Digital Transformation

Embarking on a Mission to Explore Emerging Technology

Guest post by Gerard Verweij, Global Data and Analytics Leader at PwC and Manas Pattanaik, Managing Director, Energy Operations Technology, PwC Why are some companies fearless when it comes to exploring and experimenting with emerging technology while other companies need a proverbial push? For example, a scant 8% of companies in our Digital IQ survey […] MORE

August 30, 2016

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The DNA of Digital Disruptors

Digital is changing most everything about how businesses operate, but some things never change. As with every other innovation opportunity that has come down the pike, the vast majority of corporations are applying digital incrementally rather than radically to their businesses. Meaning, they are using digital to inch forward with improvements to front and back-end […] MORE

August 04, 2016

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CIOs Wanted for Innovation Expansion

Guest post by Barry Jaruzelski and Chris Curran Do CIOs have a role in product development? Some say no. Call on the CTO or CDO or CMO. But those who wish to banish CIOs to the backend of the enterprise for eternity haven’t taken a close look at what’s needed in the enterprise as innovation […] MORE

July 07, 2016

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10 Questions to Discover Your Digital IQ

Full-blown digital transformation is a relatively new phenomenon. There’s not a lot of well-documented evidence of how companies rewire their internal and external operations to generate revenue in the digital age. Yet, some companies have an uncanny ability to dominate on the digital front. They introduce innovative technologies that change the game and deliver delightful […] MORE

March 02, 2016

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What’s your Digital IQ—and is it driving business growth?

That’s the billion-dollar question for CIOs and other digital leaders today. And no doubt you’ve asked yourself a variation of it on a daily basis—or your CEO or board of directors has. How do you really know if you’re getting the return on your technology investments that everyone expects? The stakes are high. With digital the corporate […] MORE

October 16, 2015

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4 Signs Digital is Disrupting the Enterprise

Virtually all executives across the enterprise want to apply technology to their problems. This scramble by many business and functional leaders in our organizations is creating the “Other Disruption” – a disruption of the approaches, processes, people, organizations, etc. we use to leverage technology to advance our strategic business goals. The energy and intensity is […] MORE

October 12, 2015

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One Simple Solution to Unite the CIO and CMO

Why can’t CIOs and CMOs just get along? Based on my experience, there is one primary reason why their relationship is adversarial: the CIO and CMO can’t agree on who is responsible for what, so they are perpetually trampling on each other’s toes. Our 2014 Digital IQ study identified a strong CIO-CMO partnership as one […] MORE

June 17, 2014

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Winning Over Choosey Multichannel Customers

Guest post by Ian Kahn When you think about a multichannel consumer, you probably envision a customer who is running from store to store and bouncing from web site to web site in search of the best deal. In reality, multichannel consumers have a limited list of retailers among their favorites, according to PwC’s 2014 […] MORE

June 12, 2014

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2 Imperatives for the Digital CIO

It’s been an exciting few years of football for my alma matter Texas A&M.  With the introduction of a new head coach came a new offensive scheme, known as the Air Raid, which is a type of spread offense noted for using many creative formations with receivers and different players in the backfield, short and […] MORE

October 17, 2013

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Project Portfolio Management: Why Now?

Guest post by Sanjay Sharma Over the years as a consultant in the area of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), I’ve noticed that shifts in the economy prompt executives to consider adopting PPM. During a recession, thoughtful leaders understand that PPM is more important than ever to facilitate the gathering of key information needed to reduce […] MORE

August 26, 2013

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