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BYOD and Your CEO

What’s small, shiny and keeps CIOs up at night? The CEO’s personal devices. CEOs are like every other employee. They love tablets, smart phones and apps. The glaring difference is that the CEO’s personal devices put the company at much greater risk than the gadgets of virtually all other employees combined. CIOs must  include chief […] MORE

May 10, 2012

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Business Innovation or IT Innovation?

Business Innovation or IT Innovation - Video Blog Transcript In the most recent issue of Sloan Management Review, Sloan introduced a new study they are doing along with IBM called the New Intelligent Enterprise. In the study, they surveyed 3000 executives and asked them for their top priority over the next two years. They didn’t […] MORE

October 05, 2010

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2 Great Technology Design Books

2 Great Technology Design Books - Video Blog Transcript I’d like to recommend a couple of books to you, both on the subject of design but from totally different perspectives.  The first book is Change by Design by Tim Brown who is the current CEO of IDEO, the industrial design firm.  The second book is […] MORE

August 26, 2010

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