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Integration Intervention: The Moment Unmovable Was Unacceptable

post by Chris Curran on June 18, 2015

IF Case study pic

Guest post by Glen Hobbs Setbacks often inspire soul searching. For one of my clients, the disappointment was losing first mover advantage in an emerging Asian market. They needed to rapidly roll out new product configurations and pricing models. But, the IT department projected the company would miss the window of opportunity by months. The […]

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Understanding IT Complexity

post by Chris Curran on June 02, 2015


In all the years I’ve spent in and around the IT function, I’ve never seen tech complexity so high. IT is stressing under the weight of applications, emerging tech, vendors and systems and sans the support of a seamless, flexible and sturdy integrated infrastructure. This complexity is happening as the CIO and the IT function face immense […]

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Why It’s Time for an Integration Revolution

post by Chris Curran on May 11, 2015

Integration Revolution

Guest post by Glen Hobbs Today’s enterprises are distributed ecosystems. Employees, customers, partners and suppliers with different processes and systems need to connect. But the proliferation of endpoints (apps, systems, processes, data, mobile devices, etc.) coupled with the influx of third-party cloud services has made current traditional and piecemeal integration approaches obsolete. An Abbreviated History […]

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3 Approaches to Emerging Technology Experimentation

post by Chris Curran on May 05, 2015


New and emerging technologies are proliferating at a frenetic pace. Executives want to know: in which technologies should I invest? How do I reduce my risk of failure and costly mistakes? And, how do I get started with the exploration of emerging technologies and remain relevant as I progress? All emerging technology experimentation processes are […]

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3D Printing: What should CIOs do?

post by Chris Curran on April 20, 2015

3D printing

Guest post by Mark Thut and Vinod Baya Innovation initiatives and interest in 3D printing are at an all-time high. In our recent analysis we forecast that 3D printing will change the game when it pivots from prototyping to producing finished products or product components. When 3D printing is ready for prime time, how will […]

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