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An untapped market for inventing the future?

Guest post by Mitra Best, US Innovation Leader, PwC, @mitrainnovates As the proliferation of digital technologies disrupts the business landscape, technology executives are scrambling to find the right skills to keep pace. Recognizing the unprecedented impact technology has on inventing the future, why are we overlooking almost 50% of the potential talent pool? It is ironic […] MORE

April 12, 2016

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CIO’s Tale of Two Cities: Growth vs. Cost Control

Guest post by Suheb Siddiqui “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom.” Charles Dickens might as well have been writing about the CIO’s situation today. Last week, I brainstormed with a CEO of a fast growing organization. His CIO was a part of the […] MORE

September 03, 2015

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The War for Fast Tech Skills Starts Here

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at Internapalooza, a gathering of more than 3,000 highly sought after technology interns. Chomping at the bit to change the world, these Silicon Valley technologists are in the trenches of the technology titans. But as the summer draws to a close, most of them will chase their dreams […] MORE

July 08, 2015

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5 Trends Spotted at Forrester’s Forum for Technology Management

PwC had the privilege to sponsor Forrester’s Forum for Technology Management Leaders this week in Orlando and our team had a great time and learned a great deal.  We distilled our conversations into 5 trends that we think are picking up steam based on what we heard. 1. We are Nearing the Digital Moment of Truth […] MORE

May 08, 2014

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Is Your CIO Your CDO?

One analyst reports that by 2015 25% of companies will have a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) who resides outside of the IT department and is responsible for driving the digitization of research and development, marketing, customer service and the creation of new products and services. Before you create this new role and contact your favorite […] MORE

May 14, 2013

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5 Steps to Brighten Shadow IT

With the popularity of public cloud offerings, BYOD and personal productivity apps, rogue technology acquisitions (at least from IT’s perspective) are more pervasive than ever, creating a new focus on “Shadow IT.” Our 2012 Digital IQ study of 489 executives found that 30% of technology procurement is outside the CIO’s budget. A wise proverb says: […] MORE

July 30, 2012

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How to Analyze Non-Discretionary IT Budgets

Guest post by Kevin Caceres and Sean Sell When faced with cost pressures, our reaction is often to delay or scale-back projects or cut discretionary projects altogether.  To make matters worse, critical projects are not funded while the non-discretionary IT budget - often two to four times as much as the discretionary budget - continues […] MORE

October 28, 2010

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Tackling Total Cost of Ownership

Guest post by Sean Sell Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is intended to determine the lifetime costs of acquiring, operating, and changing something. It is primarily used to make apples to apples comparisons in large capital investments, and, if done properly, can bring out hidden costs of ownership. The term is regaining popularity largely […] MORE

October 13, 2010

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13 More IT Cost Cutting Ideas

It's always interesting to me which blog topics generate interest. Two weeks ago, I asked the #CIO Twitter community to offer their ideas for IT cost cutting and the summary was one of the more active posts lately, especially on LinkedIn groups like the Forbes CIO Network. I have summarized the comments below. Thanks to Robert Marchant, Jerry Rosenbaum, Puneet Dhawan, Reuben Thomas, Krishna Pulipati, Curtis Todd and Roger Jennings for their thoughtful comments... MORE

July 27, 2010

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Does the CIO Control IT Spending?

At Diamond, we are in the early stages of analyzing survey data from our 2010 Diamond Digital IQ study, a multi-industry study of the strategic use of IT.  The respondents are equally distributed between business and IT leaders. For more details on what to expect, have a look at the DDIQ results from the last […] MORE

January 29, 2010

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