Cloud Computing

Public Cloud Adoption - Where Are You?

by Chris Curran, Nalneesh Gaur and Rob Warren In distilling perspectives from our clients for two upcoming events on cloud computing (Diamond Exchange, InfoWorld), we have developed an informal categorization that captures where companies are in adopting public cloud computing offerings.  “Not Interested/Not Applicable” could have been an option for our list but we don’t […] MORE

October 07, 2009

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5 Questions to Explore True Cloud Costs

A compelling cost proposition is just the ante for providers of cloud computing services.  When considering costs for cloud services, it’s tempting to look only at the cost per drink.  However, as cloud offerings become more sophisticated and more robust enterprise and industry applications become available, the cost of the hosted service will become much […] MORE

September 24, 2009

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Is the Cloud a Key to Sustainability?

The MIT Industrial Liaison Program holds an annual conference for its sponsors focused on technology and telecommunications.  This year’s event had excellent breadth, featuring Esther Dyson, the CTO of Blue State Digital (developers of Obama’s online social media platform), the director of MIT’s game development lab in Singapore and several others.  The one presentation that […] MORE

May 20, 2009

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Is the Open Source Conversation Dead?

One of my partners was asked by the Chief Information Officer of a major financial services organization for some help thinking through his open source strategy.  Honestly, the open source conversation has not come up much lately. Is open source in the enterprise a dead issue? Have companies already tapped into the open source apps […] MORE

May 15, 2009

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Stop the Web 2.0 Flood

I recently spent a few days with several CIOs and IT leaders at an MIT Center for Information Systems Research briefing.  Prof. Wanda Orlikowski led a discussion around some early work exploring the uses and value of Web 2.o technologies in the enterprise.  For purposes of our conversation, we defined Web 2.0 technologies as those […] MORE

April 30, 2009

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The OpenCloud is Hazy

The Open Cloud Manifesto effort is admirable.  It seems like a lofty goal but one centered on making this cloud thing better for all (ok, maybe not the vendors).  It also shows most of the major old school players in support - although Dell is not on the list.  As far as the newer players - […] MORE

March 31, 2009

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