IT Processes and Methodologies

Continuous Delivery: A PwC Perspective

Guest post by Dmitri Christodoulakis and James Rehfeld Trends in building software products, services and solutions indicate that release cycles are becoming increasingly faster to keep up with customer demand, market competition, and technology innovation. Businesses that are not able to deliver with agility and quality fall behind. What businesses are seeking is a platform, […] MORE

August 19, 2014

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10 Ways to be More Agile

Written with contributions from Michael Mariani, Tim Mattix, Ryan Finnamore and many others. You might think the word “agile” is synonymous with “paralysis” to see some organizations react to the idea of introducing agile development principles to their traditional systems development lifecycle (SDLC). Concerns about introducing too much change to the organization can stop agility […] MORE

March 10, 2011

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Are Agile and CMMI Compatible?

Guest post by Michael Mariani, Yasir Safdar and Mario Gouvea With the increased adoption of Agile methodologies, organizations that have invested in CMMI process improvement are asking how they can combine the rigor of their existing repeatable processes with the benefits that Agile practices deliver. Can a team of agile developers that embrace change, have […] MORE

June 25, 2010

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Is Agile an “All or Nothing” Proposition?

By Michael Mariani, Scott Likens, Imran Ilyas and Chris Curran When it comes to Agile methodology, many organizations have resisted it because of a belief that they have to implement it across the entire organization or not at all.  Furthermore, there is a fear that Agile isn’t proven for large, complex, enterprise-class projects.  However, we […] MORE

September 16, 2009

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Is Agile Development an Option?

by Henry Hwangbo, Guest Author Agility is a term that is applied to everything from sports to dog shows, and everything in between.  More recently, agility has been used to describe engineering methods, including software.  In the mid-1990s, “lightweight” software methods gained some traction, aided in part to the growth of object oriented analysis and […] MORE

May 29, 2009

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