9 Reasons Your Enterprise is Not Agile, Yet

Guest post by Russ Riggen and Mayank Agarwal Agile, DevOps, Shift-left…we’ve heard these buzzwords to describe evolved software development practices and principles for almost a decade now. Yet, achieving the optimal agile state continues to escape the grasp of the vast majority of businesses. CEOs want to roll out products and services at a quicker […] MORE

April 06, 2016

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Why It’s Time for an Integration Revolution

Guest post by Glen Hobbs Today’s enterprises are distributed ecosystems. Employees, customers, partners and suppliers with different processes and systems need to connect. But the proliferation of endpoints (apps, systems, processes, data, mobile devices, etc.) coupled with the influx of third-party cloud services has made current traditional and piecemeal integration approaches obsolete. An Abbreviated History […] MORE

May 11, 2015

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When to Say “No” to #NoEstimates – A Case Study

Guest post by Raymond Hearrell Recent traction around the #NoEstimates debate suggests the development community is looking to break free from traditional agile techniques like relative and t-shirt sizing. This lust for more freedom is not unwarranted. Many developers do their best work when constraints like timelines and documentation are removed. So, should you explore […] MORE

February 11, 2015

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Should You Say Yes to #NoEstimates?

Guest Post by Ray Hearrell The #NoEstimates debate has struck a nerve with the software development community. It’s all about exploring alternatives to estimates (including cost, time, and effort) for making decisions in the software development life cycle. Should your team say “yes” to #NoEstimates? Let’s explore the pros and cons. The traditional approach of […] MORE

December 08, 2014

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5 Realities about Agile Cost Savings

Guest blog by Ricky Raisinghani and Catherine Wright. Agile is a widely accepted software development methodology that enables organizations to gain a better understanding of their packaged or custom software projects and reduce the overall risk of software development. Those new to agile often assume it means you will finish the project with fewer resources, […] MORE

September 22, 2014

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Continuous Delivery: A PwC Perspective

Guest post by Dmitri Christodoulakis and James Rehfeld Trends in building software products, services and solutions indicate that release cycles are becoming increasingly faster to keep up with customer demand, market competition, and technology innovation. Businesses that are not able to deliver with agility and quality fall behind. What businesses are seeking is a platform, […] MORE

August 19, 2014

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Scaling Agile for the Enterprise

Guest post by Tim Mattix, Mario Gouvea and Vikram Purohit With the ever-evolving software development landscape, large enterprises are increasingly “going Agile.” Agile is applicable to many scenarios; for example, Extreme Programming (XP) zeroes in on software engineering while wrapping in novel approaches to boost quality, and Scrum is the most widely adopted agile method. […] MORE

May 05, 2014

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Enterprise Agile: One Size Does Not Fit All

Guest post by Tim Mattix It’s no surprise that agile development software methods are quickly claiming ground over waterfall methods. The linear waterfall model and its sequential design process run counter to the reality that customers often don’t know exactly what they want up-front; rather, they tend to fine-tune their requirements through ongoing two-way interactions […] MORE

February 26, 2014

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