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Bimodal IT: The Good and Bad

post by Chris Curran on November 19, 2015

Bimodal IT blog

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on CXOTalk with Michael Krigsman to discuss PwC’s Digital IQ survey. Michael asked me about a concept catching fire in the IT community called “bimodal” or “two-speed” IT. Bimodal IT is the idea of creating two faces of the IT department: operational and aspirational. One side focuses on […]

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Top 10 Metrics for a New CIO

post by Chris Curran on October 28, 2015

Metrics for new CIO

Guest post by Suheb Siddiqui One of the most highly sought after posts on this blog has been “10 Metrics for a New CIO.” Since the post was written five years ago, the CIO role has undergone dramatic change. Speed, innovation and security are more important than ever as digital disrupts the enterprise. Following are […]

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What’s your Digital IQ—and is it driving business growth?

post by Chris Curran on October 16, 2015

What's your digital iq

That’s the billion-dollar question for CIOs and other digital leaders today. And no doubt you’ve asked yourself a variation of it on a daily basis—or your CEO or board of directors has. How do you really know if you’re getting the return on your technology investments that everyone expects? The stakes are high. With digital the corporate […]

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4 Signs Digital is Disrupting the Enterprise

post by Chris Curran on October 12, 2015

Signs of digital disruption

Virtually all executives across the enterprise want to apply technology to their problems. This scramble by many business and functional leaders in our organizations is creating the “Other Disruption” – a disruption of the approaches, processes, people, organizations, etc. we use to leverage technology to advance our strategic business goals. The energy and intensity is […]

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CIO’s Tale of Two Cities: Growth vs. Cost Control

post by Chris Curran on September 03, 2015

tale of two cities

Guest post by Suheb Siddiqui “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom.” Charles Dickens might as well have been writing about the CIO’s situation today. Last week, I brainstormed with a CEO of a fast growing organization. His CIO was a part of the […]

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