Information Strategy

Winning the Information War with Mobile

Guest Post by Hemant Ramachandra We’ve all heard the saying that information is power and that’s never been truer. Today’s consumers are now often armed with more information than the sales teams that serve them. As a result, the sales force is often at a disadvantage—needing to scramble to make sure they remain relevant to […] MORE

May 10, 2013

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Fantasy Football as a Metaphor for Big Data

I was at a conference last week and one of the organizers asked the crowd of about 100 CIOs if they are working on a Big Data project. Only about 10 percent raised their hands. Why is the adoption rate so low? One major barrier in the adoption of Big Data is understanding how the […] MORE

December 13, 2012

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SMAC: Hype or Reality?

Have you heard the latest technology acronym that is revving up business executives? Vendors claim that SMAC - Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud - is the quadruple mix of technological elements that will rescue businesses from potential irrelevancy. If executives fall for the SMAC hype, they could end up smacking themselves in the forehead with […] MORE

June 27, 2012

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The Value of Visualization

Recently I was discussing a history project with my son.  He was writing a paper about the inconsistencies in access to clean water in all parts of the world and their causes.  In researching the history of urban water access, he came across the story of the outbreak of cholera in the mid-1800’s in London […] MORE

April 24, 2012

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The Era of Security Breaches

Guest post by Gary Loveland and Nalneesh Gaur It seems like today’s organized data criminals have re-doubled their efforts to get their hands onto your customer’s data, and into their wallets. A full 85% of all data-related security breaches today are masterminded by organized crime, according to a 2010 Verizon Data Breach research report. These […] MORE

May 02, 2011

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Using Data Analysis to Predict the Future

Guest post by Zach Sachen Your ability to predict the future is relative to the knowledge you have and what you do with it when compared to your competitors. If competitors do not have access to the same knowledge at the same time as you, to them you are essentially predicting the future. For example, […] MORE

April 06, 2011

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How to Make Decision Making More Adaptable with Layers

Co-authored with John Sviokla Never before has such a mass of data existed. Needless to say, all this information complicates the decision-making process. Businesses need new strategies to answer the biggest question: How do we effectively sift through the mountain of information to gain valuable insights. Layers is a term we use for visual information […] MORE

December 03, 2010

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