, LLC.
RT @windley: UT CTO Breakfast tomorrow morning at 8am. Thanksgiving Point Tower Deli. You’re invited. #uttech /cc @humancell @tylerwhitaker
Aaron White
CTO & Co-Founder, Boundless Learning
Congrats to @Patticus for completing my "rid yourself of physical books" challenge, pleased to award him the trophy:
Michael Winner
CTO, Ideal Software
@SWinnerTweets yo cool guy #chicagobears
Steve Woods
CTO, Eloqua
Is the LinkedIn "Work Anniversary" the new "Facebook Birthday"? Great point on real relationships:
Kirk Wylie
CTO, CEO & Co-Founder, OpenGamma
RT @TabbFORUM: FEATR: Margin Calculations, Regulation and CCPs -- An Interview with OpenGamma's Mas Nakachi
Andy Young
CTO & Founder, GroupSpaces Ltd.
@sarahgillmartin Thanks for your time! It would be true to say we're somewhat excited about building a better tech stack for payments :)
Rayan Zachariassen
CTO & Founder, NEVEX Virtual Technologies Inc.
RT @storageswiss StorageSwiss @flashmem "The #Flash Eco-System And Acquisitions - Flash Memory Summit Day 2"
Sports & Entertainment
Osma Ahvenlampi
CTO, Sulake Corp.
Näin tehdään Lean Startup-markkinatestaus. Onko suomenkieliselle #virtuaaliassistentti lle tilaus? Veikkaan kyllä.
Julien Anguenot
CTO & Partner, Sofun Gaming
#Cassandra #Python Driver 2.1 Released -
J.R. Bedard
CTO & Co-Founder, Gamify
“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” – Epictetus
Marcus Chapman
CTO, Tribal Existance Productions
Posted a new photo: "Spectacular high power Class IV laser light show rentals by Tribal Existance Prod..."
Benjamin Colon
RT @Dan_Cassaro: I don't work for free.
Tom Conrad
CTO & EVP Product, Pandora
RT @collinmathilde: A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it it's not that good.
Paul Dale
Viewers begin to make smart TV connection – out of warranty support will always be…
John Flicker
CTO, Trilobyte Games, LLC
RT @AvoidComments: Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration, and 0% reading internet comments.
Robert Graff
CTO, GoldStar Events
@gruber The answer is on the mailbox.
Bob Ippolito
CTO & Co-Founder, Mochi Media, Inc
RT @sarahsharp: "open office will never print on Tuesdays!?!"
Oren Jacob
CTO, Pixar
RT @IJasonAlexander: Ah Robin, I'm so sorry the earth couldn't stay worthy of you. Hope happiness awaits you.
Robbie James
CTO, Echo Entertainment
RT @charliepick: I think @tomfriedman may win the award for 'person most listening to the president ever' @nytimes @BarackObama
Dylan Jorgensen
CTO & Founder, Ticket Cake
The Theory of Everything Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones Movie HD via @youtube
Jyunji Kondo
CTO, Tonchidot
【EdTech×ヒカ☆ラボ】 EdTech業界大注目のスタートアップ企業2社が語る“成功の秘訣”と“その裏側”!!株式会社マナボ、株式会社トライブユニブが登壇!! on Zusaar via @zusaar
Ryan Kosai
CTO & Co-Founder, Athleon
RT @grammar_girl: I just learned that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a special jabot—collar—she wears when dissenting, and another when she's in t…
Christophe Louvion
John Oliver's on the Evil Payday Loan Industry via @TheWrap
John McCoskey
RT @PBSTechCon: #TechCon14 would like to thank Jim Kutzner for this lovely parting gift of custom stained glass! @JohnMcCoskey
James McGlinn
CTO & Co-Founder, Eventfinder
Thought-provoking seminar with @profhamel introducing Management 2.0 - thank you @NZIM_Inc #businessinfluentials
Toby Moore
CTO, Mind Candy
Congrats to @acton and everyone at Mind Candy! Even more proof @acton and @diviniaknowles are a fantastic leadership team.
David Oakley
CTO & Founder, Astraware
@NeroliOakley Interesting that the entry on @Counselling_UK can include links…
Mitch Pirtle
CTO, Sounday
@krypti0n we are building the core now, but everyone is on vacation so it is slow going :-) Happy to see progress even if it is not fast.
Jean-Michel Texier
CTO, AlloCine
RT @brandsotw: blur and image, add helvetica. #design #humor
Christopher Tholen
CTO & VP Engineering, BandPage
RT @BandPage: Calling Musicians Everywhere: Sell Your Offers On @Spotify With BandPage!
Mark Towfiq
CTO & Co-Founder, FanSnap
RT @officiallybree_: My favorite ones #makeuptransformation 😂😭😭😭💀
Chandru Venkataraman
CTO, Hooked Media Group
“The real 10 algorithms that dominate our world” by @_marcos_otero
Ge Wang
CTO & Chief Creative Officer, Smule
@CallMeTasteless I'm back in Seoul for conference! Would love to take you and @Artosis out for mad bbq + beer if you're free? Say Tuesday?
Jason Waterman
CTO & Co-Founder,
Join me for my presentation "Marketing Your Mobile App" at the Timisoara Mobile Meetup today @ 18:30!
State & Local Government
David Andrews
CTO, MN State Services for the Blind
RT @StarTribune: Dayton orders state agencies to dramatically increase hiring of disabled workers
Andy Atencio
CTO, City of Greenwood Village, CO
“@meowmistidawn go on...” ~~ social media for customer support is a bit of a specialty for Mr. @chrisdancy 
Kevin Benson
CTO, South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism (SCPRT)
@thurrott And looking more and more like Lex Luthor
Kevin Capp
CTO, Town of Castle Rock, CO
FCC adds WiFi to e-rate funding plus more money. Glad to know all the talk resulted in improvements.
Adrian Farley
CTO & Acting Director Office of Technology Services, State of California
RT @4enterprisers: New #infographic: 4 ways #CIOs can overcome obstacles and rethink the #CIO role.
David Fletcher
CTO State of Utah
RT @IGN: Robin Williams to be memorialized in World of Warcraft ||
Michael Knuppel
CTO, Department of Technology Services, Montgomery County, MD
@SteveMartinToGo checked your band schedule for the DC area and didn't see anything - I hope you can play this area sometime in 2014!
Dan Lohrmann
CTO, State of Michigan
It's about time! RESTful Health Exchange (RHEx) to test RESTarchitecture for health information exchanges.
Bill Schrier
CTO, City of Seattle
.@TJPublicSafety answers questions from Washington state stakeholders about #FirstNet plans
Jim Sills
CIO & Cabinet Secretary, State of Delaware
Starting new position with M&F bank in NC– Proud 2 have served w/@GovernorMarkell & to have led a great team @DE_DTI!
John Tolva
CTO, City of Chicago
RT @chicagosmayor To the 125 talented technology and computer science students arriving to Chicago today, welcome. #ThinkChicago
Michael Russo
CTO, Polar Mobile
RT @gte: Being empathic is often the best thing you can aspire to be. It's not easy but it's invaluable to others. Let's all aim for more o…
Carlos Alcantar
CTO, Race Communications
RT @NTIAgov: Residents from #Barstow, CA to #CarsonCity, NV are you ready for fast #broadband? #Digital395 has built a broadband fiber netw…
RJ Auburn
CTO, Voxeo Corporation
Job opportunity: VP, WW Channel Sales at Aspect Software - Phoenix, Arizona Area #jobs
Randy Bias
CTO, Cloudscaling
RT @lmarsden: Loving the press coverage we're getting on the launch of, such as cc @benkepes
Wayne Bogan
CIO Spirit Telecom
Trying out to see how well the service works.
Joe Burton
CTO & SVP, Technology, Development & Corporate Strategy, Plantronics
RT @GStyleMagazine: . @Plantronics Backbeat FIT - Wireless Earbuds Review by @jasonlanderson (#Tech)
Evan Cooke
CTO & Co-Founder, Twilio, Inc.
Wonderful idea “Remember Win is a tool to track your daily achievements and remind you of past successes"
Allen Drennan
CTO & Founder, Nefsis
Have a Happy New Year to all of our wonderful follower friends! Much success to you! We appreciate all of our Nefsis followers!
Meg Hertz
CTO, BearCom
Have you checked out Lots of news and info about #wireless technology.
Lambo Kanagaratnam
CTO, MTN South Africa
RT @dougryd: The Buffalo "@jarradvz: Our @TeamMTNQhubeka bikes, in order of importance:"
Dan Makin
CTO, HulloMail
RT @guardiantech: Vodafone customers see one in five calls fail in rural areas, finds Ofcom
James Rodmell
CTO & Partner, LEMON Mobile, LLC.
This social network pays its users for their status updates
Thomas Salmen
CTO, Orcon Internet
global ipv4 routing table exceeds 512k prefixes! I remember when it was around 90k. queue router crashes worldwide.
Ashley Unitt
CTO, NewVoiceMedia Ltd
RT @dr_morton: Crazy, Funny & Fascinating #wifi #Hacking! ;-) How to Weaponize Your Pets...
Matthew Yeager
CTO, Colt Technology Services
Strength and conditioning PT. #KeepTheWookieeFit (@ David Lloyd in Hatfield, Hertfordshire)
Igor Zvezdakoski
CTO, SMS Central
@getMoven is looking pretty cool. How long 'til the AU launch? @brettking @beniam
Travel & Transportation
Baptiste Coulange
CTO & Co-Founder, Cornis
@thmszpy Tu me file ton mail que je te fasse un retour à chaud sur tes vidéos?
Ben Dalton
CTO, RideAmigos Corp
@kbirge @techlunch Haha, awesome
Paul English
CTO & Co-Founder,
@mattlauzon looking forward to it! :)
Adam Gerrard
CTO, LateRooms Group
RT @DigitalGodess: The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The Leader adjusts the sails. John Maxwell
Kriti Godey
CTO, CasaHop
@annacoder probably because there are other substances that could qualify for the answer for "do you smoke?"
Angela Miller
Have been a @BofA_Help customer for nearly 20 years. I think that ends today.
Karan Nahata
CTO & Co-Founder, Must See India
RT @BBC_Travel: @ankit1989 This might be of a bit more use:
Ashley Raiteri
CTO, Pintrips
anyone have direct booking access to a GDS? need a little help with a flight booking...
Steve Snyder
CIO/CTO, Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
RT @ecomvagabond: Great read on the difficulties in finding some software bugs #mobile
Masoom Tulsiani
RT @BloombergNews: Job openings in U.S. climbed in June to highest level since 2001.
Graeme Wallace
CTO & Owner,
@Expedia When is the site coming back to life ?

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