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Top 5 CIO Tweets of the Week - August 7, 2009

Top 5 CIO Tweets of the Week - August 7, 2009

by Chris Curran on August 10, 2009 [email] [twitter]

Instead of cranking out #followfriday all day last Friday, I thought I would try something new by listing some of my favorite #CIO tweets from the week. Hope you like them and find some new follows as a result. Let me know what you think.

@cbcurran Most Co. have at least 1 small dev team that is 100% AdHoc. As long as they are successful, the Co. calls it scrum #Agile #CIO

Diamond has a few clients who are using Agile techniques in Web-centric projects with some good success. I was looking for some adoption data and found a Forrester survey that said 80% of the respondents were using some form of Scrum. Brian’s tweet was in response to me asking for others’ experience.

Wrote: How to Write a Twitter Policy for Your Employees. #cio Thanks @jowyang, @carolinedangson.

Prolific writer C.G. Lynch offers some very practical tips for setting up an employee Twitter policy, including updating employee policy, and identifying and communicating company and individual Twitter users.

The Hartford Insurance Co. Names Robert Ingram SVP & Chief Information Officer #CIO RT @stevedriz #IT #exec #jobangels

Bob is a friend and also an Aggie. He is starting at The Hartford at a time where there are many leadership changes, so it will be a great opportunity for him to establish his leadership style.

#CIO problems are too often being spread so thin. Key to success: Do fewer things & do them extraordinarily well. Vital few move the needle

Patrick makes a seemingly simple statement, that unfortunately is lost on many of us as we get caught in the details of the day. I’m reminded of Steven Covey’s advice for focus on important things in your circle of influence.

ISACA nine-country survey says one in 10 senior IT execs do not measure the value they get from technology at all. #cio

This stat really surprises me as it seems pretty high. I guess the real question is “how many are measuring the right things?”

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