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The DNA of Digital Disruptors

post by Chris Curran on August 04, 2016

DNA of Digital Disruptors

Digital is changing most everything about how businesses operate, but some things never change. As with every other innovation opportunity that has come down the pike, the vast majority of corporations are applying digital incrementally rather than radically to their businesses. Meaning, they are using digital to inch forward with improvements to front and back-end […]

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CIOs Wanted for Innovation Expansion

post by Chris Curran on July 07, 2016

CIOs Wanted for Innovation Expansion

Guest post by Barry Jaruzelski and Chris Curran Do CIOs have a role in product development? Some say no. Call on the CTO or CDO or CMO. But those who wish to banish CIOs to the backend of the enterprise for eternity haven’t taken a close look at what’s needed in the enterprise as innovation […]

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Robotics Competitions Build STEM Skills

post by Chris Curran on June 28, 2016


Rocking with flashing lights, screaming fans and the sounds of crunching metal, FIRST Robotics competitions are borrowing the energy of traditional sports to inspire kids to innovate with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Through PwC’s sabbatical program, I recently mentored my son’s robotics team, and I found FIRST’s complex competitions are a sophisticated training ground […]

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A CIO’s Guide for Engaging the Board

post by Chris Curran on June 21, 2016

guide to boards

Guest post by Paula Loop, Leader of PwC’s Governance Insights Center New technologies from artificial intelligence and drones to 3-D printing, predictive analytics, and driverless cars are disrupting how companies compete and create value. US CEOs believe investing in technology is the most direct path to meaningful innovation and operational efficiency, but these new technologies […]

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FinTech: Headwinds or Windfall for Incumbents?

post by Chris Curran on June 02, 2016

fintech pic

Guest post by Dean Nicolacakis, Principal, Co-leader FinTech Practice, PwC In the next five years the financial services industry will look unrecognizable. In fact, workers are worried about losing their jobs, according to a new survey. Due to the convergence of the financial services industry and technology—dubbed FinTech—more than 3,000 Certified Financial Analysts said asset […]

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