Meet the new enterprise architect: the “capability architect”

Guest post by Jack Topdjian, Principal, PwC’s Strategy& With the digital era only in its infancy, more mature industries like engineering can serve as a guide for organizations looking to transform IT. Engineers are known for their attention to detail and the ability to manage a multitude of parts to make the big picture come […] MORE

April 20, 2016

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Integration Intervention: The Moment Unmovable Was Unacceptable

Guest post by Glen Hobbs Setbacks often inspire soul searching. For one of my clients, the disappointment was losing first mover advantage in an emerging Asian market. They needed to rapidly roll out new product configurations and pricing models. But, the IT department projected the company would miss the window of opportunity by months. The […] MORE

June 18, 2015

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Why It’s Time for an Integration Revolution

Guest post by Glen Hobbs Today’s enterprises are distributed ecosystems. Employees, customers, partners and suppliers with different processes and systems need to connect. But the proliferation of endpoints (apps, systems, processes, data, mobile devices, etc.) coupled with the influx of third-party cloud services has made current traditional and piecemeal integration approaches obsolete. An Abbreviated History […] MORE

May 11, 2015

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How to Assess Your Technical Architecture

Guest Post by Russ Trpkovki When a new project begins, I am often overwhelmed with the amount of information and number of decisions requiring my attention. I need to identify gaps in the current state architecture as well as think about future state technical capabilities. My analysis and decision making is usually done at a […] MORE

September 04, 2010

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Who Needs a Current State Technology Architecture?

Guest Post by Zach Sachen, Sridhar Karimanal and Rima Safari Collecting information about your current technology architecture is a major pain, so why bother? Is it just a waste of time or is it another enterprise architecture myth? A quick calculation shows that building skills and processes to produce, maintain, and use current state architecture […] MORE

August 23, 2010

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You Aren’t Using a Cloud Platform

I’m pretty sure that in larger companies, aside from the internal use of virtual machines that are mis-labeled as cloud computing, the cloud wave is a wave of talk. Instead of telling us how they are using (or want to use) the cloud, many of our clients are still asking us to help them survey […] MORE

August 11, 2010

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Revisiting the .NET - J2EE Debate

Guest Post by Jason Carter

There was recently a discussion on one of our internal forums on the relative merits of the .NET and J2EE platforms for enterprise applications. The subject generated a lot of interest since a lot of the readily available comparisons are nearly a decade old. J2EE supporters tout its ability to scale vertically, integrate more naturally with legacy systems, its backward compatibility and platform independence. .NET evangelists referenced a superior IDE, shorter development cycles and horizontal scalability... MORE

July 30, 2010

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How To Deliver Enterprise Architecture Value Early

Co-authored with David Baker How to demonstrate the value of enterprise architecture is a constant question we get from our clients. In fact, a more basic question might be “what is the business value of EA?” We strongly believe that EA should be the way that a business connects its strategy to its technology investment […] MORE

July 13, 2010

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16 Enterprise Architecture Strategies Learned The Hard Way

Co-authored with David Baker We’ve been spending time thinking through the differences in implementing new or improving existing EA capabilities for smaller, say a few billion in revenue and larger firms in the Fortune 100 or thereabouts.  Because the larger firms tend to have many complex, often unrelated business units, the role of centralized IT […] MORE

June 30, 2010

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Busting 5 Enterprise Architecture Myths

First Group CIO Chris Boult and I are speaking today at the CIO Executive Summit in Cincinnati about enterprise architecture. As its adoption continues to challenge many, Chris and I decided to discuss and bust these 5 myths: EA is what IT uses to plan its technology You can’t measure it Architects only pontificate, they […] MORE

June 08, 2010

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