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CIO’s Tale of Two Cities: Growth vs. Cost Control

post by Chris Curran on September 03, 2015

tale of two cities

Guest post by Suheb Siddiqui “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom.” Charles Dickens might as well have been writing about the CIO’s situation today. Last week, I brainstormed with a CEO of a fast growing organization. His CIO was a part of the […]

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Think You’re Mobile? Think Again

post by Chris Curran on August 27, 2015

Mobile mindset

Guest post by John Rolston and Patrick Offner Few innovations surpass the transformative, global impact of mobile…and we’re only just getting started. There are now more mobile devices than people, and they’re multiplying five times faster than we are. Mobile commerce, which is projected to hit $31B in 2016 (up 1000%+ from 2010), received more […]

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Why The C-suite Must Talk Tech, Now

post by Chris Curran on August 13, 2015


Guest post by Gerard Verweij Most C-suite executives aren’t accustomed to collaborating with each other on technology strategy and execution. It might seem awkward, unnecessary and burdensome for the CIO to bring in multiple C-suite colleagues like the Chief Legal Officer or Chief Human Resources Officer, for example. However, they need to get used to […]

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The Internet of BBQ

post by Chris Curran on August 06, 2015

IMG_0807 (1)

Earlier this summer, I spent the weekend with 50 of my fellow BBQ enthusiasts at the BBQ Summer Camp.  It’s a program run by Foodways, a Texas food history and culture organization and led by Dr. Jeff Savell (slicing a brisket in the photo above). There is something very satisfying about cooking outdoors, especially over a […]

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When the IT Lights Go Out

post by Chris Curran on July 09, 2015

Lights Out

Guest post by Gerard Verweij This week the IT lights went out for a trio of prominent companies. Was this connectivity crisis a coincidence? Regardless of what causes connectivity chaos in circumstances such as these, companies need a plan to mitigate risks and where possible prevent them. The dire downtime these companies suffered is a troubling […]

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